Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day 2015. Thanks Mike and Dad!

My brother Mike and Major James Marks. At my wedding in 1978. Not too many pictures of my dad with any of us five Marks' family members through my mom. My dad served in World War II and in Korea. My brothers James and Roy served in Korea also. Roy and my brother Mike were poisoned by Agent Orange in Vietnam in the early 70's.

My family has a rich history of war participation. All the way back to the Revolutionary War and beyond.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Harbor Fork Lift swiped! $1,000 reward for it's return! Damn thieves!

Whoever is the culprit knew alot about this subject. They had to break through 3 locks leading into the Redwood Dock Warehouse below the Cookhouse. They were cognisant of the camera positions and went through the back Warehouse gate. Most likely they used a truck and trailer. Help us find and receive a thousand buck! What is becoming of this county!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

North Coast Rail Authority meeting 5/13/15. Billboards and Locomotives to be removed.

The North Coast Rail Authority (NCRA) voted unanimously to send Cal Trans and Outfront media respectfully requesting the removal of 5 billboards between Arcata and Eureka. A letter was sent off in 2010 by the NCRA but pretty much ignored and Cal Trans requested the revisit. There were no people at the meeting supporting the signs.

Dane Grytness from Security National updated the status on the Locomotive removal on the balloon tract and offered to fix and renovate the abandoned rail office. All 10 items on their property will be refurbished elsewhere or scraped. Lots of positive things to fix the blight problem will be addressed within the next few months!

Humboldt Redwood is starting negotiations with the NCRA to remove or cover up rail on their sawmill property to make safer working conditions. They have offered to relieve some of our debt to them and promise to help with the reconstruction if rail returns in the future.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Top 5 Best Restaurant Burger in Humboldt County re-visited....again

Seems like I have to update this almost yearly.

5. Mike's drive-up: Old and familiar. You know what you will get…..with chili of course.  Real Malts.

4. Adel's: Don’t think I have ever been disappointed. Either San Francisco burger on Sourdough, or burger with an egg.

3. Cafe Nooner: Even though fancy almost to the point of fo-fo, really nice.  

2. Arcata Pizza: Out and out Burger might be best secret in county.

1. AA Bar and Grill: Has the best consistent Burger you will find with old time bar type atmosphere.

Yes, I know about Tony's, No Brand Burger Stand, Surfside, Pantry, Kristina's and even the Marina. One man's view.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Just Jewelry sale going on now! At Eureka Womens Club until 5pm! 5/2/15

Humboldt Domestic Violence Services has a Jewelry sale going on today at the Eureka Women's Club until 5pm! Come get early X-Mas presents for loved ones! Special thanks to CCVH Women's Alliance for their hands on help for the event!