Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Former Machine Room Pulp Mill workers meet up.

Ten of us former Machine Room pulp mill workers met at Toni's in Arcata recently. We had over 320 years of working experience at the mill combined. I was the youngest there at 59. They were excited to hear about the new renovations and the cleanup work ongoing at the pulp mill. We were able to catch up on families and life also. It was kind of cathartic and I was glad I could answer questions about the Environmental Protection Agencies involvement and the garnering of New Market Tax Credit monies to refurbish the Warehouse and buildings with new siding, windows, doors and a roof. Hopefully the new iteration of the Pulp Mill site will create as many jobs as it did in its former life and the Harbor District will continue on it's march to have a "clean" piece of property.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee (HCDCC) looking for new members

Now that the June 7 election results have been certified it is time to reorganize the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee (HCDCC).  There will swear-in elected Members, elect new Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Vice-Treasurer, Secretary) and take appointments to fill vacancies in Districts that lack a full compliment of Members.  The Standing Committees (Community Outreach, Ways and Means, Campaign Services, Operations, Communication and Education) will also reorganize and elect new Chairs.

There should be over a dozen openings for new members. Now is a good time for interested Democrats to get involved at the base level of the election process. This organization is also the gateway for future candidates to get experience on "boots on the ground" campaign organizing. 

Member and Associate dues for the 2016-2017 year (July 2016-June 2017) are now payable.  Members $30.00, Associates $15.00.

Here is the Agenda for our July 13 meeting.  The HCDCC meet at 129 Fifth Street in Eureka.   Meeting begins at 7:00PM.  

             Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee
                                         General Meeting Agenda                                                      
                                           July 13, 2016

I.                Call the meeting to order at 7:00 PM, explain Parliamentary Procedure.

II.               Introduction of Visitors and Guests. 

III.              Roll call of Members.
IV.             Minutes and Secretary’s report:
                        Approve June 8, 2016 minutes.   
V.              Treasurer’s Report.

VI.             Announcements from Members/Associates. 
VII.           Chair’s/Executive Board Report:
                         Chair swears-in elected Members;
                         Chair calls for vote by acclamation and swears-in 4 Members;
                         Next a call for nominations and a vote on new Officers;
                         Then a call to nominate appointments for vacancies;
                         Finally the Standing Committees will self-reorganize.

VIII.          Elected Representatives Reports.  

 IX.            Nominations, Elections, Appointments:
  X.            Committee Reports/Action:
                         A.  Community Outreach and Voter Registration –Chair;
                         B.  Ways and Means – Chair;
                         C.  Campaign Services – Chair;
                         D.  Operations – Chair;
                         E.   Communication and Education – Chair;
                         F.   Ad-Hoc Website – Barbara Kennedy.

XI.             Old Business.
XII.           New Business and Special Resolutions:
                          By-law revision to eliminate dues requirement for Ex-Officios.

XIII.          Adjourn.