Saturday, September 30, 2006

Murphy's defend their Wall Ball Title!

But not successfully. After taking a 6-0 lead in the 2nd inning, the Murphy boys only mustered 2 hits the next 5 innings and lost 12-6 to some team from the valley. Oh well. We got shirts and stuff for runnerups. We beat a team from Salem, Oregon 7-4 to reach the championship game. We were 5-0 going into the last game and had out scored our opponents around 60-12 along the way. Jackson Kirscher and Chris Pence were phenomenal up the middle. Matt Socha pitched great and we committed very few errors as a team. We have one of the most level headed calm teams around. A great group of guys. It really is a compliment for us just to be able to compete with these teams that play every weekend down south. We only get a few shots a year at these people. We may play in the WSA world series tournament in a few weeks. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Day late and dollar short on Gallegos.

I was at Cal Courts Tuesday for noon time basketball. I have been playing with the same basic core of players there for years. We usually just talk about life issues and I was surprised the topic strayed to Paul Gallegos and the story in the Eureka Reporter. The Eureka Reporter - Article Man there were some hot people over this one. I later went to work and people at my workplace were up in arms there also. I haven't seen that much emotion out of people about a local political issue for some time. After the Times Standard was scooped once again, they answered with this article: Times-Standard Online - DA's office: State OK'd handling of plea deal I see on my fellow blogs that the issue has been heated. Eric Kirk came out looking pretty stable as he asked for patience to see the story further carry out. But here is my take looking from the outside, what is in it for the tribe to give Paul $10,000? Is it for his good works or what? I want to know the underlining motivation for Leonard Bowman to push for the endorsement. It sure does not look good from my vantage which I admit is limited. Steve Lewis says that Bowman did not have the majority tribal agreement for a campaign contribution. Is this really the case? Was everything done in order? It has been a crazy last few months after this heated election. Will things ever settle down for Paul? I guess we will have to wait and see. If there was a recall election tomorrow, it would be very interesting to say the least.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Wall Ball this Weekend!

A thru Z sports Home Page is hosting the Wall Ball Invitational this weekend at Big League Dreams in Redding! Big League Dreams - Sport Parks It is like a great big softball junkies party. I will see friends from all over the valley and we will swap the latest softball war stories while trying to create more. The mighty Murphy's/Humboldt's Finest team won this tournament last year and we hope to successfully defend our crown.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Political signs need to be union!

I recently attended an Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Industrial Workers of the World One Big Union! meeting at the Labor Temple in Eureka. One of the focus of the meeting was to start organizing drives here locally. There are a few targets that should become public in the near future. One thing that I saw while leaving was a few signs up on the front lawn of the Temple that were made non union! I will not name them, but one is in the window of the Carpenters (UBC) local 751. This should not happen at the Labor Temple. If the Central Labor Council or any individual union local that uses the Temple endorses a political candidate, make sure those candidates use union labor for their signs, or keep them off the property! Just my take.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bonnie Neely votes no on Redevelopment?

Bonnie Neely, the champion of affordable housing through the creation of a Redevelopment agency in Humboldt County, votes no on continuing the process. What gives. The same person that has been pro-Redevelopment, who has been answering questions and lobbying for almost a year, is now saying it is a bad process. Yes, this is the process she has been over-seeing as chair. Yes, the one she has been lobbying on as the save all for the counties woes. If she had seen enough flaws in the process, why didn't she stop it months ago! She could have saved Humboldt County $500,000! Enough to pay all the County Supervisor's wages for over a year! Instead of standing up in the Supervisor's chambers and saying, "Redevelopment is for the good for the people of Humboldt county, and I am disappointed that the process has been stopped!" She took the easy way out and voted with the majority because of the public pressure and the fear of backlash at the polls. Sad that you can't stand up for you personal beliefs just to get re-elected. Oh, and for the record, I publicly chastised the process in the same chamber for it's inconsistencies 6 months ago! It should been stopped long ago. Thank you Roger Rodoni for saving us future tax dollars by ending this boondoggle. (You may have been able to do this earlier if the "horse you knew" didn't buck you off.)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Here is a comic strip that defines my blog!

