Friday, January 06, 2017

What happened to Eureka Recreational Softball?

I have had a few arguments with Eureka City staff in the past about the drop off of Adult Recreational Softball in Eureka. This last year there were 17 Men's Adult Softball Teams and 0 Women's teams. In 1981 there were 55 men's teams and  and 37 Women's teams. There was also an active men's fast pitch league with about 10 team. That means there was over 100 adult teams playing softball in 1981!

What happened? In 1981 there were 39 teams playing in Arcata, and we had around 50 this last year, 2016. So the interest still is there. There has been huge league expansions over the years in Crescent City, Medford, Redding, Fortuna and Ukiah. Why such a drop off in Eureka?

Number one reason is the field conditions. If you ever had the chance to check out the Eureka Fields and compare them to the Arcata fields, you know what I am talking about. In 1981 Eureka used 7 fields for league. Highland, Carson Park (Two fields), Cooper Gulch (Two Fields), Kennedy and Hartman fields.

What I am surprised about is the lack of outcry from Eureka businesses. When you have the well over 1,000 people playing ball you fill the pizza parlors, brewery's and bars. Tom's Sourdough, Angelo's, Shakey's....all would be crazy full. 

I personally would like to see Eureka advertise, solicit and expand recreation adult sports. If not, it is Eureka's loss. 

(Below is standing for men's league in 1981.) 


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Fred Mangels said...

Softball is boring, Rich. The players probably finally realized that and quit.

Fred Mangels said...

Over a month since any new posts here. Should we roll up this blog and shut'er down? No use cluttering up cyberspace with a dead blog.

samoasoftball said...

Fred: 15 days since last post. Les than month. What harm does this cause? I will keep using this blog for former pulp mill workers to get information. And for NCRA updates.