Saturday, October 03, 2015

Tomales Bay Oyster Co has too many customers! Humboldt could use this!

The Tomales Bay Oyster co is being asked by Marin County to scale back it's operation. They might have to turn away 500 people per day! Humboldt Bay Harbor CEO Jack Crider did a report a few months ago about the concept of a Humboldt Oyster Restaurant and we have drafts of what it would look like. I say lets move this project forward on Woodley Island!


Julie Timmons said...

Getting 500 more cars on and off Woodley Island is a hideous proposition. I applaud the Harbor District for the generally good job it's done but they lost me with the idea of another restaurant on WI. Bad idea!

Fred Mangels said...

Nothing wrong with an oyster bar. I do question whether it makes sense that another one having too many customers hundreds of miles away would be an indication one would thrive here. We're too far away to take advantage of their situation.