Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Samoa Apple Festival! Harvest time.

It has taken 15 years for a dwarf apple tree in our back yard to produce. I have not seen any other apple trees on the Samoa peninsula. Robin has had success in growing cherry tomatoes but this years crop was slim.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Marks cars from the past. Between Robin and I.

Marks Best Car Ranking & What Happened?

1. 90’ Ford Aerostar- Gave away to neighbors who had kids
2. 98’ Mercury Tracer- Gave to Charity
3. 2002 PT Cruiser- Still have at nearly 200,000 miles
4. 85’ Camaro- Well over 200,000 when I gave it to my brother
5. 70’ Mustang- I loved this car! Sold it while in college
6. 2002 Mustang- Kinda wish I had kept
7. 1995 BMW 325i- Keeps Knapek’s electrical in business
8. 76’Mazda 3XP- Drove it until it rusted out! This car had no high end I tell you!
9. 78’ Cordoba- Fine Corinthian leather, nice ride traded in
10. 70’ Dodge Charger- Never had issues with engine, just electrical stuff, sold for $150?
11. 85’ Corvette- Hassle getting in and out of, traded in
12. 65’ Ford Galaxy- Boring but dependable. Someone in the family ended up with it
13. 98’ Escort- Gave to Charity
14. 2006 Neon- Totaled. Son was ran into from behind.
15. 78’ Olds Delta 88- Sold for a few hundred
16. 74’ Monte Carlo- Traded in for TR-7
17. 63’ Nova- Fire engine Red, traded for 60’ Impala
18. 99’ Contour Traded in
19. 75’ TR-7- Fun car when it ran! Traded in
20. 60’ Impala- Fins and all! Traded for 66’ Impala
21. 66’ Impala- Bad wreck when Motor Mount broke. Totaled
22. 60’ Ford Ranchero- “The Rat Wagon” 177 engine and gutless
23. 70’ Pinto- Worked for work
24. 70’ Mazda 616- Robin’s first car
25. 75’ Audi- Gave away to neighbors in need for family

Not sure all the years correct but close. Didn’t make the list: 61’ Ford truck, 2-85’ Ford Rangers, 87’ Honda Accord, 85’ Buick Rivera, Olds Cutless, 89’ Lincoln Mark 7, 89’ Cadillac and others I am sure I forgot.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Road Rage attack in Fairhaven! Sand Dwellers gots the anger!

I received a Neighborhood Watch report this morning regarding an incident of road rage. Seems a resident of Fairhaven was following a red Hyundai with a black spoiler on the peninsula heading south slowly and passed them. There was a girl driving with three guys and a pit bull in the car. They yelled and made obscene gestures at the guy when he passed them. The car that was passed followed the guy to his house in Fairhaven and the three guys brutally attacked the guy in his own driveway! Several Fairhaven residents witnessed the attack and followed the car as it left and parked in another place in Fairhaven. The Sheriff Department responded but the people denied involvement.

So now I wonder, why wasn't anyone arrested? And why do people have to be like this?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Softball. Fall League 2011!

Mad River Softball Association is hosting a Fall Wood Bat Softball League for Adults. If you have a team, or you are a free agent that wants to play, let me know. League will start either Sept. 22nd or 27th and run through October.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

"Eurtweeka, I lost it!" We need a new slogan! Contest by Samoasoftball.

Actually the City of Eureka had a one time slogan "Queen City of the Ultimate West" which does not seem to be very catchy. Sharing the "I found it slogan" with the State of California seems awkward in itself. We should have something like "Oyster Capital of the West", or "Fog City USA".

The City of Redding had a contest recently and had some pretty funny slogans submitted, "Redding, one methed up place!", "Welcome to Teabagastan", "Come on vacation, leave on probation", "Good paying jobs and great benefits are just a few hours away" and Welcome to Redding-(Slogan censored due to closed session vote on said slogan)."

There were more serious ones that were summitted, "Redding, Heaven on Earth, Hot as Hell", "Go jump in a lake!", Recreate, relax, repeat" and "A place to float your boat."

The winner won a dinner from Jack's Grill with "Redding: She's Hot!"

How about for Eureka; "Eureka, She's Tepid!"

Do you have a better slogan? Come up with good slogan and I will reward the best with a gift certificate for dinner for Rita's.