Sunday, February 10, 2019

Kamala Harris early front-runner for President?

The Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee recently had a new Headquarters Grand Opening at 527 4th Street in Eureka and a Presidential poll popped up. So local Dems in the know have chosen Kamala as the candidate of Choice. Below is the results and the candidates information. Click on the names to check out their websites.

1. Kamala Harris                53.2%

2. Elizabeth Warren            19.1%

3. Cory Booker                     9.0%

4. Julian Castro                     4.0%

5. Tulsi Gabbard                   2.0%

6. Pete Buttigieg                   2.0%

None of the other declared candidates garnered support from the Humboldt Democrats.

Nate Silver thinks that Amy Klobuchar could be a challenger, but she has gained little support since her recent announcement. Kamala is leading nationally. That could change if Biden or Bernie join the race.