Tuesday, September 30, 2008

George Clark for the Marina Center! Labor endorses Clark and Adkins!

Surprised me. Call Randy Gans to verify. I haven't seen George in a Marina Center sweater yet, but I have been assured by local labor that he is indeed for the project! And for port development with rail. More than Frank Jager! Wow.

The Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers (AWPPW) local 49 does not normally endorse candidates and does not have an active Political Action Committee to disperse money, but our affiliate senior, the United Brotherhood of Carpenter's local 751, has also endorsed Mr. Clark. Nobody asked me by the way. But, yes, my union dues will go to their chosen candidate. So financially I am supporting George.

I just want to know what Humboldt Baykeeper, EPIC, ECONEWS and Surfrider Foundation's have on their agenda concerning the Marina project and a Port Terminal. And maybe that largest manufacturing plant on the northcoast, Evergreen Pulp.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Stock market plunges 777 points. Sign of the purity of God? Record one day loss! Quick Summary.

94% of people who have a mortgage in the USA have not defaulted. And yet taxpayers are being asked to bail bad house loan debts that were created by bad management practices. Why aren't CEO's of these companies held criminally accountable? Remember Savings and loan crisis fiasco? What ever happened to that $136,000,000 tax payer bailout? Oh, how often history repeats itself.

Please give your quick summation and solution.

Check out Stryper. They used the number 7 symbolically for God a few times.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let the sign wars begin! Eureka and Arcata.

Political signs are popping up in Eureka and Arcata for their respective city council races. I see Polly and Frank have the early lead in Eureka, but I fully expect to see a wave of signs for Linda and George in the near future. Both Frank and Polly have very visible signs. The Clark/Adkin's signs are kind of blah but consistent with their theme. (Two candidates in one.)

Micheal Winkler has started a push, but I fully expect Shane Brinton to blanket Arcata. Susan Ornelas has started also. Machi? Jason A. Grow? Geronimo Garcia? Not yet.

Any scouts out there for Fortuna, Blue Lake and Trinidad?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

AWPPW California Council at Los Angeles.

Down here in So-Cal for a council meeting of all the locals in California. We give reports on how our plants are doing and catch up on grievances, arbitration's, organizing and bargain's the AWPPW is active in. (We had lunch at a place called the The Hat in Brea. Awesome!) The theme seemed to be about the economy and how it is affecting our industry. Our jobs in the Pulp and Paper industry are moving overseas because of environmental constraints that oversea operations do not have to abide by. I will touch on this subject when I am home.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Did you see that tonight! Comet or UFO?

I worked some Over-Time today operating a 950 Caterpillar and operating a new piece of equipment. When I was driving home I saw bright light streaking across the sky heading west. It was a bright light streaking at a unbelievable rate. This was around 8:30pm on Navy Base road. Any other people see this?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Seen those Blogger people in Rio Dell! Hey Juan Barnstormers win. The Higster has 2 hits.

Went to the blogger picnic. No Heraldo, but I seen others so I can put a face on their blogs. It was nice to do.

Hey Juan had sweet revenge on my Tomaso team, winning the championship game of the Beer League Wood Bat Tournament 6-1 by playing stellar defense.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tomaso's vs. Barn Stormers. Hope to "De-Rail" Higgins.

The Tomaso softball team has been the most dominate wood bat team for the last 5 plus years. We will play the Barn Stormers in the Semi-Finals to see who is the front runner in the 2008 wood bat championship in Willow Creek. The Tomaso team has 3 players over 50 years of age and the rest are over 40 or 30, and one just over 20. Humboldt Harbor Commissioner Pat Higgins plays for the Barn Stormer team, and we hope to dominate their challenge. Our game is at 1:40pm at Willow Creek.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hey EHS! Give that Vainuku kid "Soma" of the ball!

Went to watch the EHS football games tonight against Pleasant Valley. The JV's lost in the 4th Quarter 6-2. Tough loss. Anthony Hernandez (Number 23) had a nice return on a punt. The Wilkinson kid had a good game also. (Their punting team needs to practice!) This JV team should be 2-1.

The EHS varsity team worked hard and was up 21-14 going to the 4th quarter. In the first half, Soma Vainuku had gained nearly 80 yards and had a touchdown. In the 3rd Quarter, he did not touch the ball! I am not a football coach, but I do follow the game some. Soma did touch the ball a few times in the 4th quarter, for about 60 yards! But not the last two series? C'mon! Greg Allen was open and is a weapon the team needs to use. Dallas Mohorovich was stellar on Defense.

And of course the Loggers lost again 27-21. 0-3 on the season. But they will beat up on the local teams later.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Unagi wins "Wall Ball" Tournament at Big League Dreams Sept. 13th.

