Monday, May 30, 2011

Drinking and driving reality. How much is too much to drive?

I had heard commercials before this weekend that Fortuna police would be out in force looking for drivers who were impaired by alcohol. I warned some people over this while at a softball tournament in Fortuna where beer and softball go hand in hand. And you know that some of the people leaving had a few beers. Recently retired NBA player Jalon Rose was picked up for a DUI. Police figure he had 12 martinis and he blew a .088 at the sight he was taken in to custody. He was almost legal even though he drank how much? So I went on the Police Notebook and checked out their Blood Alcohol Content Calculator to see how much a guy my size (210lbs) could drink in 2 hours and still be legal to drive. 6 Screwdrivers, 5 Margaritas, a six pack of beer or 6 glasses of wine! So how much booze are those people drinking when they are popped for a DUI? Kind of scary to think someone would drink that much and then get behind the wheel!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Best fries around town?

Maybe not that important to most, but I want decent fries to augment my burger meal. Wendy's has been pushing new fries, so I had to try. Not to bad. But around Eureka I would have to say these places are best.

10.Jack in the Box-Do people in Eureka really eat at this one?
9. Fresh Freeze-If they are not limp.
8. Burger King-Not that bad if you use the onion dipping sauce.
7. Wendy's
6. AA-Steak sized.
5. Marina Cafe-Fish Fry.
4. Sizzler-With the all you can eat shrimp of course.
3. Lost Coast Brewery-Seasoned or plain.
2. Mike's Hamburger King- Garlic Fries. Grease and all!
1. McDonald's-Don't know what separates them, but they are the best.

And take notice. No Buffets mentioned!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Top 20 most missed Restaurants of Humboldt by Marks.

(Whalers Inn was #11)
Sometimes I get nostalgic about some of my most missed places to eat and I thought I would share some and why. You can see I am all over the board as far as cuisine and setting. Some of these are being revisited.

20. Lazio’s: They had the best fries believe it or not. Used to buy some while fishing for Perch and Smelt off the dock.

19. Eureka Inn: Used to be classy place for meal. Not that great of food, but I have pleasant memories family wise.

18. Enrico’s: Used to live within a block and had many sandwiches and specialty beers from here.

17. Deb’s: Liked the greasy burgers!

16. Kings Table: I have fond memories with the kids.

15. Lila’s Taco Shop: The Garbage burrito was the best!

14. Stanton’s: No more wood’s boss!

13. Volpi’s: Best view of all past eating places.

12. A & W: For whatever reason, I loved the mashed potato fries. Oh, and the bacon bits on the burgers.

11. Whaler’s Inn: Didn’t get enough chances to eat here. Usually saved for special times.

10. Betty Mae’s/Bev’s Cafe: Where or where can you get those portions for breakfast!

9. Arctic Circle: Now we will never no the answer to the “Secret Sauce.” My niece's Erica and Jessica from Sacramento lament this the most.

8. OH’s Hamburger King: For those of you who remember, great dogs and onion rings.

7. Verla’s/Tom’s Sourdough: Both places hold great teenager memories. I was once accused of throwing a stink bomb down the chimney and was kicked out “forever.” Ah, good times. (No, I didn’t do it.)

6. Shakey’s/Andy’s Prosperous Pizza: They had a great buffet and was a great post game place to gather for softball!

5. Dennis and Jerry’s: Great place to go before or after Mrytlewood Lounge.

4. OH’s Townhouse: Best Prime rib in the County. Never matched.

3. Jalisco’s: I so miss their buffet. Great mild salsa.

2. Michael’s: My wife’s #1. We went many times with our friends Liz and Loren for the Steak and Fettuccine special

1. Shanghai Low: Never have found replacement for the won tons or the prawns. I also liked the almond chicken chow mien. Miss the kids playing with the juke boxes at the table. Last union restaurant in Eureka.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Need any meeting seats?

I am getting rid of some meeting seats that are kinda like stadium seats that we had in our union hall. If you are interested, they are outside at 1720 Victor Blvd. in Manila. Come on by and help yourself! (If not by Saturday, I will be hauling off to the dump.)

Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama dead. Let's close Guantanamo Bay Prison.

Lets get out of Iraq. Let's get out of Afghanistan. Let's dismantle Guantanamo Bay. (Pictured Detainees upon arrival at Camp X-Ray, January 2002)