Thursday, March 29, 2012

Solomon and Adams in final for Congress. Don't laugh, could happen.

I don't have any psychic reasoning for these numbers, but I do have some reasoning. First, we now have a head count on who and how many are running. It looks like 5 of the candidates will be working with more than $200,000 dollars in their coffers. Below is the ballot placement. Susan Adams was the big winner and could get a 5% boost from the placement. She is now very viable. I am assuming that a 49% turnout overall, with just over 200,000 votes cast in this race. I am also assuming a split of the votes in Marin and Sonoma. That means the Northern counties will be very important. I have posted earlier on those predictions. Adams and Solomon have the best on the ground campaigns in the North so far, but Stacey could change that by plunking big dollars into phone banks and door knockers. I don't see any concerted campaign by Huffman north of Mendocino. He will pay dearly for that this June. Got to admit, lots of great candidates this time around.

Candidates Total Votes Percentage
Susan Adams 38014 19%
Stacey Lawson 30829 15%
John DeWallen 2915 1%
Dan Roberts 18113 9%
Tiffany Renee 10251 5%
Normon Solomon 40798 20%
Jared Huffman 37358 18%
Mike Halliwell 5541 3%
Andy Caffery 5322 3%
William Courtney 9515 5%
Brooke Clark 2675 1%
Larry Fritzlan 2236 1%
Total 203566 100.0%

Monday, March 26, 2012

Rex chasing Annette and Cheryl out of the starting gates.

Secretary of State Debra Bowen has randomly drawn letters from the alphabet for candidates ballot placement. In the 1st District Race the first name on the ballot will be Annette DeModena, then Cheryl Seidner then Rex Bohn. In a race with three candidates, that can mean a 5% boost for Annette.

In the 3nd District, Mark Lovelace will be first on the ballot and then Karen Brooks.

In the 2nd District it will be Clif Clendenen first, then Estelle Fennell.

This is something each campaign has no control of. Luck of the draw. May the best person win in the end!   

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Young Democrats get organized! This is a good thing!

Contact: Sofia Pereira, NCYD Chair                                               FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Tel.  (707) 726-6293

Cell Phone: (707) 499-1055


North Coast Young Democrats introduces itself to the Community with a party on Saturday, March 24.

Eureka, CA  The North Coast Young Democrats (NCYD), a new local political organization with membership open to those under 36, is hosting a Chartering Party and Fundraiser on Saturday from 6–9 p.m. at the Sewell Gallery (428 F St., Eureka).  All local Democrats are invited to the party during the Jazz Festival Weekend with food, drinks, music and a special keynote address from Arcata Vice-Mayor Shane Brinton.  Brinton began his career in public service on the Northern Humboldt Unified School District board at the age of 18 and was elected to Arcata City Council in 2008. Brinton will address the vision and creativity that young people provide the political process.

NCYD, a chapter of the California Young Democrats, is establishing itself to encourage young Democrats to become involved in politics in Humboldt County.  NCYD plans to engage young people by registering peers to vote, endorsing Democratic candidates for office and advocating a platform on issues that are important to young people.

“The North Coast Young Democrats are committed to bringing young people to the polls for the 2012 election” said Sofia Pereira, Chair of the North Coast Young Democrats.  “In 2008 young people came out in historic numbers to elect President Obama. We’re prepared to drag every young voter kicking and screaming to the polls, if that’s what it takes to have our values represented” Pereira continued.

The Charter Members of the North Coast Young Democrats will also be fundraising so that they can begin carrying out their goals over the next year.  A Spend a Day with a Young Democrat silent auction and a $5-$10 (sliding scale) cover will raise funds that will allow the club the opportunity to begin educating peers on issues, advocating their perspective locally and registering new voters.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monta Ellis gone to Bucks, that sucks!

I am a devout Monta Ellis fan. He plays with great heart at all times. He wants the ball at the end of games. Career average of nearly 20 points a game and always one of the best ball stealer's with great anticipation. And great over the top dunks! The Warriors did a rotten job of finding the right players to fit around him. May he have a great run with the Bucks. Monta, we hardly knew you!