Friday, December 29, 2006

Sports and health stuff.

I wanted so much for the Golden State Warriors to be in the running for AI (Allen Iverson). He has the hugest heart for someone his size. The Nuggets just may have stolen this years NBA championship.

Barry Zito is a Giant! This made me very happy indeed. Too bad for the A’s fans.

The Niner’s were actually playing for something the week before the new year. That was enough for me. Frank Gore is going to be something to watch the next few years.

My softball team played without me last week in Redding and made it to the championship game. Shows you my worth. Hopefully we will play again in the next few weeks.

I am now eligible for the Senior’s softball League and Tournaments. Now I am the Young Buck. I will let my wife in on this now…. Uh, my wife said it is ridiculous that I would be considered a Senior. Of course, she is a senior too. Let me quote John Daly: “We love each other more than we hate each other at the moment…”

I have been asked to join a local bowling team. I am not sure I can drink enough beer to qualify. Maybe as a sub?

I brought my Golf Clubs in for the winter. Hopefully they dry out before the next scramble.

Bruce Norton has been using me at Cal Courts playing Basketball on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is a self confession that I hope to stop in the next few weeks. He made 11 straight shots over me at one point recently. But he has been doing it to younger others also. The kicker? Bruce is 65 years young. His son David was a star on last years Eureka High’s basketball team. Bruce refs many games locally also.

I have been training for the Senior Games since I am now eligible. I am hoping to compete this summer in track and field and weight-lifting. I hope to be able to bench press over 300lbs at a weight of 200lbs by June. I was able to bench over 300 a few years back, but only a month ago got serious again. I can rep 250lb and top out around 270lb right now. Any hints to get over the top? Any potential lifting partners?


Anonymous said...

ok, I had to say something about this weight training---you lift, I will watch, you lift I watch, now I am getting bored--yes time for a beer I think---no, we cant---"back to the weights Richard says". But Richard, the mind is all you need...

Anonymous said...

Barry Zito becoming a Giant makes me happy as an A's fan...grossly overpaying for our #3 starter (when Harden is healthy) reeks of desparation...I think the gnats are going to hamstring themselves financially, ala the Rangers and aRod.
Course, I could be a tad bitter, seeing all of our good players depart year after year after year after year......