Saturday, September 16, 2006

28 years later..........

Robin Carroll and I were married at the Church of Christ on I st on Sept. 16th 1978. Robin's Grandfather Eddie Carroll and father Bill were layman preachers for the Church. Robin Grew up in this church. Our reception was at the Olive Branch. The years roll by. We went to the North Country Fair in the early afternoon. The crowd was awesome! Thousands of people. We did some door knocking in the afternoon for Virginia Bass for Mayor and the response and weather was great. (Peter LaVallee seems to have upset a lot of people from what we are hearing at the doors. And I have hit a few hundred. One was a small business owner that was burned by Peter. Way to help small business Mr. Mayor!) We spent the evening with friends watching the USC-Nebraska game. Too bad I have to work tomorrow. The weather was too good!


Anonymous said...


we have to ask we want people from the agencies and non profits completely taking over political offices or do we want a mixture. I would be ok with Ron Kuhnel in the mix even though I really like Jeff Leonard. If Virginia wins mayoralship, I think Kuhnel would be a great appointment for her old chair. He seems more level headed than the rest of the lefties running for various council positions. And would be a better blend for checks and balances in the system. But you can't have all one side running the council.

Oh, and by the way. How do you feel about Neely's involvement with Kerrigan and Salzman?

samoasoftball said...

Kuhnel does not live in Virginia's Ward, so he could not be appointed.

Kerrigan and Salzman's involvement with Neely? I have answered this one before and upset some people and was labeled a whiner but here goes.

I do not begrudge Kerrigan for excepting employment from Bonnie. He was hired way before he had any idea I was running for Supervisor. He is a left leaning liberal Democrat and I am too. Bonnie is a left leaning Republican. There were Democrats that were scared to death that Nancy Flemming, a more conservative Republican, was going to beat Bonnie with me splitting the vote as a "spoiler". I felt they would split the vote and all I had to do was carry the Democratic vote. The HCDCC (who should have brought forth a Democrat to challenge Neely in the first place) and Local Solutions (Who never interviewed me in their democratic process) did not agree with me so they marginalized my campaign as not serious or viable. Effectively I might add.

Salzman was involved in creating "Democrats for Neely" which is political action committee (PAC)created to take out the threat of me actually surviving the primary. (They had to do something, I was neck and neck with Flemming and it would have left an ugly General election. A progressive liberal Democrat running against their Republican choice in Neely.) Am I a bad Democrat? I do not think any of those people who signed up on that would say that. They were sold a bad bill of goods. They were told they needed to do this because Nancy had a chance at getting 50% in the primary. That was not true, the powers that be knew Nancy was around 25% at the time and bonnie was in the mid 40's percentage wise. At least the Republican side knew where the candidates were and shared it with me in amusement that the liberals were essentially attacking a fellow Democrat. I have said this before and I will again, if Richard Salzman had wanted me to be the 4th District Supervisor back in February, I would be in the run off right now. That is the kind of power he has held locally. So kudos to his work, but I think it is way dirty, underhanded and does not belong in our local politics. In the last 5 years the whole dynamics of our local affairs politically has turned into a big money fiasco.

Bonnie is banking on the aboves support in this campaign. She is doing what she feels she has to do to win. Reaching across the aisle? More like diving head first. Honest answer. There you have it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I respect your answer.
Your honesty is appreciated. Gone are the days of Fred Moore as mayor. This county is changing very dramatically politically. I worry about our future. When there is no chance for graduating seniors to find gainful employment and have to go to college to even get an $8 an hour job, I believe we are in a world of hurt. The groups that believe Localization is the answer have no real plan. You remember when our biggest employers were from out of the area. Georgia Pacific, LP, Simpson Timber and countless sawmills. Plus the fishing industry and all of the subsequent industries that fed off of those industries....for instance Industrail Electric Co. and Mulkey & Kovacovich to name just two.

I realize that time has gone and those resources won't be back for many years. But, we are going to have to invite out of the area business people in to create jobs. I don't even care what the industry is. Perhaps the creation of Solar panels or Hydrogen cells or heck.....even industrial hemp. We have to put people to work! We can't survive with government agencies and non-profits assisting the people who make $8 per hour. The more poor people we create, the more work for the agencies and non- profits. It's a very turbulent cycle. And one that can't possible sustain us through retirement. Except those who work for the governments and non-profits. Walk into our neighborhoods, especially on the west side and south side of Eureka. It is becoming dark with human frailties and people not working. Those use to be vibrant neighborhoods. Giant retail is not the answer. And neither is a culinary institute. We have to find work for the lower middle class kids turning of age. Either that or they will be replace by something else. And I hope it's good.

Brian Morrissey said...

At the risk of sticking my nose where it does not belong...

First, thanks to Richard for being so forthright.

Second, we need stop looking for the one golden ticket. The jobs issue was not created by a single event, the solution will not be solved with a single home run. We need to keep batting singles and doubles, not focus on "swinging for the fence" every time.

We must court good employers at every level. Focus on employers who provide benefits. Not every job must pay $100k a year but they should provide decent health care coverage. Starting people deserve to have a starting salary - and the ability to move up in the organization, or profession or trade.

There is no single answer - we will solve this issue one job at a time.

Rose said...

You can blame Richard "T Trent" Salzman for the astronomical increase in the cost of campaigns in Humboldt County. Before Richard came along, a $30,000 campaign was big, and often spanned both the primary and the general elections. Now, if Salzman is involved, an opposing candidate must raise a minimum of $100,000, and maybe as much as $300,000.

I hope the citizens of Eureka will reject his divisive, sneaky tactics, and scorched earth vilification of his opponents.

The cynical use of well meaning people, the numerous fake organizations that pretend to be "for the people" - it's time to say NO.