Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Phyllis Rex Samoa Townhomes opening in August on Samoa Beach! Affordable rent! Houses for sale soon!

Looks like the new development on the Samoa Peninsula is coming to fruition. Danco will start renting in August and should be full by December 2020. Besides the 70 apartments there will be 10 other residential type with a community center. For the town itself, Danco has completed 7.8 million dollars in studies and now there is a Community Service District in place. The sale of the old  properties may start as early as September. In phase 1 Danco will be setting up the infrastructure such as water, sewer and electrical underground to 65 homes on Vance avenue and then all the way down Sunset. The plan is to fix each of the older homes so they meet Federal Housing Authority regulations and become eligible for FHA loans. This phase will take 6 to 8 months. Beginning now through the end of the 1st phase, no housing on those two thoroughfares for Vance and Sunset  will  be rentals.

So if you are wondering what the completed old house renovations will look like, Danco is fixing the two houses on the corners of Vance and Rideout. The yellow 2 story is where long time Samoa resident and Danco worker Phyllis Rex lived. (Picture below) She was known in the neighborhood as the unofficial Mayor of Samoa. For years she also did daycare and served on the Peninsula Union School Board. In her honor, the new housing will be called the "Phyllis Rex Samoa Townhomes."


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I'd like to move into those townhouses