You have to click on this to see what my blog is like! Pearls Before Swine

Saturday, September 16, 2006

28 years later..........

Robin Carroll and I were married at the Church of Christ on I st on Sept. 16th 1978. Robin's Grandfather Eddie Carroll and father Bill were layman preachers for the Church. Robin Grew up in this church. Our reception was at the Olive Branch. The years roll by. We went to the North Country Fair in the early afternoon. The crowd was awesome! Thousands of people. We did some door knocking in the afternoon for Virginia Bass for Mayor and the response and weather was great. (Peter LaVallee seems to have upset a lot of people from what we are hearing at the doors. And I have hit a few hundred. One was a small business owner that was burned by Peter. Way to help small business Mr. Mayor!) We spent the evening with friends watching the USC-Nebraska game. Too bad I have to work tomorrow. The weather was too good!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Citizens for Port Development information.

Eureka City Council Candidates face off at Samoa Cookhouse

The Citizens for Port Development hosted a forum for the Eureka City Council candidates at the Cookhouse in Samoa on Wednesday the 13th. Third Ward incumbent Jeff Leonard was the first to give an opening statement, and feels Humboldt Bay is a big resource that needs to be taken advantage of. He pointed out the abundance of jobs in 1983 and would like to see the area grow with new development. Next up was First Ward candidate Tish Wilburne. In her opening statements she said she was there to say what is on her mind and to speak the truth, “There is NO port and rail development. It is not happening in my lifetime!” Citizens for Port Development members peppered her with questions on how she could qualify those statements, and moderator Kay Strickland had to step in and bring the meeting back to order. Nancy Abrams, candidate for the Fifth Ward seat introduced herself as “Nan.” She has lived in Eureka for 15 years after living in Fresno. She is a Social Welfare Counselor who helps people in Eureka through the Welfare to Work program process. She feels the success on her job depends on local business growth. She is a self admitted environmentalist who is running because she feels there is a “better way to do business.” Third Ward challenger Ron Kuhnel agreed with Leonard that the bay was a big resource. Concerning development, Kuhnel felt that there was a need to balance economic and environmental impact. As far as new business he felt the need to “learn, analyze, sympathize then act.”” If there are no jobs, there is no community.” First Ward candidate Larry Glass has been a local business owner for 35 years. He considers himself an environmentalist and long time advocate for rail perseverance. He actually jumped the rails to Santa Rosa in the 1970’s and described the beauty of the landscape. He feels the need of “fair and open transparent local government,” with no “deals in the backroom.”

Answering the first question as to how the candidates felt the community could grow business wise, Glass wanted no hidden projects that were being processed “out of view” and said the “community should set the standards.” Leonard pointed out that there were limited customers and transportation problems. “We need to find partnerships and use available loans.” Leonard then pointed out that, “Just because you use the public process, doesn’t guarantee you will get your way.” Ms. Abrams felt a local problem was a bad workforce that was limited and had social issues. She felt that may have contributed to Trader Joe’s not locating in Humboldt County. Ms. Wilburne stepped away from the front speaker area and sat with the audience instead of fielding questions on this issue.

The Marina Project was a question that brought up emotions from all the candidates and audience. Kuhnel said it is a work in progress. “There is a long way go. There has been no public process and it needs to be a collaborated effort to work.” Abrams said felt the traffic issues were important. “Broadway can not handle 4,000 additional vehicles a day.” She also felt the local public needed “to own in spirit” the process. Wilburne returned to the speaking area to express her wishlist of a polo field, dog park and model boat area. Leonard said he could not say yes or no to the project, but will follow the process to the end. “People are using the area illegally and we (the public) are paying for services we are not getting a return on. I want to see it usable.” Glass felt the public has been shut out of the process and used the opportunity to announce that the Citizens for Real Economic Growth (CREG) would be holding an informational public meeting concerning the Balloon Tract alternatives October 13 at the Warfinger building at the Eureka Marina. “If the Arkley project is what the public decides is best, I am fine with that. It is all about public input” Glass said.

