Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tammy Falor Revisited.

Oh. The Time Standard editorial board goes after David Elsebusch. Times-Standard Online - How about openness by everyone?

The focal point the TS should not lose sight of is the $280,000 of public money that was given as compensation for something the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors or their staff must have done illegally to avoid litigation by Ms. Falor. Simple as that. With no wrongdoing, there would be no pay off.

Now TS staff, go do your job and hold someone accountable! Picking on David is your lazy way out, and a chance to take further pot shots at the Eureka Reporter and Arkley. It is getting old and tired.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Richard Lee "Rick" Lowrey playing softball in heaven now.

The Eureka Reporter - Article Richard Lee "Rick" Lowrey was one of the good guys. I know some of my softball buddies will be shocked to see Rick has passed away. I am not sure on the particulars. He and his good buddy Ken Campbell from Fortuna were always good for a laugh and some light hearted observations. Rick was a very good pitcher and had worried about safety concerning the hot bats in recent years. Going to be weird playing this year in Willow Creek without Rick around.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sick with the flu.

For the first time since I think 2000, I have the flu. (You only get to claim sick in our household if you are throwing up.) Had to call in sick at work for the first time since 1990. I am pretty fortunate that I have been blessed to be able to miss very little work. As luck would have it, I am working a 14 hour shift tonight, so I won't be losing too much in wages.

It seems that I have heard of alot of people getting sick this last week. Or is it just me? Robin thinks I may have had food poisoning. I thought I had a cast iron stomach. First day I can remember not being hungry in awhile.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Home Depot done deal?

You would have thought so this weekend. Home Depot set up shop and was also soliciting the Marina Center at the Home and Rec show at Redwood Acres this weekend. I wonder how many of those people wearing Home Depot aprons were from Humboldt County. And I wonder if Home Depot works in tandem with any other development projects such as the Marina Center any other areas around the nation. Lots of people seemed to be hovering around the booth. Didn't see a Pierson Booth. Or Ace for that matter. Saturday it was raining and windy.

My wife corrected me and said their booths were just next to each other. Seemed like they were together.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Wes Chesbro and Robin Marks seen at League of Women Voter's Lunch.

Robin sat next to Wes Chesbro at the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee table! What's with that? I wonder if he was trying to secure her vote? Guess I should have been there. The who's who were lunching together in tribute to the League of Women Voter's Humboldt League of Women Voters, which is a good thing.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Keep your dogs on a leash! Wednesday Musings!

Robin and I decided to take advantage of the weather today and take our Gray Pomeranian “Smokey” to the “Big Toilet” at the Arcata Marsh Arcata Marsh for a romp. Smokey grew up with our Golden Retriever “Roxie” and thinks he is a Retriever too. Smokey has become a very aggressive Alpha dog through his 8 years and is fearless when it comes to other dogs, no matter the size. We always have Smokey on a leash on our walks and I always lead “The Smokster” and make sure he is on the outside of traffic approaching us. (I am on the inside, Smoke is on the outside of the trail.) Sure enough, we were approached by a young man with a un neutered Pit Bull. I walked Smokey off the main trail and we were completely in the rough and stopped. The young man had his Pit on his inside (showing the dog as dominant) and he let his Pit encroach our space. He tried to ask me what kind of dog I had and let his approach our dog, and I had to tell him mine was an aggressive male and walk Smokey away. He had no control of his dog whatsoever. We kept moving along the main trial and caught up on another hiker in front of us with a black lab. She was upset and talked to Robin and I about the Pit Bull we ran across. When she and her dog approached it, the Pit was not leashed and she had to remind the young man to leash it and it was aggressively looking at her dog. The young Pit owner said that the leash rule was only for bad dogs. Her lab was viscously attacked by a Pit on the beach as pup and was scared. All dogs should be on a leash everywhere in the county where exposed to others.

Hey! I was on Channel 3 tonight! I was the guy they showed shoveling. Rex Bohn was the guy they had talking….add the punch line if you will.

