Saturday, September 30, 2006

Murphy's defend their Wall Ball Title!

But not successfully. After taking a 6-0 lead in the 2nd inning, the Murphy boys only mustered 2 hits the next 5 innings and lost 12-6 to some team from the valley. Oh well. We got shirts and stuff for runnerups. We beat a team from Salem, Oregon 7-4 to reach the championship game. We were 5-0 going into the last game and had out scored our opponents around 60-12 along the way. Jackson Kirscher and Chris Pence were phenomenal up the middle. Matt Socha pitched great and we committed very few errors as a team. We have one of the most level headed calm teams around. A great group of guys. It really is a compliment for us just to be able to compete with these teams that play every weekend down south. We only get a few shots a year at these people. We may play in the WSA world series tournament in a few weeks. Wish us luck!

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