Saturday, June 27, 2020

Humboldt COVID numbers don't look so good anymore. Should we put step on brake or gas pedal?

As of 6/26/20 Cases by Contact        74 or 57.36%
By Travel                                            27 or 20.93%
Community                                        23 or 17.83%
Under Investigation                             5 or 3.88%
Total Tested                                         10,526
Total Tested Positive                           1.23%

Humboldt's Past Guidelines by the Center of Disease Control to move to new phases was 1 positive case per day for every 10,000 people. 

So that target for Humboldt would be 13.6 cases for a two week period.

Humboldt has had 23 cases the last 14 days. That means we should not be phasing in new activities but either slowing down or stopping the phase in process. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

When is Collateral Damage too high of price for greed? Vegas is showing us.

So a few months ago Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman wanted to open Vegas up as a "test" ground for COVID 19. She got her wish as Vegas opened their casinos on May 29th and have been doing robust business. But at what cost? Las Vegas area had the largest spike 6/16/20 in cases at 379 and have decided to slow back their phase in plans. Did not take a genius to see this coming, but Vegas seems ready to sacrifice their workers for the sake of money. But when is the collateral damage not worth it? It is a pity we will find out. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Level of COVID participant risk. 10 be the riskiest. Some of my comments.

1. Bars: The most risk. I am in total agreement. I was at local with only a few masks even though the place was mostly full. No social distancing at all. And after a few drinks the distancing becomes extinct. Bars should have been the last opened.

2. Buffets, Sports Stadiums, gyms and churches. I wish there were buffets! None in sight. I guess I can understand the Sports Stadiums and gyms, but churches? Let them worship safely and in order.

3. Pools and Basketball? Why are pools not considered a 1? Is it snotty kids or what? Just perception? Basketball should be a risk level 10. I mean, for those who play defense!

4. Casinos, Restaurants, Playgrounds, Hair Salons, Pontoon Boats and Movie Theaters? What made anyone think to put Pontoon Boats on the list! I would see that as low risk. Movie Theaters? Am i sharing my popcorn with strangers? That could be lowered level also. Playgrounds? Snotty kids risk the day! Restaurants such as Applebee's? Need to be listed as high risk just like bar. Casinos should be ranked with the risky. I don't believe in their sanitation mist as a guard to people touching and wiping the screens with their lucky touch and feels on a machine. Oh cmon! You seen em do it!

5. Dinner Party, BBQ, Airplanes, Malls, Beaches and Bowling. I can agree with this middle type listing. Except Airplanes. Closed quarters and too many confirmed cases from airplane travel. They should not be open now and should be opened dead last!

6. Dentist, busy downtown, offices, Doctors, Outside eating. Reasonable type risk. I can agree.

7. Grocery shopping ,Golf, Camping, Hotels, Library/museums. Golf should be totally low risk. I mean just about a zero! Why has this been so regulated. Just stupid! Grocery shopping needs defined. Winco shopping? That would be a 9! And at the CO-OP people like to touch the stuff! Give them at least a 7! Safeway and Costco deserve a 2 risk. If you are talking Humboldt Library, they should be rated at least 8. It looks basically like a homeless/drug shelter!

8. Walk or Bike ride, getting gas. This is about as low risk as can be found. Put it down as way low risk.

9. Takeout and tennis. I sure hope that getting takeout is low! I have been doing it enough! Tennis? You are basically sharing the same ball so anything your partner may have, by the time you are done with set you will have too! Unless you wear gloves the whole time! Should be rated at least a 6!

Saturday, June 06, 2020

Mad River Softball Association potential start up COVID rules.

Steps needed for Mad River Softball Season to start. 

1. Still waiting for Humboldt County to rule on whether to phase in athletic gatherings of over 100.
2. MRSA board would then have to meet and create start up plan.
3. MRSA then needs to finish Umpire Association negotiations for umpires safety and pay requests.
4. MRSA needs to find new facility insurance for Arcata Complex.
5. The League may have to turn in COVID health plan to get permission to resume.
6. The MRSA need to hire a Field Supervisor to apply new rules and regulations.

Here is potential new rules. Failure to follow Mad River Softball Association new COVID guidelines could result in forfeiture of the league.

Fees will be slightly higher due to additional staff necessary for sanitation and sanitary supplies.
We hope everyone understands and complies with the guidelines and adjustments we have to make during these unprecedented times.

