Sunday, October 11, 2009

HCDCC vs. SFDCC. Willie Brown and Arnold at Demo event!

The Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee had a huge showing at the last general meeting with candidates from every party showing up to stump their issues. Moany of the top ranked elected officials were present to witness the HCDCC endorsement process. When it comes to county central committees, I would say our HCDCC is very active when compared to other counties with comparable populations.

But read this excerpt from Willie Brown's experience in emceeing a San Francisco Democratic Central Committee event. Maybe we should invite Willie as a guest for the next Democrat of the Year (DOTY):

By now, I'm sure you've all seen or heard about the cell phone video of our state Assemblyman Tom Ammiano yelling out for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to "kiss my gay ass."

And as usual when something this bad happens, everyone is pointing the finger at me.

Yes, I was the emcee at the Democratic Central Committee event. And yes, I did invite Arnold to say a few words.

But the truth is, the first I knew about Arnold's presence was when committee Chairman Aaron Peskin leaned over and said, "Hey, your buddy is coming in through the door."

"You gotta be kidding me," I said. "What would the governor be doing here?"

Beats me, Peskin said, but you should introduce him.

I did, and with that, Ammiano became the Democrats' version of Rep. Joe "You Lie" Wilson, leading the chorus of boos before he and his buddies walked out.

To be honest, by that point you couldn't tell who was walking in, who was walking out or much else, because people had been drinking since 5 in the afternoon.

After the dinner I went to the bar and I got a tap on the shoulder.

It was Arnold, insisting that I join him. He was completely unfazed by what had happened. The only reference he made was to ask me jokingly, "Hey, what are you doing with all those crazies?"

"Picking up stuff for my column," I replied.

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