Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sundberg official in 5th. 4 running for Humboldt County Assessor's seat? More Humboldt County political bits.

Robin and I went to Ryan Sundberg's kick off at Mckinleyville's Azalea Hall on Saturday. When I heard he was holding this event at this time and venue I was curious on what turnout he would get. He had it family themed with bounce rooms, face painting and animal balloons for the kids and basic hot dog BBQ feed. It was brilliant. A few hundred people showed and many kids who had a blast. Ryan has two formidable opponents in Radio businessman Pat Cleary and 5th District Harbor Commissioner Pat Higgins.

I also went to Mike Downey's event at the Warfinger on Friday night. It was a good crowd and had many politico's from the area. Outgoing Sheriff Gary Philp is emphatically endorsing Mike. Many law enforcement officials were there supporting Mike also. District Attorney hopeful Paul Hagen was there and has support of many "progressives" in the 3rd District. That has to be an eye opener to Paul Gallego's campaign. A lefty-lefty split could open the way for Kathleen Bryson and maybe Allison Jackson?

Ok. Help me with this one. 4 people are running for Humboldt County Assessor. I don't ever recall this office being hotly contested. Has current Assessor Linda Hill been doing that bad of job? Here is a basic outline of the job description of assessor: "Appraises all unsecured property annually; appraises secured property at time of transfer, plus all new construction; prepares tax roll and delivers it to the County Auditor yearly; keeps records of taxable property." Why is there a crowded field? Will Assistant Assessor Mari Wilson be able to solve the issues in the department, or is she considered part of the problem? And what is the perceived problems? It all just leaves me wondering. Others who will most likely be in the race are Mari, Johanna Rodoni, (Johanna was at Mike Downey and Ryan Sundberg events and talking to many people.) John Brook and Keith Nord. Anyone else?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tom Wood retires, Steve Kinder era begins?

HSU coach Tom Wood looks to be on his way to retirement. Assistant coach Steve Kinder should be next in line, after serving 19 years as Tom's sidekick. I am not a big fan of the current 5 man rotation that HSU uses, but Kinder seems to be able to recruit some great ball players. Steve is one of those adult league basketball players you want to go against, as he will do whatever he can get away with to win. But I am hopeful and anticipating a new exciting era for HSU basketball if he takes over.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just life tidbits.

I have been hassled for not updating my blog postings, but life has been getting in my way. Sorry for that. Here is some blurbs:

CR Basketball: I went and watched this years College of the Redwoods Basketball team against Shasta. going 1-9 from the free throw line in the last few minutes was a death curse. CR's 6-foot-9 center Matt Lipske looks to have all the physical tools to be a Division 1 player. He just needs to be more assertive in the paint. Dave Norton need to drive and shoot more. This team needs a point guard badly! They have good shooting guards, but nobody to set them up! This could be one of the best teams CR has had in years.

Arcata High Basketball: I have seen these kids play the last few years and was very interested to see if they fulfilled their potential to be the best team ever from Humboldt County. When I left the CR game I saw Ryan DeHart and Jordan Semple in the foyer and told them, "Let that be an example on the importance of free throws" I hope they were listening, because that is the only thing that will end up killing Arcata in the NCS Championships. They also need a fiery leader like they had in Tim Couch last year.

Earthquake damage: Robin and I had a rental in Eureka "Red Tagged" from Earthquake damage. We had no earthquake insurance. We have to have a brick chimney demolished and a new fireplace extension in place. Our renters were freaked out by the notice, but the Eureka planning department was very informative on the procedure needed to bring back into compliance. We are remedying the problem for a few thousand dollars we didn't quite have budgeted. Damn Earthquake! (But wasn't it a great scene to see neighborhood communities unite!)

Pulp Mill: Looks like Freshwater Pulp is getting closer to starting up! Water and regulatory agencies have made this project more viable daily. The Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers local 49 are more than eager for the company to meet with our Standing Committee to lay the ground work for a labor agreement to put workers back on the payroll!