Adult Softball League Modifications – COVID-19 Mad River Softball Association recognizes that public health and safety is a top priority, and the Adult Softball League can be offered in a manner that adheres to health guidelines through the following procedures and precautions:

Gameplay Modifications:
· A “pass-by” line will be placed behind home plate. Runner will be safe by just passing the line before the ball arrives. This will eliminate contact at home plate.
·All bases will have force out situations. No tagging of runners. If player runs past the bag or slides beyond bag, the runner is out.
· The umpire will be positioned at least six feet from both the batter and catcher, and viceversa.
· Players will not line up to shake hands or make physical contact with the opposing team after games conclude. Captains will not shake hands during pre-game plate conferences.

Equipment Use and Sanitation Procedures:

· Face Masks must be worn by players from parking lot back to parking lot.
· Captains and players should bring their own sanitizing equipment to use throughout the game.
· Game balls will be sanitized before each game by site supervisors.
· Wooden softball bats will be sanitized before each game.
· Players need to use their own equipment such as bats, gloves and batting gloves. No Sharing.
· Bats will be tracked by site Field Supervisor in order to identify which teams/players used the bat on a particular day of competition.
· Scoreboard remote controls will be sanitized before and after use by the site Field supervisor.
· Umpires will be provided with sanitary wipes/disinfectant to wipe down equipment as necessary during games.

Field/Complex Modifications

· Team and spectator areas will be marked with tape to designate six-foot physical distances. If players are unable to maintain distancing in the team area, they are asked to stand along the outside side-fence perimeter.
· Game start times may be staggered to prevent large groups at the same time.
· Teams leaving dugouts after game must take all debris with them out of the park.
· Players must be spaced out 6 feet apart in dugout and must spread outside if need be.
· Teams/Players should stay in their vehicles until the previous groups exit the fields to avoid large groups.
· Players will enter the complex via the main concourse and exit between fields North and South.
· Teams will enter the field through the gate adjacent to team areas and will exit the field upon completion of the game via the outfield gates. Gates will be zip-tied open in order to eliminate “touch points”.
 · Teams will be assigned a staging area adjacent to the field but away from team areas for warm-up purposes. Teams may not enter team areas until the site supervisor completes sanitization.
· The playground is closed and will be cordoned off. Players are asked to not bring children or family to the facility; only spectator’s essential for transportation of players should attend.
· B & B Restrooms will be sanitized regularly by staff during play.
· Lines marked at six-foot intervals will be placed outside of bathrooms and at concession stand waiting areas.
· Signage will be posted in high traffic areas (dugouts, restrooms) regarding COVID-19 symptoms, social distancing reminders, and health information.
· No team coolers or cold packs. Only personal size coolers or water bottles.
· Site supervisors will enforce social distancing guidelines and sanitize team areas after each game.
· All staff, players, umpires and spectators are encouraged to continue social distancing on and off the field during an event.


· Mad River Softball Association and Arcata Parks and Recreation reserves the right to modify any rules, regulations, or schedules during the season to act in the best interest of health and safety to players and staff.
 · Understand that participating in a group activity may lead to a higher risk of infection during this pandemic. Participants agree to play at their own risk and follow guidelines set forth by the Oregon Health Department.
· Habitually non-compliant teams and individuals are subject to sanctions outlined in the Adult Softball Rules and Procedures document, including suspension and expulsion from the facility.
·No posting of standings and rules at Ball Park.

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Phyllis Rex Samoa Townhomes opening in August on Samoa Beach! Affordable rent! Houses for sale soon!

Looks like the new development on the Samoa Peninsula is coming to fruition. Danco will start renting in August and should be full by December 2020. Besides the 70 apartments there will be 10 other residential type with a community center. For the town itself, Danco has completed 7.8 million dollars in studies and now there is a Community Service District in place. The sale of the old  properties may start as early as September. In phase 1 Danco will be setting up the infrastructure such as water, sewer and electrical underground to 65 homes on Vance avenue and then all the way down Sunset. The plan is to fix each of the older homes so they meet Federal Housing Authority regulations and become eligible for FHA loans. This phase will take 6 to 8 months. Beginning now through the end of the 1st phase, no housing on those two thoroughfares for Vance and Sunset  will  be rentals.

So if you are wondering what the completed old house renovations will look like, Danco is fixing the two houses on the corners of Vance and Rideout. The yellow 2 story is where long time Samoa resident and Danco worker Phyllis Rex lived. (Picture below) She was known in the neighborhood as the unofficial Mayor of Samoa. For years she also did daycare and served on the Peninsula Union School Board. In her honor, the new housing will be called the "Phyllis Rex Samoa Townhomes."