Thursday, October 26, 2006

Help wanted. $17 an hour.

What is with some workers? I work at Evergreen Pulp which was before Samoa Cellulose, before that Stockton Pacific, before that Louisiana Pacific, and originally Georgia Pacific Pulp. I am working 24 hours overtime this week because of the lack of qualified replacements. And I am seeing all sorts of call ins the last few weeks. I last called in for an illness in 1990. Yes. 16 years ago! I just don't understand the call in concept. I would rather be sick at work and get paid! Oh, don't start on the , well you will make everyone else sick, I see these sick people showing up to work here all the time! If I feel miserable, what better place to show it! Joking aside. Evergreen is in need of workers who will be committed to our mill. The starting pay is just at about $17 an hour and goes up quickly from there. We are a union plant of 150 hourly workers who want to expand in the near future. 443-7511 for more information.


Anonymous said...

go get them the other Richard. Sounds like $680 a week, not bad in this neck of the woods---and if bennies are included--sounds dam good!! lets all sign up!!

Anonymous said...

Richard, don't I remember you saying on this blog that you make $50 per hour?

samoasoftball said...

8:44am I wish! I made the comment of making $50 an hour working Labor Day. Double time and a half. My base pay is around $20 an hour. Ironic that I had to work on that day. I make between 50-60 thousand a year with lots of overtime.