Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Top 5 Best Restaurant Burger in Humboldt County re-visited....again

Seems like I have to update this almost yearly.

5. Mike's drive-up: Old and familiar. You know what you will get…..with chili of course.  Real Malts.

4. Adel's: Don’t think I have ever been disappointed. Either San Francisco burger on Sourdough, or burger with an egg.

3. Cafe Nooner: Even though fancy almost to the point of fo-fo, really nice.  

2. Arcata Pizza: Out and out Burger might be best secret in county.

1. AA Bar and Grill: Has the best consistent Burger you will find with old time bar type atmosphere.

Yes, I know about Tony's, No Brand Burger Stand, Surfside, Pantry, Kristina's and even the Marina. One man's view.


Anonymous said...

Cafe Waterfront?

Julie Timmons said...

Thanks for recognizing my favorite, AA Bar & Grill. A Temple of Excellence!

Ross Rowley said...

Not trying any of the Gardenburgers, eh Richard?

I sure do miss the L&M Drive-In with 5 cheese burgers for a dollar. Remember that?

As for low-rent burgers, I'd say Harbor Lanes. But, that doesn't stop me from devouring one when I'm there.

I also have to include the burger stand at the Babe Ruth Field at Redwood Acres. Not a restaurant? Well then perhaps you should have a listing for such places.

Fred Mangels said...

"I sure do miss the L&M Drive-In with 5 cheese burgers for a dollar."

Or five burritos, I believe. Wasn't that where Adel's is now?

John Fullerton said...

The only problem I have in grading the AA burgers is that their steaks are so awesome that I have never tried their burgers.