It was time to mow the lawn today. I brought out the mower and finished the front lawn and started to do the back and the mower quit. I asked Robin to bring out the socket wrench and tools and could see her cringe. I am one of those backyard mechanics with little skill. I have done lots of work on our past vehicles and my brothers Jim (deceased) Roy and Mike are and were accomplished mechanics. (My Brother Mike owned M&D auto locally.) When I was 7 years old, I was ordained the duty of lawn mower guy, and any time I had problems with the mowers, I had better be ready to repair them. (Funny they could work on cars and motorcycles with great dexterity, but they were clueless to the lawnmower workings.) So I could see I had a fuel problem and wanted to try to free the carburetor float. I had to take it apart a few times and I could see Robin getting restless and speaking her thought that it was the air filter, bad fuel or bad spark plug. I was right in the long run, it was the float and I was able to finish.

Oh yes. Robin gave me the OK for a Specialized/Customized Harley I am having built by a buddy in the valley. (Something I can work on!)

The Golden State Warriors have made the playoffs! I have been a huge Warriors fan all the way back to the early 70's. Used to listen on the radio big time with Larry King. I have been a e-mail buddy of Rick Barry for a few years. It is time to celebrate! Good job Nellie!

Monday, April 16, 2007

That smell you smell? Not Evergreen! Must be your upper lip!

Evergreen Pulp is having a week long shutdown to upgrade some of the environmental issues that have been pertinent. I personally do not enjoy these shutdowns, as they cause safety and environmental situations we are not faced with day to day. I had to find, test, fix, and adjust to fire safety hazards for contractors and also explain lock out tag out protocol. I actually had one tag out procedure with an oiler show that we had problems procedurally within our own in house process. Not good in the scope of things. I had to do many hours of clean up and maintenance that I normally would not have to do. I worked 14 hours. Tomorrow probably 16. The shut down can not end fast enough for most in the mill.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Humboldt County 2nd District Supervisor update!

I have heard from a very reliable source that Roger Rodoni is going to once again seek election for the Humboldt County 2nd District Supervisor seat. I have heard rumors of Rio Dell City Manager Nancy Flemming, Operating Engineers District Manager Steve Harris, Local Solutions kingpin Dennis Huber, Fortuna Mayor John Campbell and others running for this position without Roger seeking another term. Isn't 8 years enough to for Roger to spew his hateful/prejudice rhetoric? Hey Roger! Still going to bat for those Palco management leaders and let those working class millworkers starve? Go ahead and vote for more headwaters money to be spent on Fire and Light and catering jobs for $8 an hour. Way to represent your constituents that elected you! Just in office to get re-elected with no accountability of performance. Just keeps happening in Humboldt County people.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Celebration of life for Diane Hall.

My best buddy Ed Fregoso's Mother in Law Diane Hall died recently and her funeral was today. Her daughter Michelle has been great friends of Robin and I, and we have spent many holidays and BBQ's with Diane and family. She was a rare person of great personality and opinion. She loved her family and extended it out to everyone she met. She loved to yard sale shop and sell her special finds on E-bay and she was a fantastic cook. Diane made a spread for a wine tasting fund raiser I had for one of my election campaigns that was just mind blowing good. Just a really good person who died unexpectedly from a heart attack at 59.

I will be the first to admit that I hate funerals and was expecting that this one would be awfully sad. Boy was I wrong. This was a true celebration of ones life! The sermon was led by Sacred Heart Deacon Anthony Viegas and it had twists and turns I did not expect. Michelle Fregoso did a great reading of Matthew, Laura and Lee Marx did a great Eulogy, Madi Simmons and Miko Ross did a great African Drum and poem in memory of Diane (an African American), and my Mejor Amigo Ed gave a unrehearsed tribute that was just heart wrenching but glorifying. His 14 year old Daughter Xochitl wrote this poem in memory of her Grandma:

When she entered any space,
it was lit by her glowing face.

When your life was moving at too fast of pace,
She was there to hold you on tight embrace.

She was my picture of inner beauty and grace,
Even when she covered me with frills and lace.

At collecting and treasure hunting she was an ace,
with so many things that were there to misplace.

When we traveled to a new found place,
Our hands were always in a tight enlace.

