Friday, December 15, 2006

Best laid plans go awry.

Robin had yesterday off so we had a chance to go to Babetta’s for their buffet after we had worked out at Cal Courts. Good stuff I tell you. We made plans to help gift wrap presents for the children of the Peninsula at 4pm at the Samoa Peninsula Fire District in Fairhaven. There must have been over 20 volunteers to wrap! Good community showing.

I had wanted to finish by at least 6pm so I could watch the 49ers against the Sea-Chickens (Hawks). When I got home and turned on the TV it was no where to be found! I looked in the paper and the game was on NFL Network! Argh! But it was alright, I had plan B. Always need a back-up. The Warriors came on 7:30 against Yao Ming and the Houston Rockets. But the stinking Shark’s were on instead! So I ended up listening to both broadcasts through the internet. The good news? They both won! So the night was not a total loss.


Anonymous said...

Richard, the Warriors were on FSN+, which comes through on Channel 67 on Cox Cable. You missed a great game.

samoasoftball said...

1:47pm-I bet you were laughing when you wrote that! Oh, well, no use of crying over spilt milk!

Anonymous said...

Yep This NFL Network business really sux. They did have the Niner game on the radio.

Just not the same but always reminds me of my childhood when we listened to most of the ball games with my Dad.

In any case, the good guys showed up for one out of three quarters and pulled off a miracle.

Greg said...

Speaking of spectator sport, do you favor impeaching Bush? HCDCC will talk it over in January. Our hope is they will elect to kick-off.

samoasoftball said...

Greg: I am not a Bush fan obviously. But he was voted in a second time by the people. I feel this whole administration has been corrupt and not held up their part of bringing integrity to the White House. I do feel we have an opportunity to win back the Presidency in 2008. I feel all democrats should focus their time and energy on that election. Not that I am opposed to the impeachment process, I just do not think it is practical or majority driven.