Monday, December 31, 2007

Huckabee commits political suicide or political genius? Happy New Year!

Republican Mike Huckabee has been relentlessly attacked by a well funded Mitt Romney campaign on political stands. Huckabee's campaign or Mike himself has all the sudden today decided to take the high road and not attack Mitt anymore. Why? Because your opponent can bury you money wise in negative ads or are you really being moralistic?

It seems Ron Paul has fallen off the earth as far as momentum. What happened to the multi million dollars he raised? He should have spent some of it to become higher profile.

Please tell me Giuliani has no chance. Only McCain scares me more.

I am still optimistic and support Edwards. Obama over Hillary.

Mike Bloomberg running as an independent might change the whole scenario Ala Perot. Bloomberg for President? -- New York Magazine

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Call Al Gore! We have global cooling here in Humboldt!

This has been a cold December. We hit a record low a few days ago and it looks like more cold is heading our way. And we did not seem to have a sweltering summer either. Where can I sign up for this global warming stuff?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry X-mas from Evergreen Pulp!

Literally. I helped make pulp this Christmas eve and day. The shovel did not feel any lighter than any other day. (Had a Cha Ching a linging $1,200 two day working bash though.) One of my co-workers wanted the days off to be with family and I had just spent time with my family in Sac-Town so I volunteered.

Since my duties were cut back with little truck traffic, I cooked my crew breakfast for the two days. Eggs, ham, biscuits, gravy, hash browns and sausage. I have it down to science and can feed upwards to 6 within a given 10 minute time frame. I should have been a short order cook.

6 days, 72 hours of work. This will be a long week. I hope all a happy holiday.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Mike Thompson gives SPFD X-Mas to remember!

Thompson gets money for Samoa fire department. Our Samoa Peninsula Fire District is grateful to Congressman Thompson for his help on this grant. I am on the board of directors for the district (An elected position) and appreciate the much needed equipment upgrade for our volunteer fire department. Kudos and thanks Mike. (Yes, my blog is Good Mike/Bad Mike oriented. I am not a Blue Dog Coalition fan.)

Since we are on the subject of the Samoa Peninsula Fire District, most in Humboldt County do not know we have a fire district residency program in Fairhaven. Prospective future firemen or students in related professions live in our station in Fairhaven for their volunteer time while going to school and being active volunteers. A room is provided for their services for helping the district. We have 4 people living at the station currently. They have requested help in the form of new resident volunteers to help with the chores of upkeep on the station. If you know anybody who maybe interested in the residency program, have them e-mail me and I will pass on the word. (I am the residency coordinator for the district.)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jacob Marks graduates from Wyo-Tech.

Just got back from Sac-Town to celebrate my son Jacob's graduation from Wyo-Tech . He specialized in Trim and upholstery with collision/revision technology. He is way into cars. He was hired by a body shop in Sacramento before he graduated. They held the ceremony at Freeborn Hall at the UC Davis campus. Nice. We had an extended family dinner at Original Pete's in downtown Sacramento for Jake. Good times. Their IPA not as good as Lost Coast.

Robin and I delivered presents for the little relatives in the area and had dinner at Logan's Roadhouse Saturday night. I had the combo ribs and steak. Hard to beat. I could do without the loud country music though. (I hate hearing those who say there is only two kinds of music, country and western. I say oh, yeah, you are right there is only two types of music, rock and roll!)

When we got home at Samoa Sunday afternoon, the temperature inside our house was under 50 degrees! Yikes! We started a fire pronto.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Electrical AquaBouy Wave Energy Park to be built by 2012.

The nations first energy plant powered by ocean waves will be located 2 1/2 miles off the coast from Eureka. PG&E agrees to buy power from Canadian firm's proposed 'wave park' Welcome to the future.

Humboldt Krud. Week 2.

I am in the second week of a cold. I can not seem to shake these ills quickly anymore. I was told to put Vicks Vapo-Rub On the bottom of Your Feet To Stop A Cough. Says it works 100% of the time. Haven't tried it yet. I have been drinking echanacia tea to calm my cough at work. I have been told Airborne works even after the fact. Anyone out there try that?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Next Door Neighbor Murdered?