From the audience, Security National (SN) representative Brian Morrissey said that traffic concerns would be mitigated and then challenged Glass to disclose finances from CREG polling expenditures. Glass said the money came from his own pocket. Glass asked Morrissey about other developers who had interest in the project area and was told no other developers had or have any interest in the Balloon Track. Another SN representative Randy Gans identified himself as a 32 year resident that wanted to know why the other 137 undeveloped available acres in the city of Eureka are not an issue. Glass answered that the other land was not prime area such as the Balloon Track.

Current Eureka City Council members Mike Jones of the Fifth Ward and Mary Beth Wolford from the First Ward were not present for the forum.

Citizens for Port Development Chair Kay Strickland ended the meeting with this statement, “Never give up on the railroad. Stay with the process.”

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The softball season wraps up.

Just to update a little. Sun valley beat Arcata Garbage 22-11 or around that for the Arcata metal Bat Championship. Central Station won the BLT in Willow Creek 8-7 over Tomaso's. My Eureka Team Arcata Countertop's lost to George Peterson and then the Pukes yesterday to be eliminated in the Eureka Championships. I am canceling the Tomaso's wood bat tournament this weekend due to circumstances that were starting to look out of my control, the last one my being scheduled to work Sunday at Evergreen Pulp. The man is holding me down I tell ya. This time of the year really bites as far as the softball weather quickly leaving us. See you at the North Country Fair!

Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11/01 Bad as it gets.

I was handbilling a plant named Dopaco in Bakersfield California at around 7am as a union organizer. (They made McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell cups and utensils. One of my In Plant Committee organizers named "Big Mac" drove up in his bright yellow truck and told me and my sidekick Dan Marino that the United States was under attack. Everything was pretty sketchy on the radio. After we handbilled we had a union organizing meeting with the workers at a nearby coffee shop. Everyone was stunned. We talked about what was happening and of course the whole coffee shop was abuzzed. I went back to my hotel and people were panicking about what to do. Rumors were that Los Angeles was going to be hit at anytime because of planes still unaccounted for. It was an anxious day and I was along ways from home. That afternoon the people from Dopaco were getting off work and were meeting with me in a pizza parlor. They had all just heard rumors and such while at work. Their faces when they came in the pizza parlor was of shock in seeing the surreal images on the big screen. It made for a somber meeting. We ended up losing this organizing drive. I felt we should (the union) have left for a bit and let things work out after the twin towers fell. The union just was not all that important to them in relations to what had happened to us as a nation.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Anyone out there?

The Eureka Glass/Rhodes Warriors got knocked out by Tomaso's 16-4 in the semi final game in the BLT setting up a championship game of Tomaso's vs Central Station. We did not stick around for the outcome. Can anyone give the score? ACT vs George Peterson in Eureka at Kennedy at 7:45. Winner goes to the Championship! And I got to work. Nuts! Next weekend is woodbat in Eureka. Call me at 445-3432.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Eureka Glass still undefeated at the BLT.

Eureka Glass AKA Rhodes Warriors (Defending 2 time champs), Tomaso's and Murphy's are undefeated after one days play at Willow Creek. Our Eureka Glass team has Doc Jones 48, Dave Damme 48, Myself 50 here soon out in the outfield and Pat Conway 51 at 2nd, John Lyon 51? at Catcher, Kurt Hiemlich 53 1st base. We have only two players under 44 years of age on the team. I just noticed today that our team was creeping up there in age. But we outscored our opponents 28-5. If you are not doing anything tommorrow, head up to Willow Creek! It was a fun day for everyone!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Warm ups for the BLT.

Try this addictive little practice. Oh please , no poiltical correctness comments. I love penquins:

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Gutsy ACT upset!

We had our first game in the Eureka City softball playoffs. We had to play the first place team in the division ahead of us which is 10-4 Blue Lake Casino. I think we are the lowest seeded team in the top division tournament. Joey and Barry Scarpillino, Jason Francis, Jason Makie and Neal Barsante all homered for Blue Lake. We had...O. But we prevailed in a huge upset 19-17. Our defense held on when they needed to and the whole lineup came through. Mark Bateson, Aaron Schmidt and Ben Hickock had huge contributions. That is why I love softball, you just never know. 5 out of our 10 players on the field were over 40! If Bonds can do it, we can too!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Best Softball Home Run Hitters.

