Saturday, March 26, 2016

6th Slumoa burglary of the year 2016 for Samoasoftball.

I only turned in one of the claims to the Humboldt Sheriffs office. I was treated like I was the perpetrator instead of the victim. I had the thieves name and contacts who also tried identity theft on my personal accounts. I was shuffled around and I just gave up. Since then I have had 2 more break ins of my garage and 2 property thefts of covered storage area next to my cars. Yesterday I discovered that the jointly shared shed with my neighbor, (which was a heroin den and living quarter to a known drug dealer and person charged with murder) was used to break into my side of the shed from the attic and they ripped off my gas tanks and made a mess of the room. We didn't notice since the lock on the outside was not messed with. (They left my bats, huge BBQ, big lawn mower and other stuff behind since that would have been a huge challenge going through the attic.) So I see that Humboldt County has a high rate of theft. I wonder how many are like me and have only reported 1 out of 6 out of frustration with the process?  


Anonymous said...

Keep voting liberal, this is a direct result of liberal policies.Cant have a liberal/democratic governor release all the crooks and not expect more crime. Right there in black and white but i bet you somehow will say has nothing to do with liberal policies. Need more rehabs the libs will say, but every thief at sentencing gets the chance for rehab as part of plea and they all drop out or dont go. can lead a horse to water but cant make them drink

Julie Timmons said...

Bummer. Keep reporting . That's all we can do . Happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

I also live in Samoa and had my recyclables stolen 2 weeks ago from the back yard, behind a latched gate. The following night the thief took my 5 gal fuel can. I had to screw the gate shut before my lawnmower walked away.
I spoke to other neighbors who also reported aluminum cans and other items stolen recently.
It's gotten to the point that I ask my loved ones to never open the door without protection in hand.
I pity the fool that I catch stealing.