Saturday, September 09, 2006

Eureka Glass still undefeated at the BLT.

Eureka Glass AKA Rhodes Warriors (Defending 2 time champs), Tomaso's and Murphy's are undefeated after one days play at Willow Creek. Our Eureka Glass team has Doc Jones 48, Dave Damme 48, Myself 50 here soon out in the outfield and Pat Conway 51 at 2nd, John Lyon 51? at Catcher, Kurt Hiemlich 53 1st base. We have only two players under 44 years of age on the team. I just noticed today that our team was creeping up there in age. But we outscored our opponents 28-5. If you are not doing anything tommorrow, head up to Willow Creek! It was a fun day for everyone!


Anonymous said...

Eureka Glass....The Clear Choice!

Yikes, their advertising slogan sounds like a political campaign slogan for ....uh,......uh.......i won't go there.

Remember Somoa, there is that old adage: " Old age and treachery will always defeat youth and skill. "

samoasoftball said...

They lied! We tried that and got spanked today in the semifinal game 16-4. "You can only trip someone if you catch them!" Old Richard Marks saying.