Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Humboldt County Democrats reboot Communication and Education Committee

Newly elected Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee (HCDCC) member Michele Walford from the 1st District chaired a recent Communication and Education Committee (CEC) meeting on Tuesday November 29th at HCDCC Headquarters. It was more of reorganization or restructuring of a committee that is tasked with electronic media, member support and training, technology support, and community communication, such as website and facebook maintenance but tonight the focus was energizing new members and new volunteers. Over 20 people came to participate.

The CEC opened with a pledge of Allegiance to the flag. (There, we are not all communist, socialistic liberal left wing anti Americans!)

The first thing we discussed is “Who or what are we locally and State wise as Democrats?” There was some back and forth about how the Democratic National Committee screwed up the Primary election for Bernie Sanders but all agreed we need to heal and solve this issue in the future. So as local Democrats, “What are we?”

For the People
Believe in Science/Climate change
Open to all Color and Sexes
Working Class

So after identifying who we are, what can we do to help the local Democratic Party?

Support Young Democrats
Support Black Lives Matter
Support Community Building
Extend outreach to all
Connect with Minorities
Support likeminded local candidates

What can we do right now in the immediate?

Fill empty seats on HCDCC
Do Outreach on registered Democrats who haven’t ever voted
Register voters who haven’t ever participated door to door
Fill vacated offices or seats for Special Districts such as:

a.    School Districts
b.    Community Service Districts
c.    Fire Boards
d.    Other Special Districts

What message do we want our leaders to have?

Differentiate what Democrats are doing as opposed to Republicans
Be the Source of Truth with details
Know we are watching their votes
Know we have their backs on decisions when they do their job right

What can CEC do better?

Do weekly updates on causes
Better use of social media with HCDCC Facebook page

Next topic of issue for the 2017 CEC will be a resolution to “Abolish the Electoral College.”


Anonymous said...

Democrats (noun):
1. a person who supports the new neo-socialist fascism.
2. a group of enabled whiny socialists who monopolize and manipulate at any cost the progressive agenda of a system of government where every citizen is entitled to a mediocre education in order to serve the state.

Anonymous said...

democrats: a group of neo-facist socialists that manipulate, cheat, and bully the progressive agenda forcing every citzen will to be provided a mediocre education to serve the state.

ralph said...

socialism: a progressive agenda where every citizen is provided a mediocre education to serve the state.

Julie Timmons said...

Excellent work.. Well done!