Unagi from Yreka beat FTH of Redding 6-5 by scoring 2 runs in the bottom of the 7th for the championship. The Bombsquad from Weaverville finished 3rd. Hamanaka Paint of Eureka, NSC from Redding, the Rock Shop from Ft. Bragg and the Ofer's from Arcata rounded out the tournament.

Rodney Dickerson of Eureka won the HR contest in a playoff. He beat out 16 other contestants.

This was the first tournament Robin and I have hosted at Big League Dreams Redding. The staff was friendly and helpful. The restaurant seemed to be quite busy, and much beer flowed. (I just drank water and ice tea all day. It was around 100 degrees and the artificial turf was hot!) There must have been 15 staff people at the park for the tournament. Good to help the Redding economy. We would run another tournament there. Overall it was a positive experience.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

30th Anniversary! Robin and Richard endurance race continues work in progress.

Robin and I have now been married 3 decades! And how are we going to celebrate? You guessed it. We are both working. Robin from 7:30am to 7pm and me 7pm to 7am. Story of our lives. We will have to plan a date to go out later.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ex Crab in bad trouble. Domestic violence at its worst.

Man accused of beating girlfriend goes to court. Tom Wallace and I played quite a bit of ball together through the years. Softball and Basketball. I just don't understand how this could happen. Drugs/Alcohol most likely have cost an innocent woman her health and Tom his freedom. I would never have expected this, and yet I have other friends that have been either the victim or violator. If you are having difficulties in your relationship, please contact HDVS: Humboldt Domestic Violence Services. And just another note, Robin and I are on the board of directors for HDVS and we are in need of new board members. So contact the above.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Angry HCDCC meeting tonight. Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District race heats up!

The HCDCC Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee meeting was packed tonight. And opinionated. We argued about a resolution against US aggression in Iran as long as they are compliant with nuclear agreements. We need to stop forcing our fears on other countries.

We had candidates from the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District race. And we argued.

Leading off in the 2nd Division, Tera Prucha gave a great speech for the second straight HCDCC meeting outlining her qualifications and justifying an endorsement by the HCDCC. "Buzz" Webb's wife had surgery so, Tina Mackenzie (Last years Democrat of the Year) read a two page, poorly written leaflet that outlined no qualifications for the job. (Buzz said he served 8 years on the Northern Humboldt Unified School District. He actually served on the Northern Humboldt Union High School District.) At least know what board that you served. IMO. Jake Pickering is the third Democrat in this race. He has the tenacity to keep running. His heart is right. Republican Ben Shepherd and No Party Adrienne Floreen are also running. A motion was made to endorse Tera. Then we argued. Then we voted and there was no majority. (A 2/3 majority vote of HCDCC members present is needed.) Endorsement failed. (I voted in favor of endorsement.) A motion was made to endorse "Buzz" Webb. We voted and there was no majority. No motion was made for endorsement of Pickering. (He did not ask for endorsement.) So there is no HCDCC endorsement for the second, YET! If both of these candidates come to the next HCDCC meeting, there might still be an endorsement.

In the 1st Division, Kaitlin Sopoci-Belnap (Green Party Candidate) was called to give her campaign update and was attacked by a fellow Democrat of why she was there wasting our Democrat time. Kaitlan reminded the crowd that this was non-partisan race and did very well at speaking her positions for the board. Stephen Davies is a past Green Party member challenging Kaitlin and is a recently registered Democrat. (It seemed he has re-registered Democrat just for personal political reasons with no promise he would not re-register Green. Give him that for honesty.) He has no issues with Kaitlin's performance on the board. (A Motion was made to endorse Kaitlin, even though she is not a Democrat, but the motion was denied because of bylaw restrictions.) No endorsement.

Kaitlin also gave an update on the Measure "T" lawsuit. Keep the faith in campaign reform!

In the 3rd Division, Republican Barbara Hecathorn is running against Democrat Robert Schultz. Robert gave a straight forward, non-partisan and non-agenda liberal speech concerning water rights. He was a unanimously endorsed candidate by the HCDCC. Go get em Robert!

This is a very strong Democratic Committee right now. I feel we are accomplishing very good policies and candidates. We may argue, but we share the same commitments and values.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Softball Next Weekend at Big League Dreams! League season done for me. Local Football observations.

Next weekend (Sept. 13th) I am hosting a softball tournament at Big League Dreams Redding. Contact me if you want to play. The Chuckster is hosting the Beer League Wood Bat Championships at Willow Creek Sept. 20th and 21st. Live music!

