Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Senior Pitchers and Catchers report!

Above is the Eureka Trading Post Relics 2017 team. 15-9 League record. One tourney Championship. Bottom front, Mark Raymond Second Row Alan Richard Radford, Tom Marking, Rus Krause, Brian Pelley, Kent Willis and Al Wolski Back Row Pat Wagner, Mike Lorenzen, Paul Barrett, Mike Owen, Ken Hoffman, Jeff Haag, Mike Ramos, Richard Marks and Bob Borden.

The last few weeks I have witnessed the following senior players hitting and taking grounders, Bill Hicks, Stuart Rosenburg, Barry Scarpelino, Tom Pagano, Dan Duncan, David Wainwright, Dave Lonn, Frankie, Mikey Carroll, Uwe, Randy Troxel, Mickey Ayala, Mike Yancheff, Buzzy Johnson, Jeff Self, Jeff Powers, Dennis Costa, Tom Moore, Barry Oliver and others. The average age was over 65!

If you are looking to play in this years Humboldt Senior League Softball league, click the link to the left and start the process. You have to be 58 years old this year. PLAY BALL!.