Monday, July 15, 2013

Worst songs you probably heard of!

I am a self-avowed radio channel surfer and many times I will turn to songs that I will quickly change to the next when these songs come up. Some are older and some newer. Links for them are here on my blog.  
10. "Macarena"  Los Del Rio-Can’t turn it off fast enough!
9. "Hollaback Girls"  Gwen Stephanie. I loved early Gwen, this one is just irritating.
8. "Rumour has it" Adele-Love some of her stuff but this just bugs me. Make the skin crawl.  
7. "Ebony and Ivory"  McCartney and Jackson-I don’t know who thought this would be a good idea, it was not.
6. "My Humps"  Black Eyed Peas-Really. Have you ever listened to this? Unbearable.
5. "Your having my baby" Paul Anka-Didn’t anybody tell Paul this would be the cheesiest of songs of all time?
4. "Seasons in the sun" Terry Jacks-Will change the channel every time this comes on. And this made it to #1?
3. "My Sharona"  The Knack-When Robin and I first got married our new neighbors played this full blast for what seemed months! Ironically their next door neighbor ended up touring with Rush with an opening band called the Boogies.
2. "Hotel California" Eagles-I just don’t get their appeal overall.
1. "The Joker" Steve Miller- I pretty much could have put any Steve Miller Band song here. I hate em all.


Julie Timmons said...

Good list, although I'd forgive Steve Miller and the Eagles. They have their moments.

Anonymous said...

Pretty good list. You should compile a list of most overplayed songs. Like "Money" as an example.

samoasoftball said...

Money by Pink Floyd! Should be in the top 15 at least of "over" played songs. Hey that should be a topic in the future!

Fred Mangels said...

I'll agree with at least the ones I recognize.

How about Kenny Rogers' Something's Burning? I'm a big Kenny Rogers fan, but that song was a dog. Can't believe it was played as much as it was.