Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Are you hungry?

I am the trough feeding king. Haven’t seen a buffet I didn’t like. My motto is “I don’t care if it tastes good, as long as there is lot’s of it!” Other words, quantity over quality. So to lighten the mood from my last post, here are my top 10 load em up hot spots with comments:

1. Hometown Buffet-Lots of variety. Consistent. I like their meatloaf and Salisbury patties. Just comfort type food.

2. Angelo’s Buffet-I love the pizza and hot wings. They are a bit inconsistent on filling the troughs though.

3. Jalisco’s Buffet-The wings are great and the enchilada’s wonderful. And you can put whatever suits your Mexican taste.

4. Blue Lake Casino-Prime Rib night is the best, but I also am fond of Friday fish night.

5. Babetta’s-If you did not know they had a buffet, you have got to at least try it once. Great macaroni and salad stuff. Don’t show up on Monday though, they are closed.

6. Bev’s Café-Order their Chicken Fried Steak and eggs and have the one pancake instead of the toast. And then try to eat it all. For under $9. For the mega hungry.

7. China Buffet-Lot’s of filling stuff here. Need bigger plates so I don’t have to keep going back.

8. Big Louie’s-If you are just a straight up pizza freak, here is your place. Less than $5 to boot.

9. Stanton’s-Big Boss. Just the right size for the big breakfast freak not wanting to over do it.

10. Sizzler-Maybe the best salad bar for when you want to load em up but feel guilty about the calories.


Greg said...

Can't eat that way anymore...do you remember L&N Drive-in at Wabash and Broadway. Six burgers for a buck. Those were the days.

This is a good topic after the post on war--a sort of virtual comfort food. Maybe that's it! Obesity is caused by War.

Anonymous said...

Just remember all those buffets and their warming tables... great source for getting sick if the temps aren't maintained.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember up in Oregon in the town of Antelope/Rashampurim...where the Bagwan's followers spiked the salad bar with botulism in order to take over the town?

Greg, yes we agree! L&M Drive Up on Broadway where Adele's now stands. 6 Burgers or 6 Burittos for a dollar.

Richard.....I love your blue collar tastes. If you were to go to the Green Life Evolution Center in Blue Lake and try to eat that way....well, I would feel great sorrow for you. And why didn't you include the Samoa Cookhouse? A new era place that is good for carnivores and herbivores is the Arcata Pizza & Deli. Big Servings.
I sure do miss Dennis & Geri's Myrtletown House...Dennis Bass...Yes, Virginia's older brother. Same great food.

Huge portions...Isn't America great!

Anonymous said...

Wow Richard, you sure eat at a lot of bad,cheap food. But then you know what they say . . . you are what you eat.

samoasoftball said...

1:46-I'm I bad, cheap or a buffet?

mous anony-I remember something about that, just can't think of the particulars.

L&M was one of my favorite spots to eat in the 70's. Dennis and Geri's was a frequent stop of my family. The Cookhouse is still good. But I have probably ate more meals there than most would think humanly possible. We are compensated Cookhouse dinners for working overtime at the pulp mill. We used to recieve "Meal Tickets" to use at selected places in Eureka. We used to use them at King's Table, Shakey's Pizza and the Cookhouse. When we saved them up a while, my wife and I would splurge and go to OH's as a special treat. Each meal ticket was worth $7.50 I think. I would have stacks from working lots of overtime. Yes, I am a millworking, bluecollar, middle class Humboldt County worker.

Anonymous said...

Richard Writes:
"I am the trough feeding king... They are a bit inconsistent on filling the troughs though"

One of these days you'll be too fat to get out of your bedroom. How are you going to run for State Assembly then Richard? Also, Arnt you that asshole that keeps cutting me off at China Buffet and spends ungodly amounts of time in front of the sweetnsour sauce?

Anonymous said...

Richard I totally agree with you about Bev's Cafe, its one of the gems of old town. However, Hometown Buffet is totally gross and unoriginal. Also, what about Oriental Buffet in Arcata? The quality their is much better than Eureka's.

Anonymous said...

Fun post, Richard! I've only tried a few places you mentioned: China Buffet (ok, not great) and Bev's (GREAT!)

samoasoftball said...

