Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day. Samoasoftball burgled for 8 time in year!

I am sure my Father James, and my brothers James, Roy and Mike didn't think they were serving their country  in World War II, Korea and Vietnam to have tweakers  break into my property in Samoa "8" times in less than a year!

This time they cut the lock but Robin fount it discarded nearby. Nothing taken. Slim pickings after that many times broke into. Looks like 3 others were also broken into next to mine.  


anon said...

Can't they put some kind of police sub station out on the peninsula? That area really needs some type of law enforcement. Or maybe put officers out in Samoa,Manila and Fairhaven so they can patrol the town at night. Something has to be done.

Anonymous said...

Buy yourself a lock that doesn't take 5 seconds to snap. Google "New York lock."

New Yorkers know how to protect their bikes. And yes, you can get a big honkin' padlock, not a U-lock.

Anonymous said...

The ONLY way this crap is going to stop in this county is to start shooting thieves and sending them out in body bags so that they get a clue that burglary and theft is unacceptable. You can thank marijuana as the bait that attracted all of these social cockroaches who steal us us people who WORK for our stuff.