Saturday, October 31, 2009

Door knocking on Halloween. Wet and wild!

It was a wet one out there today in Eureka. Chris and I knocked on a ton of doors. We did all or part of 11 streets. The reception we had was really positive for the campaign. The bummer part was that I was going to knock on one door and this scantily dressed young lady came out dressed in white and high heels (an angel I was guessing), and my 24 year volunteer was across the street at a vacant house! He was not happy when I reported the sighting.

It was a great day to knock because many people were home. When it got around 4pm people were right by their doors to answer the call of the trick or treaters. I was offered candy! I went to one door and the guy came out and said, "You called me the other day, the first time I had a politician call me, and now you are at my door and I just received your mailer. Yes, I am voting for you!" (Overkill maybe?)

I seen many little goblins and adults dressed up and ready for the night. Robin and I are staying home and giving out candy. We are not going to make any parties tonight so far.


Andrew Bird said...

A gaggle of kids just knocked on my door, and me with no candy. I was at the store about 30 minutes ago and decided against buying candy because we haven't had any trick-or-treaters here for several years. I live in a gated complex on a busy street and kids just don't come to this neighborhood on Halloween. I don't know how these kids even got in the gate. I felt like Scrooge. If I had decided to buy candy tonight, those kids wouldn't have knocked on my door. I'm sure of it.

Fred Mangels said...

I live in a gated complex on a busy street and kids just don't come to this neighborhood on Halloween.

Consider yourself lucky.

Anonymous said...

A gated complex in Eureka? Wow. What's the point of that? Anyways, yay for a mention of me in another blog! Yay! About the sighting of the hot chick, when you told me about this sighting I said "Damn! And you didn't tell me?! Dude, you should have told me to come over!" Oh well, at least I had a fun time talking to people. 11 streets is all we walked? Wow, it seems like we walk a hell of a lot more. Obviously since it was raining everything was complicated