Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hamburger's Eureka style. Top ten!

Sometimes you just want to sit down at a place and have a nice juicy Hamburger. No, not the fast food types, but a serious burger. Kinda hard to really mess up a burger I figure. Just make sure there is plenty of Mayo and catsup handy. Here are the best stops in Eureka according to Samoasoftball:

1. Stanton’s-If you get one with everything, this is a good spot. Chili burger is Robin’s favorite.

2. Mike’s Hamburger-The local neo-con hangout. Don’t go here with any Democratic paraphernalia on. Try the chili burger with the garlic fries. Stay away from their bulletin board if you don’t want to lose your appetite. Unless you are a Republican, then go ahead.

3. Lost Coast Brewery-Maybe after a pitcher of IPA anything would taste good, but they serve a great burger with their seasoned fries. Consistent.

4. Fresh Freeze-Old fashion burgers with great shakes! Be ready to wait awhile though.

5. Coney Island-Another good old fashion burger place, just a notch under Fresh Freeze.

6. Waterfront Café-Good atmosphere. Clean up scale yuppie burger with fries.

7. Bev’s Cafe-Better bring a huge appetite. Just don’t check out the kitchen or you may walk out.

8. Adel’s-Consistent burgers on the boring side.

9. The Marina-Stanton’s without the same flavor for some reason.

10. Denny’s-Lot’s of choice’s, but it is a Denny’s.

Honorable mentioned but not on my fill-em up list: Go Fish, The Bistro (C’mon break out some fries!), Applebee’s (Better give me another one of them tall beers to wash this dry puppy down), Sizzler and Marie Callander’s. What is the best in your town?


Anonymous said...

you're obviously a meat-eater. who's gonna blog about the top ten cruelty-free (except to the restaurant staff) burgers in town?

Anonymous said... didnt mention STARS!!!
Voted time after time to be the best burger shop in town.

Anonymous said...

No Brand Burger Stand in Ferndale. Is it still there?

Anonymous said... leaps and bounds.
But you know what.....I'm partial to The Panty's line of burgers.
I guess it's all a matter of taste. (Doh, did I just say that?)

As always, I will mention the 5 burgers for $1 at L&M Drive Inn. (Where Adel's now stands.)

My mother and oldtimers will all agree that Little Joe's was THE place for a burger during the war years.

But, as I have said over and over in these blogs, if a burger doesn't have a timber themed name on the ain't worth sh**. Give me a "Bull of the Woods" or a "Hook Tender" or a "Misery Whip" or a "Whistle Punk". That's good eats!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, If I may...Have you experienced the Daybreak Cafe's wonderful marinated tofu burger (made with organic soybeans ,sunflower seeds, sesame, soy sauce, honey, raisins, and many different spices)topped with organic clover sprouts, radish slivers, feta cheese cubes and cashew-tamari spread all on a nine-grain sprouted organic bun?
If you have, you'll never go back to slaughter house beef again.

samoasoftball said...

You know, I have not eaten that many burgers from Stars. Not impressed enough to try to find a parking spot on Harrison anyways. Sorry. I hear from people raving about the place. I think they had kids behind the counter or something like that last time Robin and I tried it. Didn't go back. And I am pretty unforgiving of the settings. See Mikes and Bevs.

Anonymous said...

I vote for *Stars* too-their guacamole garlic burger will make you forget all the other burger places!

Anonymous said...

Stanton's Red Barn had the BEST burgers! I still can't believe they closed. Stars didn't impress me the two times I went there. Fresh Freeze Jumbo Deluxe beats out any other place. Too bad I can't eat this kind of food anymore:(

Anonymous said...

How could anyone say that Mike's is NOT the best hamburger & fries in town ?

Their fries are legendary !!

I'm John Fullerton and I approve of this message !

Eric V. Kirk said...

I also like Star's.

Also suggest Great American Burger down here in Redway.

Fresh Freeze doesn't do much for me, although I live their onion rings.

Anonymous said...

ok, I have tried all the places on the list but hey the other Richard, take a trip to Fortuna and eat at the brewery, best burgers in Humboldt and the onion rings are to die for---and of course a good cold beer to wash it down...

samoasoftball said...

Eric: I have ate at the Great American Burger place with all the Betty Boop stuff. It was a good meal.

I helped install countertop's that way a couple of years ago near Shelter Cove. New awesome house overlooking the King's Range.

Anonymous said...

mayo on a burger?? I ever see a person putting mayo on a burger I will slap them upside the head.

ketchup and or BBQ sauce are the ONLY acceptable condiments for a burger.

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention the OH's Townhouse burger and their half-and-half (French fries and onion rings).

