Thursday, December 29, 2011

On to Humboldt for the 2nd Congressional seat!

In Iowa, candidates are "Running to the Right", but in Humboldt it is more like "Running to the Left!" I really feel that Humboldt is going to be the critical county for this race. I know Jared Huffman has garnered some high name endorsements, but having the HSU Democrats won't do him much good if those kids aren't here to vote! Huffman seems to be ignoring the county, or he has some plan I have not figured out yet. Susan Adams has Richard Salzman helping out, and that is big for her campaign. (Look for some huge endorsements in the near future that will shock many in Humboldt County politics.) Richard can find votes where some do not dare to tread. Norman Solomon has his "Boots to the Ground" campaign starting to make headway. It is just going to be really close. So after Del Norte, Trinity and Humboldt County predictions, Solomon is in 1st at 9,497, Huffman is in 2nd at 8,279, Adams in 3rd at 8,141, Lawson in 4th at 6,827 and Republican Dan Roberts in 5th at 6,319.

These numbers will change drastically as we move to the Southern County of Mendocino next.

County   Pop Voters Dems  Reps Other %
Humboldt   135,000 76,000 16416 10944 9120 48%
  Banafsheh Akhlaghi     328 164 137 1.7%
  Normon Solomon     3930 757 2098 18.6%
  Dan Roberts     328 3830 1001 14.1%
  Susan Adams     3951 1094 2006 19.3%
  Jared Huffman     3283 1860 1824 19.1%
  William Courtney     657 328 274 3.5%
  Andy Caffery     1149 547 182 5.1%
  Stacey Lawson     2298 1925 1324 15.2%
  Tiffany Renee     492 439 274 3.3%
        16416 10944 9120  

Friday, December 23, 2011

Samoasoftball rates candiates at PDA 2nd Congressional District Forum.

The Progressive Democrats of Eureka hosted a forum for the 2nd District Congressional candidates yesterday and nearly 100 people showed up to hear what each of the 6 candidates that showed had to say. (No times Standard? What is with that?) Eureka City Councilperson Linda Atkins made sure things moved timely and orderly and here is my take and ratings.

Andy Caffery:  Andy sung his Earth First! introduction about “Where are we going to work when the trees are gone?” He says he has been working on the Klamath water issue for 30 years.  He feels the Climate change  is the most  important issue for the North Coast and the economy. Says the Dems and Reps have failed us. We need to close the 150 military bases around the world. He also feels we need to look to creating an Ecotopia here. Need attention on Animal Species Extinction due to climate change.  Says he will be the “worst nightmare” Republicans will have to face in the House. “Bush needed to be impeached!” Not happy with Nancy Pelosi either. Doesn’t like the fact that Urban areas such as Eureka makes decisions effecting rural areas and would like to create an “Emerald City” out of Garberville.  In his closing he blamed the Republicans on dismantling the Country and we need to uphold “Green” values.  I would give him a 3 out of 5 rating. I thought he would talk more pot.

William Courtney: Had hard time speaking up. He believes in a flat tax. Feels we should “Contribute what you can.” Feels we should have a surcharge tax of $50 per Marijuana plant and we should push exporting of same as well as legalization. Figures we have 350,000 plants in the district. Thinks Wave/Ocean energy needs to be tapped into and that we need a “Global Project” to face the potential of losing 50% of earthly species due to climate change. Supports a Clean Energy Act. As a doctor he feels we need to expand use of healthy molecules through raw juices to people. In closing he felt we had an array of problems that could be dealt with through compromise and Corporations stands as a problem. Smart guy but hard to understand. 2 out of 5 rating.