Robin and I were in Fresno the last few days for an administration class for Robin. We just got home and I was informed that my next door neighbor was murdered. I do not know the particulars. And the TS and the ER had no story. I don't want to say who it is in case I heard bad information. This person was one of the original signers of my petition to run for Supervisor. I am saddened, shocked and I hope and pray for the family. Wow. Don't know what else to say.

Update: Arcata man arrested for allegedly killing friend in Trinity County

Friday, December 14, 2007

Steve Harris run at 2nd District Supervisor over. Richard Mostranski to run against John Wooley for 3 District Supervisor.

My good buddy Steve Harris of the Operating Engineers local 3 is moving to San Jose to take over a larger office. He is no longer considering a run at Humboldt County Supervisor for the 2nd District. He gave his endorsement to Estelle Fennell. Richard Mostranski has been letting people know of his intention of running for the 3rd District seat against Wooley of Manila. It would have been the "Thrilla in Manila" or "Sanddwellers Delight" but the other Richard has moved to higher ground. Any others rumored to run against John?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jeff Schwartz makes a great interesting quote. Concerning Cheri Lyn Moore Arraingment.

"If I am on the defense, I want 12 Fortunans on the jury, and if I am on the prosecution I want 12 Arcatans. And if it is a mix, that's it." Jeff Schwartz.

I talked to some fellow workers and they agree. He nailed our separation of opinions and political affiliations in this county. But who is right? And who is wrong? Black or White? Or Yellow and Green? If I were the officers, I would want a change of venue in Kern County. The prosecutor's would want Marin. Crazy stuff.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Mike Thompson votes to use poisonous pesticides on farm lands!

According to Ted Vivatson of Eel River Brewery this bill will open the door for pesticides to be sprayed without FDA regulations on corn used for Ethanol production. Times-Standard Online - House passes major energy bill, Thompson hails it as huge step This will not pass the Senate and if it does, Bush will veto it. Kind of Damned if you do, Damned if don't. It is going to take some real creative legislation concerning our energy problem to have bipartisan support of Republicans and Democrats on this subject.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Holiday Spirit attacks Baywood celebrants!

People who ate at Baywood Country Club over the weekend became sick of possibly the Norovirus. Times-Standard

County Environmental Health Division Director Brian Cox said he narrowed the culprits to either a customer or an employee. Or Santa maybe? Or an animal or mineral? How much is this guy paid again? And it wasn't enough evidence of the dozens of sick people to stop Baywood from serving Monday and Tuesday? And why doesn't the Eureka Reporter identify Baywood as the establishment? Eureka Reporter A local banquet facility? Are they having their X-Mas party there? It will probably be on a Monday or a Tuesday of course.

Top 5 Worst X-mas music!

It is the Bah Humbuggy time of year that I have endure the barrage of unwanted X-Mas music. Here are my all time bottom five.

5. Grandma got ran over by a reindeer. It was cute the first year. Give it up already!

4. All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. At least there isn't 2,000 variations or I would just Puke!

3. I saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause. Hey, wasn't that the neighbor dude?

2. Must be Santa. "Who wears a long cap on his head?" "Santa Wears a long cap on his head." "Whose song makes me gag tell I am almost dead?" "This song makes me gag tell I am almost dead."

1. Santa Baby. Sung by Eartha Kitt. Nuff said.

I did a search and discovered someone beat me to this subject. Five Worst Christmas Songs.
Some other notables, I am getting Nuttin for X-mas and Feliz Navidad. They nearly made my bottom. Oh, and most any songs done during school X-Mas programs.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mo Charlo & Purify in Eureka this week.

For a funeral for Pamela "Pam" Prudhomme Obituaries. May God rest her soul.

