Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans day. Go hug a vet!

Or at least keep them in mind. I have a picture on my wall of my father standing with this platoon in front of the Schofield Barracks just before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor while he was stationed there. James Edward Marks became a major in the army and also served in Korea. So I was an Army brat. My three older brothers served in Korea and Vietnam. (My brother Roy recently died from war related issues.) I did not enlist and went to college after high school. The Vietnam war left me with a bad impression from what I witnessed from Roy. I was never questioned about this by any of my family.


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Poor ole' Mr. Ranger........most bloggers have got him blocked so , he can't post but , like a bad apple & with his 10,000 different names poor old , Carson will find a way to get through again.

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I agree with Richard. Huh?