I have played a few thousand softball games all over the west coast. For over thirty years I have averaged nearly 100 games a year. So I have seen my share of boppers. Here are some of the best I have seen through the years. Please add your picks. In the 70's Steve Kosak, Steve Hart and John Listor from Tiny Tot's and Mike Jett and Barry Scarpellino of Mazzoti's were a monopoly on the long ball. In the 80's Bob Mcrea, Bob Sprague and Big Daddy Dave Frost. In the 90's I would say Rick Webster, Jeff Frizzell, Jason Makie, Barry Oliver, Pat Anderson, Garrett Anderson and Rodney Dickerson. For the 2000's so far, Scott Eskra, Dan Nord, John McGinnis, Matt Jones, Jeremy Buck and Joey Scarpillino. I know I have passed over some, who might I missed? My pick as the most feared long baller? I will go with Bob McCrea.

Monday, September 04, 2006

No Labor Day Parade here.

Ironic as it may seem, I had to work today on this Labor Day. 7am to 7pm. Pretty much wipes out the day. But at almost $50 an hour, I will whine all the way to the bank. The original Labor day observance was in early May commemorating a protest of more than 10,000 people in Toronto supporting 24 workers from the Typographical Union for leading a strike for shortened work days back in 1872. A larger protest in Ottawa that year led Prime Minister Sir John A. MacDonald to abolish laws in Canada that barred organized Labor. OH...Canada! This inspired American unions to begin holding rallies of their own. The first September rally was organized by the Knights of Labor in 1882. In 1886, more than 80,000 people marched and were joined by 70,000 workers at more than 1,000 factories joined a picket line supporting the 8 hour work day. Violence broke out in Haymarket Square a few days later resulting in 11 deaths. The "Haymarket Riot" drew national attention to the labor movement. President Grover Cleveland proclaimed May 1st as a day of remembrance but changed his mind because socialist unions also supporting the May observance. In 1887 labor day was officially declared for early September. Most other countries celebrate International Workers Day on May 1st. May day rallies in the United states slacked off due too anti-communist socialist sentiment after World War II.

Locally in Union news, I read in the Eureka Reporter's Andrea Arnot's about town article that Sid Berg, Business Representative for Local 290 Pipefitters and Steamfitters has publicly came forward endorsing the Marina Center project. Mr. Berg says "it will be a positive project for Humboldt County which will bring jobs into our community and an increased level of prosperity to the area." Is he speaking for other unions in the area too? I seem to remember that most other locals supported Bonnie Neely who is opposed to the project. Has something changed that I am missing?

In 2004 the San Manuel tribe had a decision made against them by the National Labor Relation Board basically saying their sovereign nation rights do not supersede NLRB jurisdiction. This gives workers at Indian Casino's the right to organize without the fear of reprisal. It has been an ongoing issue. Locally workers feel that they can not even talk about the union without the fear of being fired. Too bad, this used to be a very well represented union workforce in Humboldt County. I hope that Arla Ramsey and the Blue Lake Rancheria abides by NLRB laws and lets their workers talk freely of their desire to be represented by a union. Stay tuned.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Man I hate negative political campaigns!

I went to the CO-OP in Eureka today to buy the Chronicle and TS (Scored the ER for Free!) and there among the Fishwraps was a negative hit piece leaflet on Eureka Councilman Mike Jones. The flyer had his picture and took soundbites out of an old article from the Northcoast Journal. It was done very sophomoric on purpose I am guessing, so as not to hint to the origin. Nothing to do with Mike's record on the Council. Just old news about neighborhood issues. I sure hope Nancy Abrams campaign had nothing to do with it. I am sure this came from the Left or Liberal factions and I will to tell you, I do not condone this behavior. If you are going to put out a hit piece, at least identify yourself. Too bad local politics can come down to innuendos and misinformation. Just my take.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Wood Bat Tournament Sept. 16th & 17th in Eureka

I am hosting a wood bat tournament on Sept. 16th and 17th at Hartman and Kennedy Fields in Eureka. On Saturday there will be a wood bat and metal bat Home run contest at Hartman. Call me at 445-3432 if you want to reserve a spot. We can handle up to 16 teams.