Tiffany Renee:  Stressed her community service as Councilperson of Petaluma and being the first Latina on the council. Feels Congress needs to work together. Feels we need to either raise the limit to $250,000 or eliminate altogether Social Security tax thresholds.  Thinks we need to reclassify cannabis and let city and counties regulate. As congressperson would look to consensus and evaluate when sometimes needing to “Fall on the Sword.”  Petaluma has been on the forefront of environmental issues for years and she has been involved in the processes. She “stays engaged” on issues and is running a low budget campaign. In closing she was optimistic that congress will have a large turnover. Sweet lady who is just not ready for this stage yet. 2 out of 5 rating.
Susan Adams: She has been a nurse 33 years and currently a Board of Supervisor member of Marin County.  With her leadership Marin has a Healthy financial reserve. Feels we need to get off fossil fuel dependence.  “Congress is out of touch. The majority of people filing for bankruptcy are from Medical bills!” Blames Bush and Regan tax cuts from the past. “Somethings wrong when Warren Buffet feels he should pay more tax!” See feels the need for taxing “Fair Share.” “We need to protect Social Security and Medicare  #1.” Feels that Humboldt County needs Marine Highway to transport goods in and out and feels we need better broadband. Economy will grow organically with right components.  Feels we need to sometimes not make partisan decisions but don’t give away the store either. Need to be a careful steward.  “We need Green Clean jobs!” Carbon Credits? Susan said she would hold dual residency if elected in the North and South parts of the district and has family in Carlotta.  In closing Susan claims to have “In the Trench” progressive experience and also has life experience of “Watching babies come into this life, and people leaving this life also.” She was clearly the best here. I didn’t know what to expect. But does she have any financing? That could be her problem. Financial viability is part of this equation. 4 out of 5 rating.
Stacy Lawson: Says she is the only one experienced in job creation. Has started up a few successful companies. Grew up in a mill town much like Eureka with logging and fishing the natural resources like the North Coast. Feels the gap is widening between rich and poor with stagnate wages.  Stacy says we need tax reform that mandates the rich paying 28%. As well as increasing corporate taxes and taxing transactions on Stock Trades. She also feels we need a “Jobs Plan” on the National level. Put people to work on infrastructure improvement such as Roads, Airports and Forest Restoration.  As far as compromise at the Congressional level, wants to put civility back in politics. Maybe more dinners and drinks at the bar to find common ground. Says the Klamath agreement is good for fish and water restoration and jobs with the dismantling.  She feels she has core middle class work ethics and would like to share a comprehensive job plan. With 65% of businesses classified as “Small” would like to see or force banks into investing back to the people. Stacey closed by stressing she had actually created jobs and would like to continue at the Congressional level. This is the “Job” candidate. Raw with little political background. But she might be the best financed of the candidates before this is over. So she is viable. She does have a framing and messaging issue that may be straightened out by high dollar consultants in the near future. I give her a 3.5 out of 5 rating.
Norman Solomon: Claims to be a 40 year  ”Progressive” and is doing “Feet on the Ground” campaigning. Wants Social Justice and Social Change. Jobs are a must with need for “Massive” Federal help. Need for Marine Highway and Short Sea Shipping.  Need to reform Wall Street. Will fight special interests. Will be able to resist the right because of refusing Corporate PAC monies. “We need to protect water Quality and Quantity!” Against oil drilling off our coast. He understands urban living and the need for representation from Rural areas. Used the word “Ain’t” too many times. We aren’t that bumpkin here! He closed by thanking former Eureka Mayor Peter LaValley and Eureka School Board member Susan Johnson for their endorsements and invited everyone to a get together on Jan. 11th at the Eureka Theater with Phil Donohue hosting.  I was expecting more but he did OK. I really think he needs to step it up and separate himself from the rest. Still time. I give him a 3 out of 5 rating.      
Jared Huffman:  The “Anointed One” did not attend. He is spending time for the holidays with family. Sent Committee Co-Chair Bonnie Neely to read statement.  Bonnie did well with the written script. Did nothing for me. Huffman gave more of what we can expect from him in the future if elected. More of the same as what we have had.  1 out 5 rating.    

Thursday, December 22, 2011

2nd Congressional predictions Trinity County!

On the ground organizing will be important in Trinity and it sounds like Solomon's campaign has this in order with the proper contacts. But Republican Dan Roberts will take this more conservative leaning county. Even though the numbers for each party is close, the Dems will be scrambling for votes. So after Del Norte and Trinty County predictions, Roberts leads at 1,970, Soloman is 2nd at 1,912, Huffman 3rd at 1,503 and Lawson in 4th at 1,308. Upcoming next is Humboldt!

County   Pop Voters Dems  Reps Other %
Trinity   13,800 7,700 1980 1925 235 54%
  Banafsheh Akhlaghi     40 20 5 1.6%
  Normon Solomon     650 158 55 20.8%
  Dan Roberts     75 975 20 25.7%
  Susan Adams     320 155 38 12.3%
  Jared Huffman     392 230 30 15.7%
  William Courtney     95 60 11 4.0%
  Andy Caffery     45 25 9 1.9%
  Stacey Lawson     248 255 55 13.4%
  Tiffany Renee     115 47 12 4.2%
        1980 1925 235  

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Progressive Democrats of Eureka are hosting a candidates forum for the  2nd Congressional District TOMORROW (December 22), 7 pm at the Labor Temple, 840 E Street in Eureka. The Progressive Democrats of Eureka are an off branch of the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee and are led by Eureka Councilperson Linda Atkins. Should be interesting since the PDA has already endorsed Norman Solomon.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Samoasoftball handicaps 2nd Congressional race starting with Del Norte.

I will admit there are alot of variables in this race. Will Banafsheh Akhlaghi drop out? There has been little heard from her camp. Who will Debra Broner and the Del Norte Democrats support? I know Normon Solomon will have support, and then it comes down to the money candidates. I am predicting a 37% turnout. Here is my prediction for Del Norte County this June:

Stay tuned for Trinity County next!

County   Pop Voters Dems  Reps Other %
Del Norte   28,610 12,440 1749 1749 1105  
  Banafsheh Akhlaghi     52 17 22 2%
  Normon Solomon     577 140 332 23%
  Dan Roberts     87 647 166 20%
  Susan Adams     245 140 144 11%
  Jared Huffman     420 210 221 18%
  William Courtney     95 52 44 4%
  Andy Caffery     35 35 33 2%
  Stacey Lawson     280 305 165 16%
  Tiffany Renee     105 87 33 5%

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Matt Gulley, Arcata High. Local High School observations.

