Thursday, December 23, 2021

RIP Perry Price. A Softball interview.

 Here is a video of an interview I did with Perry Price at the 1989 USSSA Championships. 64 teams gathered that had made it through qualifying rounds to be the best of the best. We had Jimmy Rodgers (RF), Doug Weatherbee 3B, Barry Oliver RCF, Otis Kane 1st, Jeff Tehan LCF, Ronnie Webb LF, Roland West C, Mike SS, Bob Sprague 2B and yours truly pitching. Perry maneuvered us through constant banter. We ended up in 3rd place in the state with Ronnie Webb and Roland West making the all state team. We still are the highest placing team from Humboldt in a USSSA state championship. 

Perry was more than a friend to me, he was a mentor on many facets of life. He was passionate in his beliefs and never sugarcoated anything. He was a purchasing agent for the City of Eureka and was able to help me understand City agency workings and how politics work hands on. Had many memorable times hanging out in Redding, Grants Pass, Medford, Sacramento and Reno. Robin and I hung out with Perry and Linda clubbing and going to shows.  

Perry also found obscure softball tournaments for James Hill to play in. Columbus Tournament in Reno, Los Molinas Invitational, Central Valley Tournament and Sacramento Tournaments. Perry also was the only manager who did not care who we played first game. He figured we had to beat them sometime! (That didn't go so good one time where we were matched up with Team Demarini!) We won at every level. Even when we were all older and in our last year as James Hill we won the Eureka A league over Latner's to close out a great run. We then won the last big Grants Pass end of the year tournament before it morphed into something else. 

And memories? How about a brawl at Red Bluff Cowboy tournament? Perry had this great idea of us coaching a 3rd grade Hoopster team with his son Brandon and my son Jacob playing together? Perry scared the heck out of the other kids by yelling at Jake and Brandon calling them Knuckleheads. One of the kids I see from that team say they were traumatized and never played again. In the playoffs we were playing Eureka Parks and Recreation Director Dan Molter's team and Perry lost it and was yelling at Laurie Vance, a ref that I actually trained. She gave Perry a technical and when he wouldn't shut up, she called the game. Laurie's boyfriend came down from the stands to let Perry know he was not happy. Perry was ready to go fists........with Jr Albers! I was able to help try to calm things down, but it left everyone at Jacob's Gym something to remember! And there was time he dissed Lester Hayes of the Raiders, was able to score VP passes for Reno Show with all the perks, caused riot at Pop Warner game and the many times he organized BBQ for teams on the road. 

A few years ago he had some type of brain trauma that he ended up recovering from. I went and visited him at rehab home. He recovered and it was like he was new again! This gave him a few more years. But another brain issue finally took him to that great big diamond in the sky.  

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Samoasoftball receives Certificate of Special Recognition from U.S. House of Representatives.

 How fortunate am I to live in such a great county. Thank you Jared Huffman for the award! Also congratulations to Jean Caldwell and Ciara Emery for their recognition. This is as good as a buffet with unlimited shrimp and ribs! 

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Hey you ! Old Timer! Winter Softball Practice.

I was requested to use the Samoasoftball blog to announce that there is Senior Softball practice and scrimmages at Samoa Field by Cookhouse on Saturdays at 12pm. Unless there is deluge. This will be ongoing all winter. 

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Ferndale native Hailey Dolcini throws back to back no hitters in Division 1 play!

 I seen Hailey play when she was at Fortuna and thought she had an unbelievable bat. Yes, she was also un-hit able throwing, but I felt her bat separated her from most. Man, has she come a long way. She threw a no hitter striking out 18 batters and followed that up with a perfect game! She is 11-3 on the season with a ERA of 0.95 which is 17th in the nation. She is second in the nation in shutouts with 8 and 9th in the nation in strikeouts with 151. And this is Division 1 ball with the Fresno State Bulldogs! The big show! And a scholar athlete to boot!  

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Del Norte County and Blue Lake open Adult Softball to communities! Hallelujah!


The City of Blue Lake is offering our 21st Annual Wood Bat League starting late spring/early summer!  We hope that you will be interested in joining us again!

When:  The league will be played on Sundays for 8 weeks and ending with a seeded, single-elimination tourney. There will be NO games on Memorial Day Weekend. 

Format:  There will be 8 teams in the league; each team will play a double header each Sunday starting at either: 9:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 2:00 p.m. or 4:30 p.m.  We will end with a seeded, single elimination tournament. Due to COVID 19- umpires will not be used this season. Teams are responsible for coordinating who will umpire within the different teams.

Where:  Clemence Field in sunny Blue Lake.

Rules:  ASA rules will apply with special league rules dictated by the City of Blue Lake.  Games will be umpired by two qualified members that are decided amongst the leagues. Masks must be worn at all times and social distancing must be observed. Players must use their own equipment and spectators are not encouraged. We appreciate your understanding and appreciate you for being a part of keeping our community active during this unprecedented time.

Awards:  The Championship team will receive championship shirts.

Del Norte Parks and Recreation in Crescent City is also hosting League play starting May 10. Call 707-464-7237 for more information.