Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I miss Artic Circle. And Hometown! Past Eureka eating franchise road trips?

Missing some of those chain eating places that were in Eureka. Take these road trips if you have to! Mileage included.

10. Little Caesar’s Pizza- 156 miles to Klamath Falls Oregon. Just bland Pizza, but good memories for the kids eating, “Pizza, pizza!” Was on Broadway in Eureka.
9. King Table Buffett-662 miles to Torrance, California. Haven’t been to one of these in years! I remember my son Jordan piling up on different colored Jell-O’s.  Remember the real looking Santa Claus Dude? Was on 4th at the current Gonsea place.
8. Arby’s-150 miles to Redding. All right. Not Great. All over everywhere but here. Was in Mall.  

7. Quizno’s-150 miles to Redding. Seriously. No Quizno’s? Used to have 2. On 5th and Broadway.

6. KFC-111 miles to Brookings, Oregon. Never know how much you miss a place until it is gone. Was at Burre Center where Churches fried yucky chicken is.  
5. Skippers-237 miles to Roseburg, Oregon. Cheap Seafood. We need one of these! Was on Harris.

4. Taco Time-271 to Klamath Falls, Oregon. It was the tater tots I tell ya. I had some last September and I really liked it. Was on 5th heading out of town across from Kinko’s. It became Lila’s Taco Shop afterwards and was really good too.
3. Shakey’s Pizza Parlor-242 miles to Oroville, California. Loved their buffet! Lots of choices. On 4th across from McDonald’s.  

2. Home Town Buffett-150 miles to Redding, California. Freaking miss this place! All you can eat cheap! It is about quantity! Used to be on the Mall.

1. Artic Circle-315 miles to Newport, Oregon. Mushroom Burger with fries and their “special” sauce buried on everything! With a lime Rickey! Used to be on 5th.  Artic Circle now has a franchise policy to not allow any in California. Were we to blame?


Unknown said...

We have to Little Ceasers Pizza here in Redding Ca. One on Lake Blvd and one on Heart ell Blvd.

Ekovox said...

Jonah's out in Henderson Center.

samoasoftball said...

8:10pm- Thanks! Shorter drive! 9:39pm-Oh yeah. Thats what it was! My bad!

Fred Mangels said...

Jonah's out in Henderson Center..

Yep. It was Jonah's in Henderson Center. Corner of Harris and E where the video place is now.

Skipper's was down on 4th or 5th Street. They had frustrating all- you- can- eat thing. Nice, but they served the refills slow enough that you'd feel full before you could eat much.

I miss Shakey's, but think Angelo's is pretty close to it. I believe they might have a buffet, too, but haven't been in there in years.

Fred Mangels said...

Oh, KFC? There was also a KFC on North Broadway in Eureka. Forget the cross street, but a couple blocks or so from Wendy's.

Church's Chicken took over KFC's spot in Henderson Center. Not sure how long that will last as it doesn't look as if many are patronizing the place.

Wonder why chicken lost its allure? I've heard that fried chicken is, or was, the most popular take out food in this country.

Julie Timmons said...

Church's Chicken is execrable and so is Little Caesar's but isn't there still a KFC in Fortuna? I definitely miss Arby's and Arctic Circle. I doubt if "we" were to blame for AC closing. The ADA, if that's what the problem was, is a Federal law.
Hate to say it, but if there were a Chic-Fil-A here I'd be a regular. Wacko company but great product. Other than that I've lost interest in chains. My favorite fast food now is Hole-in-the-Wall. Great thread, Richard.

Fred Mangels said...

A new Chic-Fil-A just opened in Santa Rosa according to today's Santa Rosa Press- Democrat.

Anonymous said...

No KFC's anywhere to be found in Humboldt/Del Norte Co's. Arby's tho not great would be a nice alternative here. Think a good hot dog place like Wienerschnitzel would thrive here. Several places would trive here so long as they remained true to corporate standards rather than personel preferances.