The video is of Matt Gulley, who is the last player I coached now playing high school. I coached boys and girls basketball at Peninsula elementary for many years and have retired from that a few years ago. (Peninsula does not have enough kids anymore for a team.)

I recently went to watch Matt at the Arcata High Invitational honoring Jerry Paul and witnessed Matt score 10 points and block shots and rebound in helping lead Arcata to a win over Anderson High. Arcata made the Championship game against Franklin, and the Arcata coach only went 6 man deep and played just a few others under 1 minute. I hate it when coaches do this. When you are winning or losing by many points, bring in the reserves! This coach also had his son starting as a junior and played him almost the entire game, even though his son was getting exhausted out there! Will Taylor is looking really good a point guard and Tom Witzel may be the best player in the league this year for Arcata.

As far as the Eureka High Loggers go, this is the tallest team I can ever remember in the county! But they have a new coach who has a sophomore son as point guard and he is trying to run and gun and press all over with a short lineup! Coach, play to your strengths! Start 6'6" Senior Mitchell Hash at the point, 6'7" Junior Bryce Rose at the other guard, 6'7" Senior Mandeep Singh at forward, 6'7" Sophomore Eli Savage at the other forward and 6'5" Junior Nate Madsen in the Post! Tallest, most athletic team in the county. And use 6'3" Sophomore Alexis Robinson and Freshman Marcus Finney off the bench at Guards. And you still have 6'6" Senior Ryan Hulbert to fit into the mix on the fron line. This team should be the favorite in league by far!

Fortuna has 5 sophmores on their team, but the trump card is 6'3"Sophmore  point guard Nate Ambrosini. He broke the Loggers press effortlessly and was at the foul line 21 times. He ended with 25 points and led the Huskies to a Consolation Championship over Eureka. Brady Shaha is tough in the middle, but they are going to have height issues. (No one over 6'3").

McKinleyville will be fun to watch because of Parker Farris. He has to be the best improviser in the county. And he has great court sense. You can not teach what he does. Cody Bates plays with heart, but I just don't see alot off the bench.

It is early though, so these observations may come back and haunt me. 

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Major Marks at Pearl Harbor 70 years ago!

That's my Father on the left. He was at Pearl Harbor 70 years ago today. He later became a Major in the Army and retired in the late 50's to become a lawyer.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Stacey Lawson for Congress?

I had a chance to meet Stacey yesterday in Eureka with a group of Labor Representatives and was highly impressed by her observations of the 2nd Congressional race. She has progressive values much like Solomon. This race also has Susan Adams, so there are many good choices. Huffman is the Corporate candidate with the anointing of Thompson, so I am looking for who has the best chance of beating him in the long haul. Stacey is the best funded, but it is still early.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Hometown Buffett closes!

Say it ain't so! How can I get my grub on when I want quantity and don't care about quality? Bring back King's Table! And why no notice for the workers?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thompson gifts Warren Buffett 750 million dollars of public monies?

First, let me preface that I want the Dams removed from the Klamath. I want PacificCorp to pay for this.

In 1911 California Oregon Power Company started building 4 dams on the Upper Klamath river. For years Indian tribes and Commercial Fisherman have demanded removal in hopes of revitalizing fish runs. There is a tentative pact that will theoretically allow for farmers to retain water rights for irrigation in Oregon. The deal is a collaborative legislation between Congressman Thompson and Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley.

Here is my problem with this pact. The cost for removal is 1 Billion dollars! PacificCorp is to pay 250 million dollars and Thompson and Merkley want the Federal Government to pay 500 million! Then Thompson and Merkley say the remaining balance will be covered by "non federal sources." It will actually come from California Taxpayers through a chunk of a 11.1 billion dollar state water bond that is scheduled to be on the ballot next year. There will be no gain of our usable water supply in California with the removal of the dams. What is the rational? Improved runs on the Klamath will offset losses of habitat in the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta. (According to Sacramento Bee writer Dan Walters)

So basically, instead of waiting for PacificCorp to remove the dams on their dime, Warren Buffet is benefiting with a gift of 750 million dollars total of your taxpayer dollars. Yeah, he really needs more money. And Thompson gets credit for helping fishing habitat in his new district in the Sacramento valley!

And Thompson wants a vote for Huffman? No thanks, Solomon for Congress!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey day!

Things to be thankful for:

1. Family and friends.
2. Food on the table. Thank God for the bounty!
3. Health.
4. Softball.
5. Niners are in first!

What do you have to add?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eureka Basketball meeting tonight!

At the Adorni at 6pm. $600 per team.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

IN-N-OUT Burger in Eureka! Oh Boy!

Rumor has it that IN- N- OUT Burger is setting up shop at the old Arctic Circle location on 5th St. Anyone else heard this? Now we will have to get used to that secret menu list. 2XMeat, Animal Style, Flying Dutchman and all the other cult names for their burgers. Bring it on!