Thursday, August 30, 2007

Top 10 French Fries in Humboldt County!

Sometimes you just want some decent fries. Sounds easy, but really it is a chore to find good ones. I am sure there will be many disagreeing, but here is my top 10:

1. McDonalds-Go ahead and boo all you want, but they are the most consistent for what they are.

2. Mike's Hamburger-With garlic of course. Just don't tell them you are a Democrat and for goodness sake, and don't read the propaganda on the wall!

3. Lost Coast Brewery-The seasoned fries are way good. Or maybe the 2 IPA's beforehand are the ticket.

4. Cinnabar Sam's-Willow Creek is a little too far away to go, but have a burger too.

5. Blue Lake Casino-Go for lunch and you are in for a surprise treat! Price is reasonable considering how much they gave to Bonnie's campaign. (C'mon that was funny.)

6. The Marina/Stanton's-Consistent and safe choice.

7. Fresh Freeze-Old fashion, just like the long wait.

8. OH's- The onion rings set a high standard. But have the half and half with a burger and you have a reasonable cost meal at a high end restaurant.

9. Toni's- The guys I work with will not be happy to see their favorite this far down. I just would not rank them higher.

10. Artic Circle- Maybe it is just the fry sauce I like.

The rest- Coney Island (Go with the red potato fries) Rita's (Chipotle Fires for the strong hearted only) Star's (High end blah) Mazzoti's (cheese fries) Waterfront Cafe (Nice atmosphere for catsup on your shirt) Gallaghers (Too loud to taste sometimes) The Bistro (Better order double portion to get one.)

I will do the bottom ten fries in the near future.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

NCJ Mary Jane article is mild compared to this!

The North Coast Journal took much flak over their Disorientation piece a few weeks ago. The North Coast Journal August 16, 2007

But check out the Sacramento News and Review on the same subject matter. It is the NCJ's perspective on Steriods! SN&R > Local Stories > The Pot Issue > 08.23.07

Monday, August 27, 2007

Where the heck is Northern California?

If you spend anytime with people in the Valley or other Southern portions of the state, you get a wide array of claims for Northern California. People in Santa Cruz, Fresno, San Jose and even people as far south as Bakersfield consider themselves "Northern Californians." My break off point is Ukiah/Redding personally. Any thoughts?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cotton LSD overdose? Bizzare.

Martin Cotton was let out of jail around 2pm. He causes fight around 4pm. Taken into custody by force again by 5pm. Dies within the hour alone in jail. Body sent for toxicology in Fresno. He may have Over Dosed on LSD? Why would someone just let free want an LSD high? And take enough to be 10X the toxic level? Makes no sense. If he scored a quick 40 oz of Magnum Malt, smoked a joint or done a line of Meth within an hour of release I would not be surprised. LSD? Jager says there has never been an LSD Over Dose on record? I am uncomfortable with this. Don't know why.

Friday, August 24, 2007

So ends Roadkill's season.

One of my fellow workers asked me if I have ever played on a losing softball team. I confessed that I have, but not 0-24-1! Around this time last year teams I played for were a combined 43-25 with 3 Tournament Championships. This year teams I played with have been a combined 17-44-1 with one second place. But hey! Wood bat playoffs are around the corner! Go Tomaso's!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

At work. Change is uncomfortable. Young workers taking over Evergreen.

As few as two years ago I was one of the youngest workers in my department with some of the lowest seniority. It took me 10 years to bid into the Chip Handling Department and I have been in the Pulp Mill nearly 30 years. Two workers have recently bid in the department, one with around 2 years seniority and the other around 1 year. 21 and 24 years old. They are trying to drive me nuts! "Hey Rich, are you over 50? Where is the gray hair? How long you been here? Man I hate this! And that! And them! And you too!" Add curse words where you think they were used.

At least they seem grateful for their jobs and they show up on time and do their functions. And are willing to learn new processes. The new workers do seem more adept at working with computers. Older workers do not even want to deal with our Intranet processes. Period. And we seem to have more than a few 50+ workers who do not deal with computers at all. I learn so much from the some of the younger ones who come along. But of course I won't tell them that! (I can see they all ready know.)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Liberals and Conservatives: Are we that different?