But now she is gone and we have no way to replace,
This wonderful woman who is now in God's grace.

Lorenza Simmons sang and old gospel song in closing.

I am sure Diane was there in spirit as a witness to the love of her family and friends. It was one funeral I came away from feeling uplifted. Good Bye Diane. You were great person. See ya on the other side!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pierson Carnival sale was insane today!

Robin and I went over Pierson's at around 11:30am today and were floored on how many people were shopping. We were there to buy an electrical shop box. The lines were way long, so we came back at around 5pm. It was still busy but not like earlier. Unfortunately, they sold out of the shop boxes! Argh! We got a rain check for later. Over the years we have spent thousands at Pierson's. We were doing some house renovations recently and we price compared with Home Depot in Redding and Ukiah, and found very little price difference. So we bought local. I just like the help I get there. And no. They never donated to any of my campaigns. Maybe I should hit them up next time. I have enough invested in the place.

Basketball update: The Samoa Athletic Club beat Maple Service Plumbing 71-44 tonight. Dave Norton scored 26 I think. Dustin Baker really caused havoc for us also. (I scored a few myself) Josh Hash played a great game for Maple. They are the only team to beat us so far. We are 6-1 and in first place.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What do these numbers say?

Check out some of these stats from last election:

Number of States won by: Gore: 19; Bush: 29

Square miles of land won by: Gore: 580,000; Bush: 2,427,000

Population of counties won by: Gore: 127 million; Bush: 143 million

Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Gore: 13.2; Bush: 2.1

Any theories to these numbers?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A broom was blocking my locker! Sports stuff.

I came to work and noticed a broom laying against my locker. Oh no! It was a message of defeat. The dreaded LA Dodgers had swept my beloved Giants. And the local Dodger fans were out in force at the Pulp Mill. Oh, how I hate the stinkin Dodgers! But it looks like a long season for the men in orange and black. Zito and Cain and pray for rain! Morris and Lowery give me the cry towelry. We will be lucky to get 75 wins. Barry Bonds will be the only good thing?

The Samoa Athletic Club Basketball Team is 5-1 and in first place in the Eureka Parks and Recreation c-3 league. They are carrying me. We have a good group of players ranging from 20 years old to 65. Ben Horton, Dave Norton and Dustin Baker are working well together with the older guys, Ben Hickock, Paul Schneekluth, Ron denHeyer and Billy Sines. Oh, and that Marks guy.

I am hoping to host a softball tournament May 12th and 13th in Arcata. I may have to work though. I will be holding the Memorial Tournament at Weaverville on the 25th and 26th. I took this time off. The gem show will also be on that weekend.

Oh, how blessed we are here in Humboldt County! I went to hit some balls with the Senior Softball guys at Pacific Union. I drove from Samoa to Jackson Ranch road and navigated the Arcata bottoms to the school and was just in awe over how spoiled we are over our landscape. Robin and I used to ride our bikes all over the bottoms for exercise. We are so fortunate for all our natural benefits.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter ham. Why is it?

Robin cooked a ham for this Easter. This tradition may actually be rooted in Paganism. Origin of Easter Ham

I noticed the Cookhouse was also having ham on the menu. How do you all feel? Is it wrong to have turkey? Or prime rib? (Or Tofu for you vegans.)

Friday, April 06, 2007

Reggae on River stuff, or a Day on the Greed.

Robin and I went to the Humboldt County Planning Commission (HCPC) meeting last night. The whole Reggae on the River fiasco was on the fore-front. Here are some of my observations from the sidelines:

If the Mateel Community Center (MCC) and Peoples Production (PP) did not become public with their grievances, the HCPC would have systematically accepted their event permit as they have for years without protest. Even though they have violated the permit for years as far as attendance. It was never a huge issue before. Now the subject is public and the Planning Commission is accountable. So the HCPC have to make a public stand.

Drugs have been an issue for years at ROR. Now it is “highly” public. The HCPC has to address the issue now. They never had to in the past. The squabble between MCC and PP has caused this to be a problem and be public. They both claim they can fix it. Ha! There were people giving testimony that they did not witness a drug problem. I am not kidding! It was almost comical, if not pathetic.

