Sunday, January 27, 2019

Oakland Port to now accommodate 1,300 foot Ships carrying 18,000 containers!

The SF Chronicle did a story about the Port of Oakland expansion project that was completed recently. They can now dock and unload ships up to 1,300 ft long carrying 18,000 20ft containers. To put that into perspective, the largest models for Humboldt only show the maximum capacity to dock a 900 ft ship. And did you know that over 90% of all world trade is done by sea? Just for your information.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Best Humboldt Basketball players in the 70's. Simon Abittan the best?

I love basketball. I really was fortunate to be able to play in youth and adult Recreation Leagues all during to 70's. I would spend Saturday afternoons at either Zane, Winship or Jacobs challenging in for a chance to play. Or I would be outdoors facing up against the dreaded Victor Boutan who would wipe the asphalt on the short baskets at Marshall Elementary. I was on the courts at Lafayette most other time that I was off school or work. I worked at Duck's Market off and on from 72' to 75' and then at Bazar until they closed. I could shoot pretty well and held my own for the most part. But who were the best players I saw during that time? When I was at St Bernard's I would say that Zach Barnes was really a notch above as was Gary Mendenhall. Jim Berning from Eureka was the best shot blocker by miles. Ron Webb was smooth and Don Snowton was forceful. Tim Ison was probably the best shooter. Frank Powers from Arcata was almost mythical with his height. Mark and Matt Nilsen were a great brother duo. Bill Lund from Del Norte was the best near the border.

The one player that was almost legend when he played at Eureka was Simon Abittan. Had a nice little baseline 10ft jumper and not intimidated with the moment.

It seems like a blur after all of these years. I can'r remember too many others. Was the 70's just a lean time for players?

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Department of Defense and Army Corps (USACE) Announce Pilot Dredging projects.

Above is suction dredge unloading to barge

The Department of Defense along with the Army Corp of Engineers announced the Selection of the 10 Pilot Projects Pursuant to Section 1122 of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2016 for Beneficial Use of Dredged Material.

The USACE received 95 proposals for beneficial use of dredged material. Based on criteria set in Section 1122 10 projects were selected as having high likelihood of delivering environmental, economic and social benefits described in the proposals, and exhibit geographic diversity.

An Environmental Assessment and findings of no significant Impact was prepared and available to the public by email at

10 project goals for the beneficial reuse are;
Reduce storm damage to property and infrastructure; promoting public safety; protecting, restoring and creating aquatic ecosystems habitats; stabilizing stream systems and enhancing shorelines; promoting recreation; supporting risk management adaptation strategies; reducing the cost of dredging and dredge material placement or disposal, such as projects that use dredged materials for-Construction or fill material-civic improvement objectives-other innovative uses and placements alternatives that produce public economic or environmental benefits. 

The ten recommended pilot projects are:

California: Restoring San Francisco’s bays natural Infrastructure with Dredged Sediment-Strategic Placement.

Hawaii: Haleiwa Small Boat Harbor Maintenance Dredging and Beach Restoration.

Illinois: Public Beach Protection pilot in 4 Illinois Coastal communities.

Mississippi: Deer Island Lagoon Project.

New Jersey: Beneficial Use Placement Opportunities in the state of New Jersey Using Navigation Channel Sediments-Barnegat Inlet.

Puerto Rico: Condado Lagoon.

South Carolina: Crab Bank Seabird Sanctuary.

Texas: Hickory Cove Marsh Restoration and Living Shoreline.

Washington: Grays Harbor South Jetty Sand Placement Pilot Project.

Wisconsin: Mississippi River Upper Pool 4, Pierce County Islands and Head of Lake Pepin Backwater Complex-beneficial use of dredged material.

Let us hope that all these projects show just how important sediment reuse is and use the findings for future targets here in Humboldt.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

2018-19 Fortuna Huskies Basketball team best ever?

Right now the Fortuna Huskies Basketball team is ranked 56th in the State by Max Prep and #2 for Division 4 teams. I have seen them play a few times this year and I think this just might be the best high school team I have seen in Humboldt. Zach Claus, Drew Gillette and the Willis brothers should have a chance to lead this team to the Division 4 State Championships.

I am sure some will say the 1996 Arcata team was the best from Humboldt ever, but I am not so positive.

The best player in Humboldt Del Norte could be George Navarro out of Hoopa High. He is averaging 31.2 pts a game ranking 4th in the state! That is good enough for 17th in the USA and he also ranks with leaders with 77 3 pointers.

What drives me nuts about local coaches is their lack of care to turn in score boxes to Max Prep to update the stats of all players on Humboldt Del Norte teams. Only Arcata and Hoopa are turning in information timely so people don't know how the players compare to the North Coast and state. assign this to a student or a parent volunteer. Heck, we used to actually get score boxes for High School and College teams locally in the Times Standard. Obviously those are years gone by.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

North Coast Rail Authority (NCRA) meets tomorrow, Wednesday 1/9/19 in Humboldt at 10:30am at Board Chambers!

The North Coast Rail Authority meets at the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors Chambers tomorrow at 10:30 am. Items of note that might interest people from Humboldt are and first up on the agenda:

1.Hank Seeman from County of Humboldt will be doing presentation concerning Blue Lake Grant Funding for Annie and Mary Trail.
2. Timber Heritage Association (THA)  presentation of Pedal Rail Bikes.

Under Conduct of business:

1. Election of NCRA officers.
2.Appointments of NCRA Directors to Committees.
3.THA speeder schedule.
4. Eureka Community Art Program.
5. Security National concerning NCRA Rail Easement n Fairhaven.
6. Ukiah Depot Improvements
7. Discussion and possible Action Regarding SB1029 and where the NCRA is headed.

The rest of the meeting is pretty much ordinary business. There is a chance to speak on any rail topics not on the agenda at about 10:35 am. If you are interested in Trail or Rail issues. here is your chance to speak in Humboldt!