The other day a Bettendorf truck driver came from the valley to bring a load of chips from Sierra Pacific. He had a Thomas Sowell article he wanted to share excitedly about comparisons of the way the US is treating Iran with how France ignored the Nazi’s. RealClearPolitics - Articles - Is America Today the France of Yesterday? After he came back to the control room after he dumped he wanted my opinion. I told him I disagree and that the article was paranoid. Out of the blue he says, “You must be for socialized medicine too!” I could not fathom the correlation with the article, but I told him that yes, I am for socialized medicine. He just had a fit! I was shocked that a Bettendorf driver that would have to co/pay nearly $500 a month to insure his spouse could argue this with a straight face.

It just shows you how impassioned and how split conservative and liberal ideals can be. I just thought it comon sense that we all would want proper health coverage for all. It seems to me that we all would want jobs that pay a living wage. That we all would like to protect our environment as best possible. That we all would like safe neighborhoods. That we all would like to help the homeless. That we all would like to solve the drug problems. That we all would like to lend a hand and not just a handout. And that we are all against war for just the sake of war. Am I just missing something bigger?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tax Dollars go up in Smoke! Hydroponics phooey! Outdoors still the way to go!

No arrests for 1/2 Billion dollars worth of Marijuana eradication!

Times-Standard Online - Four-day long bust biggest in Humboldt County history OK now. What exactly is the deterrent? And just how do law enforcement determine that a Mexican Cartel is involved? What was the evidence? Sombrero's? Coronas left on the sight? Of course there are going to be Illegals guarding and cultivating! That does not mean a "Mexican Cartel" is controlling the operation. For this big of operation you would need many people. And law enforcement could not find one!

Let us legalize the stuff and tax it. And use the tax money to support law enforcement's war on Meth! And other social services that Meth addicts may need.

Operating Engineers Local 3 endorses Robin!

Robin finished the process of garnering her first union endorsement. Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3, IUOE, OE3 She was certainly grateful, as she will be running a real grassroots campaign and we will be scrambling for funds for literature and such. Any creative fund raising ideas out there? I will keep you posted on election processes as we go along.

Robin's grandfather Eddie Carroll was a Union Business Representative for sawmill workers way back and Robin's father Bill was a union mill worker. And of course she is married to a current union mill worker. Her standard of living has been provided by union representation!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Robin Marks for Northern Humboldt Union High School District Board!

After much thought, my wife Robin has decided to make a run for the Northern Humboldt Union High School District Board. Times-Standard Online - Election hopefuls turn in papers She has been eyeing that position for years.

She served many years on the Board for the Peninsula School District and was elected by her peers as President of the board for 5 years. (She won her general election by a landslide. Door to door knocking.) Then she went to work for Peninsula School District and is currently the Business Manager there.

It looks like it will be a very competitive race. Stay tuned!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Home Depot here we go!

The Eureka Reporter - Article My brother Mike was up from Sacramento this weekend and saw we were potentially getting a Home Depot. He was shocked and disturbed by these developments. I told him people were still in the fighting process and he just laughed and said if they wanted in, they will be there.

I guess I better get a petition out there for a ball park on the waterfront soon! (You know, to match the Basketball Court in the Adorni.)

Joe Dutra Sr.

Talk about making a guy feel bad. Just a few months ago Joe about ran me off the road in front of Evergreen while he was on his way home. I was not happy with him. Then just recently I heard he had cancer. Then bam, he passes away. Times-Standard Online - Obituaries

This should be a lesson to those close to retirement. Joe was nearly 70 years old and still working at the Pulp Mill! He could have retired years ago! Enjoy the fruits of your labor and all that. He was a gruffly type, but an over all good guy. Good ball player and coach. He will be missed by many at the mill and in the community.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Health and Sports stuff. Hillary Clinton leading the pack?

Went to the United Indian Health Center the other day. Not good. Lots of poking and prodding. I was told by my health care provider to stop playing hoops. My blood pressure levels have been consistently 150/100 ish for a few weeks now and there is a concern. I am taking Clonidine and Vasotec now. I guess I am a legal junkie. I am being given a few weeks to get my blood sugar under control or will have more drugs to deal with. Just take me behind the barn and shoot me!

I am directing a softball tournament for the Humboldt Classic Senior Softball League this weekend. A team from Redding is leading the pack so far. The weather has been great and all seem to be having fun! Team Roadkill lost three game today. Wahhh!