Tomaso's was eliminated this year from the Arcata city playoffs quickly. Out n 2 & BBQ. We did win the Blue Lake City title though. My Eureka team, R-Co Builders, did not compete in the City playoffs. There were not enough "C" division teams wanting to play. Bummer. The Senior League did not have a playoff. Thank goodness. League teams I played for this year were a combined 24 wins 34 loses. 23-15 excluding the Senior League. In Tournaments my teams have been 26-21. 50-55 total. One 1st place, two 2nds, one 3rd and two 4ths. Have probably 5 tourneys left for the year. It has been a fun year. I lose a step each year, but gain new friends. So it is all worth it.

Went to the Eureka High JV's game. Freshmen Anthony Hernandez and Rickey Higgins both grew up here in Samoa so I wanted to watch them. (I coached Rickey at Peninsula and Matt Buckman from the Logger varsity team, in Basketball.) Anthony recovered a fumble, but the Loggers could not recover from 3 blocked punts from number 88 of Foothills. You saw that right, three blocked punts by the same kid! Hey some one go stop that guy! I think the final was 22-20 foothill, but I am not sure.....the scoreboard didn't work! The biggest school in the county, and no one in maintenance did a pre-check to make sure the board works? The Eureka varsity is probably glad it didn't, as they were drubbed.

Went to the CR game with Big Union Boss (BUB) Steve Harris. He is working in the San Jose area for the Operating Engineers, but still is holding onto his house in Rio Dell. He rents it out to about a million CR students, and one (Ben Watkins) from Kodiak, Alaska plays defensive line on the CR football team. He was held and double teamed but still had a solid game. Both teams played sloppy. Best crowd I have seen in some time. Lyndon Rowells must have had 200 yards rushing, but CR still managed to lose 32-30 on a last minute touchdown by Siskiyous. Quarterback Sergio Allen made some great throws and runs, but I question why CR did not run more between the tackles. Offensive Lineman Justin Primofiore from Fortuna is 6'5" and 340 and just wipes out people. He should be playing D1 somewhere next year. CR had no luck on sweeps.

CR missed a short 22 yard FG and two extra point attempts. But still did not have a practice kicking net on their side of the field. (Siskiyous did)

Get this fact, out of the 80 some odd players on the CR football team, 24 are from Florida! Only 16 from Humboldt County! I remember a time where this team was predominately Humboldt County alumni. And what happened to our Pacific Islander player connection? Used to have many Samoan and Hawaiian players.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Drumroll...Nov. Local Candidates and their Party affiliations. By Marks! (Progressive in waiting)

I went to the Humboldt County Elections office today and asked Jenny there if I could have the current roster of candidates for this coming November election and their political affiliation. She looked at me wide-eyed and seemed upset, and told me it would “take awhile.” I don’t remember going into this office too often where I didn’t feel like a bad guy for asking for information. Like pulling teeth. And I have used this office more than most I am sure. So here is what I have for you ‘all out there who may want to know:

Humboldt County Supervisor 2nd District

Estelle Fennell-Democrat. She has been endorsed by the HCDCC and has been in hyper drive lately. She has an uphill battle still.

Clif Clendenen-No Party. Still don’t know much about the guy. He plays music. Makes cider. Ok then.

Johanna Rodoni-Republican. Write in candidate with little chance. May hand over the seat to Clif. (Taking women vote from Estelle) I was disappointed to hear her saying she was put in an uncomfortable situation when she voted for the County Supervisors large raise. Vote your conscience! And she have any solutions for county code enforcement yet?

Eureka City Council

2nd Ward-

Linda Adkins-Democrat. HCDCC endorsed. New to local politics. Retired Cal Trans worker and union member. She was in the kitchen helping at the HCDCC Chicken by the Sea. I like to see doers! This will be a tough race for her to compete.

Polly Endert-Republican. Big family and friend support. Smart young lady who took her appointment with no political agenda.

4th Ward-

Frank Jager-Republican. Nice guy. 30 years of law enforcement. Scoutmaster. Past Eureka Councilman. Can’t say anything bad about the man. Everyone seems to know Frank. Big name recognition advantage.

George Clark-Democrat. Endorsed by the HCDCC. Well known business owner of Kyoto’s. Definitely a lefty liberal. Nice friendly guy. This race will come down to which campaign convinces their candidates strengths to their constituents the best. George needs to make this a partisan race to win. Democrats out number Republicans 58% to 39% in Eureka.

Arcata City Council (Three seats available)

Michael Machi-No Party. Incumbent

Michael Winkler-Democrat. Endorsed by the HCDCC. Ran for this position and came close before. He has already knocked on around 70% of the doors needed. Should do it this time.