2:52pm Sorry about the sweet and sour thing. When I left working for the union I was around 250lbs. I lost nearly 50 lbs on the Atkin Diet (Again, so I could eat all I want but lose weight.) The last few years I bounce between 200 and 230lbs. I am in the gym alot and weight lifting is a hobby of mine and I play basketball regularly. If I was not in the gym I would probably reach 300lbs. See ya tomorrow at Samoa Cookhouse! (I'll be easy to spot, I'll be the one at the trough.)

Anonymous said...

"However, Hometown Buffet is totally gross and unoriginal."

Alarm bells are clanging.
Warning syreens are wailing.

FYI, This comment is indicative of a wannabe elitist.

How do we know it's a wannabe and not a real member of some elite?

A real member of "a elite" wouldn't even comment on a restaurant they did not favor.

That's just the way they are.

Anonymous said...

Shane wrote: "I can't believe you put Hometown at the top! Gross and non-local."

Gastronomical elitism from a person of your political persuasion, Shane?

I guess it's really true.

"The Times, They Are A-Changin'"

Anonymous said...

Richard, this is too funny. But seriously, are you going to run your campaign from your bed? I can see you holding a News Channel 3 Mike in one hand and KFC chicken leg in the other...

"Y'Know, that Wes Chesbro, I dont know about him... But uh, I think Bear River Casino should get goin on some free hot wings, maybe some teriyaki... Y'know, teriyaki wings and stuff..."

Anonymous said...

Richards not fat. He is a perfectly shaped Mancake.

Anonymous said...

Bring back King's Table!

Anonymous said...

boy the other Richard--I remember all those places you, Shane, and I ate at. If it wasn't for the door knocking I would be 300 pounds and then some. I agree with you Shane---Home Town is not that great, kind of bland, then again the other Richard likes volume. You go get em... Heck, speaking of gaining weight---now that my last campaign is over (that is not to say I am done with political fun)I joined a health club today---Body Quest. And for a small fee of $30 per month---and machines that twist your body in all directions with out much sweat---I will be ready for our next conquest the other Richard. And where we are going I don't think buffets will be our choice of food, just fine wine dining.....

Anonymous said...

Ive heard stories about Richard at the buffet. Y'know those doughnut things at China Buffet? Well, apparently Richard showed up at the trough, and it was empty. A little girl had snatched up the last of the doughnuts. So Richard, crazed with hunger, perloins her doughnuts right off her plate. She starts crying, and Richard pours soy sauce on the doughnuts and says, "You want em back now? Huh?... ha, I didnt think so!". He was smiling all the way back to his table, stuffing his face as he went.

Anonymous said...

what a creep

Eric V. Kirk said...

There's a buffet in Willits at the Yum Yum Tree. I don't much like anything there except for a few of the buffet items, but it's pretty good. Plenty of greens if you want to be healthy. Maybe also a few too many deep fried items.

samoasoftball said...

Lies, lies , lies! I don't like those doughnuts! Sure it wasn't the glazed bananas?

samoasoftball said...

Eric: There is a new Angelo's in Leggett. Maybe a buffet is close at hand?

On Hometown: When I worked for the union I worked in many towns I did not have any familiar contacts. But the Hometowns gave me a kind of common place to eat in a community setting. I have ate at many of them all over the west coast. Once I made contacts in plants that I was trying to unionize, I either ate at committee members houses or their favorite local haunts. Hometown is consistent, either bad or good, depending how you look at it.

Fred Mangels said...

"China Buffet-Lot’s of filling stuff here. Need bigger plates so I don’t have to keep going back.".

I think they do that so you'll eat slower, thus feeling full quicker, thus not eating as much.

The old Skippers, in Eureka, used to have an all you can eat deal. It wasn't really a buffet, though. They'd give you a few pieces of fish, you'd scarf them down, then go ask for more. You'd have to wait a few while they cooked more fish.

If I could have eaten it all at once I could have really stuffed my face, but if you have to wait, your body starts to realize how much it's eaten. I don't know that I "refilled" more than three times there and it probably wasn't really a cost effective way for face stuffing.

Good business practice for them, probably a bad deal for me.

"L&N Drive In"?

I remember the place. Forgot the name until you mentioned it, though.
Anyone know anyplace with an all you can eat breakfast buffet in town? In San Francisco, I'd kill for the buffet breakfast at the Cathedral Hill Hotel.

Good thing I don't know of anyplace like that around here. I rarely eat a lot of eggs and it's even rarer for me to eat bacon or sausage. I can't help but stuff my face with that stuff when I'm down there.