Robin and I chaired the HCDCC booth at the fair yesterday. Wiped out the Clinton buttons and she seemed to be the overwhelming choice of the masses. Obama second and Edwards 3rd. Had multiple people point to Kucinich sticker and say "best qualified, but no chance." Two women came by and started this conversation, "I like Hillary. I would do Bill in a second." The other lady pointed to the John Edwards sticker and said, "I would do him." This started an uncomfortable banter between the two on who was the best "to do." (These were two good looking late 30's women who also confessed they were married.) It was all Humboldt County Fair fun. " Not much action at the Republican booth from what I saw.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mike Thompson against impeachment?

Apparently so. Local peace activists tried to address this issue during Mike' recent visit, and he would not answer questions directly. He implied that he would support measures to impeach, but would not take a lead role in introducing legislation. Too busy shooting polar bears I guess.

Is he listening to his constituents? I don't think he cares. Now analyse Mike's inactivity. He does not want to piss off his fellow Congressmen and cause any repercussions that might affect or jeopardize legislation he might be a part of. Tit for tat and whatever it takes to hold his position power wise. And he'll get back to what the voters want when he needs to get re-elected. Politics as usual.

Mike can get confrontational and surly at times. I am not the only Democrat that feels this way. Too bad he could not be replaced in office by his field rep Liz Murgia. She is easy to talk to and approachable. And we have not always agreed on positions.

Just saying what I feel. Probably going to upset some folk. Again.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Go Roadkill!

The Roadkill senior softball team did not lose tonight! We tied Greens Pharmacy from Fortuna 18-18. So close. We were behind by 3 runs and I told our guys in the dugout if the player in front of me got on base I would hit the ball out of the park to tie the game. Dave Schmidt did just that and so I was put to the task. I was lucky too be able to back my smack and hit a 3 run Home Run out of the park. Our players have stayed upbeat and positive. Mercer Fraser/Operating Engineers local 3 and Samoa Athletics have co-sponsored a good time for 20 plus over 50 year old softball players.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

SF Chronicle covers "Reggae on the River" or "Reggae Rising"

Rocking steady amid the discord Maybe a little soft reporting after the mirco-analysis by the local media, but it is a non biased glimpse at the issue. Is it a "need" or is it "greed?" Only the Mateel knows for sure.

Friday, August 03, 2007

What Happened?

The Eureka Reporter - Article Don was a long time friend of mine. We played ball together. He painted my old Camaro and did a great job. He worked at the Pulp Mill for a short time. He was a body man at Mid City, worked for the garbage company, truck driving, whatever it took. And yes, he battled his demons drug wise. His Bizarre passing does leave questions. Donnie is not around to answer them. May he Rest in Peace.

Don is the third friend I played ball with that has passed recently, the others being Gerry Radford and Billy Thompson. Wow. Way too young.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

PL/Britt and all Corporations care less about workers!

Huge layoffs! I know, no surprise here. The Eureka Reporter - Article I just wonder why the TS did not mention the layoffs. Times-Standard Online - Palco secures $75 million in financing

Britt was once privately owned and joined with Palco and the workers suffered. Yakima was a locally owned enterprise who sold out to Corporate interests, and where are the workers? Louisiana Pacific Corporation wanted to concentrate on their "core" businesses, and what happened to the 1,000 LP Humboldt County workers? What happened to the Hundreds of Sawmill workers at Cal-Pac/Blue Lake Forest Products/Eel River Lumber and the nearly 1,000 Simpson workers (Pulp, plywood and sawmill)? Corporations and local/federal governments have abandoned workers without giving them the tools to adjust to different workplace environments. Time and again locally.

That is another positive thing about being union. We have peer outreach programs with facilitation from fellow workers for displaced workers to help put them back on the job market. Just saying. Again.

Paul Gallegos/Cheri Moore Countdown. Day 475.

Is it just me, or does this countdown the TS has on its opinion page disturb anyone else? I am not a Gallegos apologist, but I think it is a little tacky for the TS to force this issue daily. This subject brings up so many layers of emotion. Anger/blame/confusion/sympathy/sorrow. The forum is like CHRONICLEWATCH / Working for a better Bay Area without the positives. Maybe it is just me.

The countdown can also be seen on Rose's blog with more in depth Paul Gallegos analysis and comments @ watchpaul