Jason Grow-No Party. Into clean energy. Student.

Geronimo Garcia-Green Party. Don’t know this dude either.

Susan Ornelas-Republican. Interesting. I wonder what her agenda is?

Shane Brinton-Democrat. Endorsed by the HCDCC. Political and Union history walking encyclopedia. Shane's work for social justice includes, worker advocacy, renter's rights, homeless support, campaign reform and political education both nationally and locally. Shane is currently an elected official (Youngest in the county) on the Northern Humboldt Union High School District and has made many decisions to help enhance one of the finest school districts in the state.Now go get that checkbook out and help Shane get elected! The limit for individuals to contribute to Shane's campaign is $170 for Arcata elections. (Shameless Marks endorsement)

Fortuna City Council (Two Positions open?)

Don Mayden-American Independent. Whoa! A member of the George Wallace’s party? I wonder if he even knows that he belongs to this racist party? And he wants to help Fortuna? Do what? Hunt Latino workers and chase them to the border?

Odell Shelton Jr.-Republican. Odell has helped baseball players all over the county. Good guy.

Douglas Strehl-Democrat. Incumbent. Must be tough being a Democrat on this council.

Tom Mulholland-Democrat. Are these the only two Democrats in Fortuna? Just joking!

Kenneth Zanzi-Republican. Currently on the Fortuna Planning Commission.

Rio Dell City Council

Richard Leonard-Republican. Incumbent

Marc Barsanti-Republican. Incumbent

Jack Thompson-Republican. I think this might be a past Pulp Mill worker. If it is the Jack I am thinking of, he is a hard worker and a fair man. (And a past monster softball player!)

Blue Lake City Council (2 Seats?)

Meghan Vogel-Democrat. She could be a great councilperson!

Michelle McCall-Wallace-Democrat. I don’t know her.

Karen Barnes-Democrat. Same

Patricia Falor-Democrat. I know here from somewhere.

Alexander Ricca-No Party. I know Alex. He helped me hold a couple of Softball Tournaments years back. Good guy.

Ferndale City Council

For Mayor

Jeff Farley-Democrat. Wow. All that controversy and no challenger? Must be doing something right.

For Council (Two seats)

Kenneth Mierzwa-No Party. Incumbent. I don’t know this guy.

Stuart Titus-Republican. Incumbent. I have talked with Stu. He is a nice open guy.

David Walters-Republican. Don’t know this guy.

Shannon Leonardo-Democrat. I vaguely know Shannon.

Trinidad City Council (2 seats)

Julie Fulkerson-Democrat. Julie is more than qualified. Trinidad is lucky!

Michael Morgan-No Party. Don’t know him.

Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District

Division 1

Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap-Democrat. What? I thought she was a Green Party member. This is why you have to question the information you get at the Humboldt County Elections office. Where is Dave Berman when you need him?

Stephen Davies-Democrat. I don’t know Stephen.

Division 2

Edward “Buzz” Webb-Democrat. Don’t have the “buzz” on him.

Tera Prucha-Democrat. Came and talked to the HCDCC. Very well educated and has plenty of qualifications.

Jake Pickering-Democrat. Now wait a doggone minute! He ran for the HCDCC out of Arcata. Then Water Board in Eureka. Then CR trustee. Then HCDCC in Eureka and now Water Board out of McKinleyville. Where does Jake really live? Kinda like where’s Waldo? I have not met Jake. Seems like he is everywhere and nowhere. Eerie.

Ben Shepherd-Republican. Controversy follows Ben. Will he run against Jill later?

Adrienne Floreen-No Party. Good to see many people running and getting involved.

Division 3

Barbara Hecathorn-Republican. Incumbent.

Robert Shultz-Democrat. Don’t know Robert.

Southern Humboldt Community Hospital District

Judith Gonzales-Democrat

David Kirby-Democrat

Chloe Wilson-American Independent. Why do they belong to a racist party?

Nancy Wilson-Democrat

Ed Smith-Democrat

If anyone out there has more dirt on any of these candidates, please feel free to contribute!

Who and what are the "Progressives?"

I posted on Rose's blog the definition of "progressives" as:

Progressives are Political people who are moving forward; proceeding onward; advancing; evincing progress; increasing; as, progressive motion or course; opposed to retrograde. Improving. Promoting or favoring progress toward better conditions or new policies, ideas, or methods. Favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are.

That started debate that delved more into semantics.

I consider myself a "progressive" and I am more of a "Doer" or "Trier" than a "Talker." I have a record backing that.

Advocates for "improvement" is best summation. But that is just one opinion.

The "progressive" label can fit both Liberal Democrats and change minded Republicans. Just look at their agenda and record.