Anonymous said...

you left out all the Arcata places
Porter Street, Hole in the Wall, Stars, Arcata Pizza & Deli, Rico's, Kebab Cafe, Hunan village
Tomo's, Mazzottis, Abruzzi's, Fiesta Cafe, Crosswinds or Golden Harvest for breakfast. these our some of my favorite's in Arcata, just what ever you do DON'T EAT AT ORIENTAL BUFFET, unless you plan on calling in sick the next day.

samoasoftball said...

ah Kris-You are stepping in the boundaries of quality now. Yes those are all good places, but more heavy on the pocketbook and actually are tasty. I am talking cheap load em ups. Abruzzi's is one of my favorite quality places.

Eric V. Kirk said...

Oh, I thought we were talking buffets. My kid and I had a decent and very cheap breakfast at the new waterfront place on Thanxgiving morning after the Turkey Trot.

But for a good lunch deal, try Liu's on 4th street. I order the kung pao chicken with steamed rice rather than the fried. You also get a spring roll and a bowl of soup, either hot and sour or egg flower. Under seven bucks.

Now, before you made this post I was going to post on my blog the question of what is the best burger in Humboldt? I haven't eaten at Stars since the Broadway location closed down, but I remember it was a good burger.

Best burger in Mendocino County is Mendoburgers, but it takes a while for the old guy to cook it up. I also really like the burger at the brewery across the street from the courthouse on State Street - in a focacia roll with bleu cheese and grilled onions. Mmmmmmm. Of course, I don't eat anything else for the rest of the day.

But I don't know where to get a decent burger in Eureka or Arcata.

Anonymous said...

Ori Buffet is so good. Go eat at the Ori!

samoasoftball said...

Stars in Eureka or Arcata, Fresh Freeze, Mike's, Coney Island and LOst Coast are my top five.

samoasoftball said...

Carol Ann-I have heard nothing but good about Curley's. Maybe sometime Robin and I can join you and Greg down that way sometime.

Anonymous said...

Hansen's truck stop has the best burgers by far.

Eric V. Kirk said...

Curly's is one of my favorite restaraunts in the county. Try their onion/tortilla cake appetizer - not sure what it's called.

Carol - There are lots of great burger places in SF. Hamburger Mary's (best bloody mary as well). Hot and Hunky (yes, it's gay-owned).

Bill's Place out in the Richmond used to be, but it's gone downhill over the years.

The best burger I've had anywhere however is in Fairfield. Dave's Giant Burgers. No fries. Just burgers and chili.

For a fastfood burger, I recomend In and Out.

Eric V. Kirk said...

I've never stopped into Hansen's. Now I will.

Eric V. Kirk said...

Oh, Deb's Burgers in Redway is also very good. Big too.

Anonymous said...

Red's Java House

Anonymous said...

Do most of these places keep their dumpsters unlocked?

Anonymous said...

Richard you forgot Go Fish! Although it is not a buffet, his place is near, good for lunch,it is near for most of us. Please consider Don's appearance before the Design Review in Eureka. If you can put in a good word for him.

Anonymous said...

plazoid is hilarious

Anonymous said...

I agree, and that's why this "Plazoid=NickBravo" business makes no sense, the Plazoid actually has a sense of humor.

Nick Bravo said...

If I ever see this Plazoid person in the street I will taser him without end!

samoasoftball said...

gilda bronze: You have crossed the line and talking quality. I am focusing on quantity here. I love GO FISH and have ate there more than a few times. Richard Mostranski is a big fan. And Don is a good host. May touch on this one in my Quality eating report coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Richard...the biscuts at Go Fish are Very Very Large (also very good) and for my small tank Go Fish offers more than I can ever eat!

Anonymous said...

The Red Barn had the BEST burgers in Eureka!

samoasoftball said...

Burgers at the old OH's on Harris was my favorite real burger place. Maggies in Mckinleyville was good also. Used to love the Taco Burger's at Lila's Burrito across from Kinko's in Eureka. The Chalet used to be a burger place, what was it's name? Of course, O'Neals that used to be A&W and Verla's used to have a great burger also before it became Tom's Sourdough and now Babetta's. The old Truck Terminal was good after fishing the bay and ocean for salmon. Fries were great at the Lazio Dock fishing for Smelt and Perch.

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