Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sand Dwellers Got's no Lectricity!

We have been without power fora few days. So I am on dial up. Phone service has been a problem too. Our house dipped nearly in the 40's. Brrrr. Hopefully all are safe and staying warm. My sons made it safely from here back to Sac-Town. If we don't get power in the next few days let me say Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

hey the other Richard--thy power is on, wow, I can be a human again.. Glad your kids are well.....

live is so fun...

happy new year!!!

Nick Bravo said...

that kind of crap going on makes me not want to come back to humboldt.

The rain, lack of infrastructure, lack of jobs, etc.

The enviro-wackos have mandated that humboldt remain anti-business, and anti-growth. Thus the people have earned the wages of their indifference.

Carol Ann said...

Happy New Year, Robin and Richard! Hope the power comes on soon!

Anonymous said...

Good, we don't want you back here either, Bravo.

Nick Bravo said...

Anon 8:39. You are no one to me and I need neither your approval or disproval of my actions. Do everyone a favor Anon, crawl out onto your cold little sandbar and wait for a sleeper wave.

samoasoftball said...

Nick: You are right about the infrastructure or lack there of.

Anonymous said...

Those poor Sand Dwellers! How are they to heat up their methamphatamine? Their canned pork chunks? How will they light up those abandoned cars so Billy Jo can siphon some gas?

Eureka must organize a relief party! We can airdrop precooked hotdogs, perhaps train the sand dwellers to dig up old railroad tie's to burn for heat. But overall we must pacify them. They cannot be allowed to realize the world outside of their realm has power. They must be made to forget modern conveniences such as microwaves. The dwellers have been caught off guard. Now is the time to finish them once and for all.

Anonymous said...

We must encourage the Sand Dwellers to accept there fate with dignity.

Hold your heads high Sand Dwellers, hold them high.

Anonymous said...

Yes, hold them catch one last gulp of air before the ocean washes away any memory of your existence. Remember if you see the watter rush away from the shore it means you should run out and grab the pretty seashells. O and ignore that rushing sound, its just the wind whistling through your empty heads.

Anonymous said...

We will embrace our sand dwelling cousins with one hand, while at the same time the other hand seeks to suffocate him.

Our people, the people of Eureka, need room to grow. We need breathing room! Once the Sand Dwellers have been starved from their lands, we can have a new era of westward expansion. A new colonization of the Western Sandlands.

This, my friends, is our mission and our moment for the 21st century. Without power they will be unable to watch 'The Price Is Right' and other Shows like 'Maury Povich'. It is at moments like these that the Sand Dwellers will have no concept of what to do. Without working magic colorboxes the Western Sandlands will fall into despair and within our mighty grasp.

Anonymous said...

When did the sand dwellers get power in the first place?

Anonymous said...

I was so happy when a light I'd left switched to "on" burst into existence once again this morning -- even if it did wake me out of a sound sleep. We're fortunate to have propane for the stove and hot water heater, plus a wood-burning stove for heat, but the early darkness and lack of computer was a problem. And all my ice cream melted!

Normally I'd be more stoic about persevering through the darkness for a couple days -- it's a relatively minor inconvenience for us -- but this go-round, I was just really ready for the power to come back on.

The whole peninsula should be on our own solar-wind system. It's crazy not to use the free energy sources we have available.

samoasoftball said...

Jennifer-We could not use our wood heat the first day because of the wind. So we had to bundle up in temps way to cold. Once the winds subsided we started a fire and warmed the house up. Not having power is getting to be a habit these last few years on the peninsula. Bring on the alternate energy resources already!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer is a sand dweller?

We may have to postpone the Cleansing.

Anonymous said...

We've had a few times that the wind has forced smoke back down the chimney, but usually it's not a problem, thankfully. I do appreciate the warmth!

Speaking of alternative energy, I wonder what ever happened with that group that was trying to harness wave energy – also, Richard, am I correct that Fairhaven is supplied independently by the Fairhaven Power Plant? Weren't they talking about doing some sort of switch to solar/wind?

samoasoftball said...

Yes Jennifer, you are correct. I was at the Humboldt County Supervisor's chamber when DG energy gave their dog and pony show. (You all thought I just showed up at election time?) DG talked about the near future possibility to create wave energy just off our coast. This project would in fact make Humboldt County self sufficient power wise in the future.

Anonymous said...