Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hank Sims is the man!

If you are at all interested in Humboldt County politics and especially Eureka for this election, Hank Sims really lets it all hang out in this weeks North Coast Journal. North Coast Journal October 19, 2006 : ON THE COVER : Will vote for...? (The Journal has not updated on line yet for some reason, but hopefully soon will.) I thought I was going to miss the Town Dandy, but what he did was even better. Kind of like the Town Dandy on steriods! Grab a copy and check it out. Lots of Nuts and Bolts type local political stuff.


Anonymous said...

Did you see this weeks' NCJ and Hark Sims sidebar commentary piece in the "gray" section concerning the election and his take on the old Eureka residents and the new Eureka residents.
Very interesting with plenty of snide remarks.

Yes, Henderson Center is remarkably different from Old Town. And so is Myrtletowne from the West side. They are as distinctly different neighborhoods as South G street in Arcata is to California Street or Westwood is to Bayview or Valley West is to Sunny Brae.

But to call Eurekans "square" is a reflection on the blue collar lifestyle. No, we don't go to many art openings or anti-war rallys and you probaly won't see us pulling our trucks into the new Co-op. But the homecoming football games, little league tournaments, stock car races and Winco are doing just fine. We tend to catch a lot of Crabs games too. And our hearts and wallets are always open for fundraising for groups like The American Cancer Society, Easter Seals and Boys & Girls Club. If that is "square", I'm alright with it.

Eric V. Kirk said...

"No, we don't go to many art openings or anti-war rallys and you probaly won't see us pulling our trucks into the new Co-op."

Actually, Arts Alive is very well attended, and I doubt that everybod is coming from out-of-town. And back at the beginning of the war, the opposition rally numbered just about 5000, which is about what? 3 percent of the county's population? I doubt they all came from Arcata and Garberville.

I look forward to reading the article, and comment in context.

I also go to Crabs games btw, and sometimes I shop at Winco. I also attend art openings, anti-war rallies, and I shop at the Co-op.

I don't attend Stock Car races, but then I don't attend reggae concerts either.

Anonymous said...

And Eric, you don't live in Henderson Center where the context of the North Coast Journal comments were made.

The article is written with reference to the old guard Eureka residents as Hank refers to as Deep Eureka. I wasn't commenting on Southern Humboldt residents or even recently established Eureka residents.
I was speaking of the long term multi-generation Eureka families who come from a blue collar background. Deep Eureka.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Henderson Center area and via my husband am part of a multi-generation Humboldt County family. We regularly attend Art's Alive and art openings, shop at both the new Co-op and Winco (as well as Safeway and Wildberries) and patronize the restaurants in Old Town. We do not attend stock car races, reggae festivals or anti-war rallies (anymore, anyway!), but do attend many sporting events...mostly in which our children or friends are involved. We see many of our neighbors and friends at all of these establishments and/or events. I think there is a slight misconception about the "blue collar" lifestyle of Eureka. If you are looking at Eureka as opposed to Arcata a case could be made that Eurekans are "square"...but in many ways I believe they more accurately reflect society. Certainly, there is more racial diversity in Eureka than Arcata...another factor to be taken into consideration.

Well...I regularly check in on these blog sites, but do not post as a rule. This time I guess I just felt the need to defend my neighborhood!

Eric V. Kirk said...

For the record, I did get to read the article. Great article, and I think anon 1241 missed the point.

Anonymous said...

My truck fits just fine into the slots at the new Eureka CoOp, Arts Alive yes, drags-not lately, Relay for Life yes (5 years in a row, Captain 2x), downtown neighborhood-very different from Henderson Center, Myrtletown, anything in Arcata...Blue collar No, Political Yes, Vote-Always!

Who I'm picking? Mixed bag:
Arnold-Voted for Westly in the Primary, I hate Angelides!
Mostly Dems until I get to the local elections
Virginia Bass-No BS, Very Classy girl-YES
Leonard, Jones, Mary Beth yes, yes, yes
Glass-why would anybody pick a head shop guy to run the city?
Kuhnel-Bad Friends
Nan-Haven't studied the issue/Deer in the headlights....

There is something to like about them all and I hope the mayor/city council asks them to be on Commissions!

Does that make me a square?
If it means I don't understand Arcata then-Yes
The Arcata Marsh was a very good idea-look at what happened to get them there; lots of fighting about it.
Are they any better than US? No.
Do they think they are??

samoasoftball said...

My wife and I have been at a the war rallys. My wife has participated as a woman in black. We know many soldiers in Iraq and stateside and support them all.

We go to Art's Alive. We have sponsored Stock Car's at the Acres and been fans for years. My wife and I have been at hundreds of Crab's games.

I have a Safeway card but also am seen at the Eureka Co-Op quite often. Yes, I have been inside Winco a few times. (I buy candy for the truck drivers that come to Evergreen.) I wish I had a Murphy's closer to home.

Walk the Arcata Marsh regularly. My Wife or I are at Cal Courts daily. Love Louies and Babes Pizza.

Democrat. Humboldt Counties finest blue collar middle class mill worker advocate. So there!