Imagine my surprise showing up to Cal Courts and seeing a professional basketball player, Mo Charlo - on my home court! (We have had a group of players playing every Tuesday and Thursday at Cal Courts for well over a decade. It is open to all ages.) He was slam dunking and toying with the locals, but he had a good war going with Maurice Purify - who can still ball it on the hardwood. When my team took the court, big Ken Tinkham (ex HSU lineman at 6'5" 280lbs) had to cover Purify. As luck would have it, Mo got the ball baseline with nothing but me in the way of the basket. He took off for a two hand jam and all I could do was watch. He clanged it off the rim and I got the rebound! Then his team got the ball back later and a guy threw the ball off the backboard and Mo slammed it down to the joy of the crowd at the gym.

I can not remember a time I have seen two ball players of that caliber on the court at the same time in Humboldt County. I can safely say never. (HSU included.)

This Sunday a grudge match game will be held at the Adorni Center at 1pm between old school and new school players from around the County. (The Mo & Mo show tentatively included.) Don't look for it in the paper. This is not a sanctioned event. I may have to show up just to witness the spectacle. And maybe throw up a few threes.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Evergreen buying Cosi Pulp Mill still? And Peeing Bandit caught red handed! So to speak.

Looks like Evergreen is not done yet. The Daily World Don't know how that would affect our plant. Wait and see I guess.

The peeing bandit has been identified and unfortunately fired from one of the local trucking outfits after relieving his self at the Evergreen Chip Dump. Not sure if it is the same one that had taking a #2 and pee peed on the controls of the truckers safety shack and peed all over the B & B and employee restroom.

It seems to be an epidemic with truck drivers to relieve themselves immediately when they stop for work. Must be all that bouncing up and down causing their kidneys to wear down. Those local truck drivers out there are over worked and underpaid.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Stinking Weather!

I do not mind bad weather, as long as the wind stays out of it. Then it affects my life and that disturbs me. So far the wind from the South has smoked out my house by blowing down my chimney and out of my wood stove insert. (This only happens with winds from the South. Why? Got me.) So Robin and I had to dowse the fire and open windows and de-smoke the house. Then one of the lines out back blew off the pole and is hanging by my gate that the wind blew open and messed up. Oh, and I have leaking windows when the wind and rain is harsh. And at work, well lets just say working outside in this is no fun. Bah Humbug. I hate winter!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

College of the Redwoods basketball team imitates Jekyll & Hyde. And Arcata BB Team plays when?

Robin and I went and watched a sloppy CR basketball team beat Mendocino JC on Friday in the Tregs Invitational with Perry Price. (Bill Treglown or "Tregs" was a long time coach of CR's and a great teacher and coach at CR. He called me the "Mad Bomber" when I played intramural basketball in the 70's. He would join us in pick up games and was a great trash talker with unlimited range. He loved the the game and all his students. Truly one of a kind educator.) CR played Southwestern Oregon JC for the championship today. CR took off to a 13 point lead 38-25 I think with less than 10 minutes off the clock. On pace for 152 points! But the pace slowed and the final was Southwestern 118 CR 94. Whew! What a fast paced, crazy game. 5 ft 6 inch Bobby Watkins was too fast for the CR team. Why they did not play a box in one or at least full court pressure to slow this guy was besides me. Looking at the Coos Bay JC roster, I noticed they have 6 players from Las Vegas. One from Australia, two from Portland, one from New Jersey and one from Atlanta. Only one local player. Why Coos Bay? Ex-CR coach Trevor Hoppe must have done some heavy recruiting. CR has 3 players from Eureka High starting and 7 out of 12 players from Humboldt County. And only one player from out of state. Tom Higgins of Grants Pass, Oregon. CR is now 9-3 on the season and will be entertaining to watch this year.

I was going to watch Arcata and Milpitas play in the Consolation game at Mckinleyville at 5:30pm. Perry told me they weren't playing then. That is the time the Eureka Reporter said it would be. Perry had his Times Standard so I looked at their calender for the Mckinleyville Tournament. It said 3pm but the article said 4pm. I looked at the ER calender and it said 4pm. We got there around 5pm and Arcata was long gone. They had played at 3pm. Can't any sports reporters for the TS or the ER read a tournament bracket? Could have saved me the gas money and carbon credits!