Thursday, August 26, 2010

CO-ED softball starts in Arcata this Friday!

There will be CO-ED softball played in Arcata starting tomorrow at 6:20pm at the Arcata Sports Complex. If you are interested in playing, there is a lack of women participants. Call Kel Karges at 496-9695 or Richard Marks at 445-3432. I sent this information out multiple times to the Times Standard and they have not printed. So far we have 10 tentative teams.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

United States uses 26% of all world oil! Canada our largest supplier!

“Consider that the United States, with four percent of the world’s population, consumes a disproportionate slice of the world’s oil-production pie chart. The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that we import almost 10 million barrels of crude oil per day of the 74 million the world produces (up from 21 million in 1960). We use 10 million barrels of our own oil, making our consumption roughly 26 percent of all crude oil pumped out of the earth.”

“We buy about half of our 10 million imported barrels from four countries. They are: Canada (1.86 million barrels), Mexico (1.17), Saudi Arabia (1.08), and Venezuela (1.07). The rest comes from eleven other countries.”

“It is apparent, then, that we buy 3.32 million barrels of crude each day from countries that either want to repossess California, have a habit of funding Middle Eastern terrorist groups, or are led by an egomaniac who hates everything about the U.S. except Sean Penn. We could lose Canada if a bad call by a U.S. referee should cost one of its hockey teams the Stanley Cup.”

William Jeanes AOL Auto Editor at Large

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Top 10 Word's Phrases that need to be retired today!

10. "So…"(starting a sentence with)

9. "Get over it."

8. "Irregardless"

7. "Know what I’m Saying?" (Or See)

6. "Ya think?" (Or ya know?)

5. "I’m just saying"

4. "It is what it is"

3. "With that being said..."

2. "24/7"

1. "Been there done that!"

Which words or phrases get on your nerves?

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Broadway Taco Bell a front?

What the heck is with this place! Robin and I were driving by the Broadway Taco Bell past 11pm and there was a line around the restaurant! And every time we go by the place, regardless of what time of the day, there seems to be an average of 7 cars in the drive through line. I have been all over the west coast and have never have seen a Taco Bell as busy. Just what sets this store above all the others in the chain? There not serving crack in those tacos are they? (Joking! Thanks to Chris Rock)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Fire in the stove in August? Global warming my ass part II.

Our house has been freezing these past months. I have had to crank up the woodstove too many times. I was curious on what is going on, so I went on Accuweather and listen to this; the average High Tempature in Janurary of 2010 was 58 degrees. The total average for the month Janurary was 52. In July of 2010? Average high of 60 and total average of 55! Only a 2 and 3 degree difference! Samoa is suffering from global cooling! Refute my facts!