Friday, December 08, 2006

I hate safety BS!

I am sure you have heard the rethoric at your workplace, "Safety First!" But where does safety really rank in your workplace? Over production? No. Over profits? No. Safety is only a concern when someone is injured at work, and then it is your employers job to line up the facts to "blame" the employee for their own work "action". I hate our loose safety program at Evergreen Pulp. We are supposed to attend some kind of safety meetings which are not regularly scheduled for shift workers or we are supposed to participate in "Computer Based Training (CBT)." Physical meetings have not been an option lately, so you have to do the dreaded CBT's. I told my wife Robin to not expect me home for awhile after day shift, because I was going to try to do my last of the year catch up on the CBT's. So the other day I worked 12 hours and at 7pm went over to the safety work station and tried to log on. Mind you I get paid around $40 an hour to do this and still hate the process. I tried to log on but did not have the proper password. It was not posted anywhere in the room and is usually some easy thought up subject matter about safety. I gave up after awhile and went into our Shift Supervisors office and told him my problem. He told me what he thought the passwords were, and they did not work. He then lead me into a room by the shift supervisors office that had a computer to do the tests. I went through the prompts and was lead through the exercise to the first test. I will let you now, I hate tests in any form even though I tend to do well. I was already for the stress, and then boom! The computer failed and froze up at the beginning of the test! Here I was on the second computer doing tests I did not want to take and then this. I went and clocked out and went home. I found out the next day they have been having problems with our Evergreen Intranet and they were working on the safety program. So I guess I will try to catch up later. I still hate this program!


Anonymous said...

Altruism does not mean kindness or consideration for others. What altruism preaches is that man must sacrifice himself for others, that he must place the interest of others ABOVE his own interest, that he must live for the sake of others.

Anonymous said...

Whiner, weiner, wiener.

Anonymous said...

that's a mature retort....NOT!

Anonymous said...

9:34am What are you trying to say?

Anonymous said...

We must cease feeling guilt for our greatness or striving to be great. I am sick of all the homeless whining, the enviromentalists whining, the anti business people whining. So much whining and demanding that everyone stick their heads in the mud and let themselves be miserable for some abstract notions of morality that were created in the minds of progs.

Anonymous said...

Safety is very important Richard. Maybe you should plan on paying closer attention to it since you are going to be somewhat of a local celebrity in '08. Taking on my friend Wes Chesbro is a pretty gutsy thing to do. Course you can gaurantee I'll write unbiased articles about you during that race.

Anonymous said...

Kevin: You do mean "guarantee" don't you? Please keep that spell check handy in 08'.

Anonymous said...

OOPS! Hard to type when I've got one hand on barbies head and she's...

Anonymous said...

Richard, didn't you almost get electrocuted? Maybe you should pay attention to these safety programs. Maybe your employer should too.

samoasoftball said...

I wrote the Safe Job Operating Procedures for my department. Most of the Computer Based Training program is canned industrial scenarios we will never see in our plant. A safety program well balanced as applied in each work area is very important. But let me digress, it is still production and profits (P&P) first. Safety is just that thing out their that can bite into the above big (P&P).

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