Commissioner Jeff Smith held some public comments to 3 minute, but let others drone on for around 10 minutes. Why he did this is beyond me. I think he felt he needed to let the “stake holders” be allowed more time. Hey Jeff, it is called “public comments” for a reason. It’s to give all the public equal opportunity to speak, not pick and choose who is to be given preferential time.

The Planning Commission has no idea who is holding the event. They have publicly stated that there will not be 2 events. Unless there is some agreement quickly between the MCC and PP there may be no Reggae on the River period.

While counsel for PP Brad Floyd was addressing the Commission, MCC Director Tayna Stapp and MCC counsel Allison Jackson were shaking their heads no, and looked in total disagreement with his testimony about a “referee” from San Francisco mediating or rendering a final judgment quickly.

Listen to the money talk. Venue owner Tom Dimmick and his neighbor with the 2,500 campsites are going to rake in the cash. They were there to give weak testimony on PP’s behalf. Cha-ching. Show me the bling! At least some lawyers are getting some work out of this. It might be sad for the non-profits that use this venue for fund raising. Oh, what greed will do.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Third District Supervisor John Wooley says alls good?

Fellow sand dweller Wooley was on Kins today talking with Brian Papstien KINS 980 am about the Headwaters funds and such. He made a comment about Redevelopment being a good thing and that maybe the process was moved too quickly. Excuse me John, were you asleep during the nearly $700,000 process that was deeply flawed on all sides? Even your Manila Community constituents knew better and held a special election to be removed from the process. And what monies from the Headwaters funds have created timber industry jobs, or at least comparable wage jobs? Oh, that would be none. The Spirit of the Headwaters funds was to replace lost timber industry jobs, right? Virginia Strom Martin (The best 1st District Assembly person we have had in a the last quarter century) presented the original check with Governor Gray Davis to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors with the intent of helping displaced workers! But ya'll have heard me chime in about this before. Just surprised to hear Wooley actually have an opinion. He seems to avoid that.

Monday, April 02, 2007

CR unfair to labor.

Cafeteria Workers at College of the Redwoods talked about organizing this last fall. They had been talking and began signing authorization cards for union representation. One of the leaders of the organizing drive was questioned about his activity in handing out informational leaflets. He was subsequently fired/laid off/terminated.

I filed unfair labor charges last October on behalf of the person as an organizer for the Industrial Workers of the World Industrial Workers of the World One Big Union! with Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) who deals with cases pertaining the Public Employment sector. It serves almost the same capacity as the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) NLRB :: National Labor Relations Board in protecting workers rights to organize without fear of reprisal. I had filed many NLRB charges in the past and thought the processes were pretty similar in processing. I was wrong, and had to re-file the same charge in December due to procedural problems. I had some help from Operating Engineer local 3 representatives who provided counsel to walk me through the PERB process.

Here it is now April and we have still have not received a clear decision. Over 6 months later I have received notice to have further documented proof of the charge, and have it done by April 5th! And people wonder why it is so hard to organize sometimes. Looks like I will have to hustle to make this deadline in between my work.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Best Hot Dogs!

A few weeks ago I was in Sacramento and went to Wiener Works with my buddy Brad. User Reviews for Wiener Works, Sacramento They have these great 14 inch hot dogs and ridiculous portions of fries. I used to get a dog every so often at Manila Market. They broiled Evergood dogs all day and they were a great treat. L & M Drive In and the old OH"s on Harris also used to make great dogs. And the broiled dogs in the old waist cook baskets at Arcata Ball Park for Crab's games in the 70's and 80's were wonderful. I see a great lack of this cuisine in Humboldt County now. Here is my top 5 picks. Please chime in!

1. Costco-I have to go to Costco to get a decent dog? Why is this? But they do have the best ones around. This is sad.

2. Mikes Hamburger-The Chili Dog is really quite good with the garlic fries.

3. Coney Island-Needs more flare and presentation. I like their burgers though.

4. Bob's Footlong-Nice people and good service, but just OK.

5. Fresh Freeze-Although I have not checked one out in a while.

And remember the Marks rule, Quantity over Quality!