Considering it includes their appetizer plate and salad, it's gotta be one of the best values in town.

Anonymous said...

samoasoftball said...
Eric: I have ate at the Great American Burger place with all the Betty Boop stuff. It was a good meal.

Uh, Richard? It really IS OK for a working-class guy to say "I have eaten at the Great American Burger place..."

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever have a burger from a Red Robin Restaurant? Very good and the fried zucchini is unbelievable!
My Dad's favorite was Maggie's Hambergers in McKinleyville. He called it a "special blend of meat" and I never wanted to know what that meant.

Anonymous said...

Glad to add to the list "STARS" for sure others who have been there know. MJ

samoasoftball said...

10:26pm-Go to OH's and order a Hamburger? If I am going there I have to do the Prime Rib. Never have tried their burger.

Lot's of Star's fans out there. May have to give them another chance.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry if some of my fellow vegetarians come across as a bit arrogant at times. I sympathize with their intent, since I too recognize it as a serious moral issue. I'm forced to argue as my conscience demands, but I'd prefer to keep it on a friendly basis, if at all possible.

That said, I vote for this as the funniest comment so far:

"mayo on a burger?? I ever see a person putting mayo on a burger I will slap them upside the head."

And I second the vote for Daybreak Cafe's luscious tofu burgers. I wish there were more vegetarian restaurants in town.

Anonymous said...

No Brand is still there in Ferndale next to KHUM. Very good. I still have to vote for the burgers at the Lost Coast Brewery. Real grass-fed beef is used and nothing beats washing it down with Downtown Brown! Might just have that for lunch today...

Anonymous said...

The best burgers are the ones I make for myself at home.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when I drive to a burger place to enjoy one and get pulled over by some snot nosed cop.

Anonymous said...

Right To Drive

Anonymous said...

Tofu is not food.

Anonymous said...

Our Vote is for the Opera Alley Bistro, and Waterfront. They are very accomadating in leaving off the mayo or what ever..."The Fat Lady Sings" at the bistro is truly an art form of the burger World!

samoasoftball said...

Gilda Bronze-This is where my quantity over quality comes in: Where's the Fries! Let me see an abundance by the basket! But yes, their burgers are good.

Eric V. Kirk said...

Richard - Hmmm. Do you work down here (well, there, because "here" right this moment is Petaluma) often?

And to the mayo police, I love to put thousand island on my burger. That's got mayo in it.

But mostly I love putting bleu cheese or bleu cheese dressing on it, preferably with grilled onions and/or mushrooms.

I'm told there's an excellent burger somewhere in Ferndale too, though I can't remember the name of the place.

Eric V. Kirk said...

Best burgers in the county to the south are Chief's in Laytonville, Mendoburgers in Mendocino, and the best of all on a focacia roll in the brewery across from the courthouse in Ukiah.

I'm told there's another great place somewhere in Laytonville that uses beef from a local source, but I've never been able to find it.

Anonymous said...

Ain't no-one ever gonna beat them greasy flesh burgers at Dead Cow Cafe in Homersville, Alabamy. Side o' maggots n' live worms an' hoooooo-wee! It can't be beat!!

An' I allus slather everthang with gobs o' mayo AND thousand island. Slows the worms down so's I can swallow easier.

Anonymous said...

If you dont mind spending $10 bucks on a burger then "Avalon" has the best burger in town bar none. Fresh baked buns and fresh ground beef made into a patty (steaks ground up in the kitchen on site)grilled onions, bacon the works. You will be hard pressed to finish this burger, it is that big. I dare you!

samoasoftball said...

Man. I think Eric has ate at more places then I can even imagine! I will have to try some of those suggestions.

Oh, and Eric, I was just moonlighting doing countertops for a buddy of mine. Need countertops? Call me.

Eric V. Kirk said...

The best burger on the planet is in Fairfield. Dave's Giant Burgers. No fries. All they sell is burgers and chili. Or chili burgers.

samoasoftball said...

Eric: I have heard about that place I think. I think you are the Burger King!

samoasoftball said...

Let me put in a plug for OH'S. We made a speacial trip just to try the burger. Robin did not even realize they had a burger on the menu. We were treated to a relish and veggie tray with crouton's and then were rewarded with huge burgers with great onion rings and fries done just right. This is a big reasonable priced meal. And you may see the Eureka City Mayor to boot! If you want a burger with flair, this is the place to go!

Anonymous said...

"mayo on a burger..."

Guess it proves Dennis is full of bull

Anonymous said...

No Brand Burger is the best. We live up in Washington, and we're going to gear our trip just so we can make a stop at No Brand!! :)

Anonymous said...