Thursday, August 30, 2007

Top 10 French Fries in Humboldt County!

Sometimes you just want some decent fries. Sounds easy, but really it is a chore to find good ones. I am sure there will be many disagreeing, but here is my top 10:

1. McDonalds-Go ahead and boo all you want, but they are the most consistent for what they are.

2. Mike's Hamburger-With garlic of course. Just don't tell them you are a Democrat and for goodness sake, and don't read the propaganda on the wall!

3. Lost Coast Brewery-The seasoned fries are way good. Or maybe the 2 IPA's beforehand are the ticket.

4. Cinnabar Sam's-Willow Creek is a little too far away to go, but have a burger too.

5. Blue Lake Casino-Go for lunch and you are in for a surprise treat! Price is reasonable considering how much they gave to Bonnie's campaign. (C'mon that was funny.)

6. The Marina/Stanton's-Consistent and safe choice.

7. Fresh Freeze-Old fashion, just like the long wait.

8. OH's- The onion rings set a high standard. But have the half and half with a burger and you have a reasonable cost meal at a high end restaurant.

9. Toni's- The guys I work with will not be happy to see their favorite this far down. I just would not rank them higher.

10. Artic Circle- Maybe it is just the fry sauce I like.

The rest- Coney Island (Go with the red potato fries) Rita's (Chipotle Fires for the strong hearted only) Star's (High end blah) Mazzoti's (cheese fries) Waterfront Cafe (Nice atmosphere for catsup on your shirt) Gallaghers (Too loud to taste sometimes) The Bistro (Better order double portion to get one.)

I will do the bottom ten fries in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Agree with McDonalds. Also like Carl Jr's fries.

Not all french fries are created equal.

mresquan said...

Coney Island.

Jennifer Savage said...

Alibi fat steak fries.... mmmmmm.

Jack Durham said...

Although McDonalds is a culinary and nutritional nightmare, I have to agree that it has the best fries. They're little miracles of modern science.

The best catsup I ever had was the stuff bottled by Prince of Wales Pub in San Mateo.

Anonymous said...

Ah.. the Prince of Whales! I know we talkin' fries but that Habanero burger...

Joel Mielke said...

McDonald's? They are "consistent." Consistency is the hallmark of bad food.

Unknown said...

No Brand in Ferndale! Perhaps just because they are so close.

Tapperass said...

If you are placing McDonanlds on your list, than you should include Wendy's.

I need to try Alibi Steak Fries. I love steak cut fries.

Anonymous said...

Richard, you are a supersized sicko.

Carol said...

I prefer onion rings like at Stars or Curley's Grill - but not too often!

Anonymous said...

Corporate Fries Kick Butt!

except Burger King. The most horrible excuse for a fry.

Fry Sauce makes the trip to Arctic Circle that much more pleasant.

Anonymous said...

#1 by far Bob's in Fortuna.

Jennifer Savage said...

Boy Most Likely... – oh, you must try the Alibi's fries. They are super yummy. I do like Curly's and will occasionally succumb to No Brand's (oh, the joys and temptations of working in Ferndale), but typically, if I get skinny fries, I have to ask for them to be "well done," lest they arrive undercooked.

I do not do fast food. Ugh. I swear, once you've abandoned it, you'll wonder why you ever thought it was good.

Side note: sweet potato fries with chipotle-molasses dip at Plaza Grill are delish.

Anonymous said...

How to tell if your French Fries are going to kill you:
Do they get really hard when they cool to room temperature?
If so, somebody is cooking them using transfats and a tasty little heart attack awaits you.

Anonymous said...

My french fry gets hard whenever Jessica Alba or Angelica Bridges walks into the room.

Shane Brinton said...

Seasoned fries, with ranch... at Denny's or the Village Pantry. Much better than McDonald's.