That Harbor Commissioner Stuff: Hey. Give me a learning curve. There is much to be learned and I am doing the best I can. Dennis had 20 years experience. I have big shoes to fill. In the short term, the Marine Life Protection Act and the creation of Marine Protected Areas (MPA's) is need of immediate attention.

Local Political Crazyness!: I don't remember a time where so many County Political Candidates have announced their intentions to run for political office so early. Did Jeff Leonard start a trend back in May 2009? In the 4th District Supervisorial race, we know that incumbent Bonnie Neely is being challenged by Eureka Mayor Virginia Bass and Eureka City Councilman Jeff Leonard. Also rumored to run is Humboldt Bay Muncipal Water District President Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap. (Disclaimer-Robin and I are helping Virginia's Campaign.)

5th District Supervisor Race: Ryan Sundberg and his uncle have played with me in night league basketball for awhile. This is a good parameter to judge ones character, and I believe Ryan represents an even keel for the 5th. His politics are moderate and thoughtful for creating working opportunities. I can't think of anyone who would judge him negatively. And he is a fellow Native American and I think it is about time for proper representation. Others in this race officially are Pat Higgins and Pat Cleary. A few others that might step up are Jeff "Henchman of Justice" Lytle, Dennis Mayo and Daniel Pierce.

Humboldt County DA race: Whew! This will be a barn burner! Paul or Paul? Gallegos or Hagan? Allison or Kathleen? Jackson or Bryson? Stayed tuned in the next few weeks as this race develops. Many variables to come soon.

Humboldt County Sheriff: I don't get this. I thought that Mike Downey would be a shoe in. He has the endorsement of the current Sheriff, and seems to have the overwhelming support of current staff and the community. I don't know his challenger Mike Hislop. Hislop is endorsed by current DA Paul Gallegos. Downey is going win in a landslide.

Humboldt Politics are ever moving!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Damn Earthquakes! Samoa style.

Everyone of our rooms in our house in Samoa suffered damage today. Even our wood pile by our house fell down. Glass everywhere. Robin had not only put baby latches on our cupboard but had used quick wax to hold things down. Robin was so bummed that other things just flew off our walls that left memories destroyed.

A guy at the tsunami evacuation area in Samoa was told by a person from a guy from NOAA that he does not have to worry about a tsunami unless the bridge is knocked down from the bridge.

Lori Dengler has said that an duration of such magnitude that you need to hold on to something or sit down to not fall down. Those two factors that would lead to tsunami. Those criteria were met. Are those to be ignored?

We need more standard operation procedures for earthqaukes obviously.

Pulp Mill Stuff.

Freshwater Tissue Co. said it has abandoned an offer to liquidate the Samoa pulp mill and is instead pursuing funding and permitting to reopen the closed plant by July 1.

Company President Bob Simpson informed the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District this week that it would accept a counteroffer by the district to supply water to the mill for 10 years, with a five-year fixed-price agreement. Simpson also said that he has reached option agreements to buy wood chips -- the raw material in making pulp --from suppliers.

”We're pursuing funding to operate the mill,” Simpson said.

I am sure hopeful Bob is sucessful and is able to put hundreds of people to work!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Who in Humboldt County can compare to Betty Chinn?

This morning I helped Betty Chinn's volunteers sort out used clothing for future distribution. There were at least 40 people working at Sacred Heart church. It just amazes me that our community is so blessed to have such a unassuming community organizer such as Betty. She absolutely dwarfs most everyone in giving of herself. If you get a chance help her out any way you can.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Please explain how Public Plan will help the middle class. I still think we need universal health coverage.

The Public Plan will eventually require nearly all Americans to get coverage, help many pay for it and restrict onerous insurance company practices such as denying coverage to people with pre-existing sickness. This sounds good in parts, but since when are we required to purchase something we may never use just to be a citizen in the United States? And the price tag being thrown around is 1.6 Trillion dollars?

Granted we are required to have car insurance, but that is basically to protect those around us. And we can make the decision not to drive. I will pontificate more later. And I thought I would just share this funny.