Monday, April 22, 2013

Best Foo Foo Burger places in Eureka.

This last weekend I was in a softball tournament in Redding. While there I had a chance to go to Five guys burgers and the next day go to In N Out burger. (Just what is in that In-N-Out special spread?!) I know we don't have these places but it made me wonder once again, what is the best places for a burger, besides the fast food places. Here is an updated list for best places in Eureka! (Not elsewhere in the county.)

10. Waterfront Cafe. Want blah foo foo? This is it. Needs something to perk it up.
9. Village Pantry. Can be really good, or really so so. Hit and miss.

8. Kristina's. This place is trying too hard to go classy. But they are consistent.

7. Fresh Freeze. Good sloppy burgers!

6. Stars. Funny how one bad experience can turn you off on a place. Many think this is the best though.

5. Mike Drive up. Love their fries. Burgers are up and down. They sure are grumpy there! Be sure to wear an Obama shirt to see their reaction!

4. Amy's Delight. Go there at lunch time and be shocked at how many burgers they sell! No frills but good old style burgers.

3. Double AA. Double good or what's with that? You just don't know what you will get each trip.

2. Surfside Burger Shack. I used to think this place was just all right. But the longer they have been open the better they get! Even though they serve grass fed beef.

1. Cafe Nooner. The King of the Eureka Foo Foo! You won't be disappointed. Way under my radar, but this place is classy and good!

Yes, there are others that deserve notice like Cafe Marina, Ingomar Club, Sizzler, Adels, Golden Harvest, Avalon, Lost Coast........but this is just one man's opinion. And we all know samoasoftball loves his food!


Anonymous said...

Stars should be #1!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on Richard. LOL


Anonymous said...

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Fred Mangels said...

Sorry, it may seem like blasphemy, but I lost interest in Fresh Freeze some years ago.

Fresh Freeze used to be a real treat- for sure back in the 70s. Maybe even in the 80s.

The last few times I've been there I have not been impressed. It's not even on my radar when I'm wanting a close by burger place (or anything else), although I see they still get a crowd on a warm, sunny day.

Must be the ice cream?

Fred Mangels said...

I guess I should have asked this first: What is "foo foo"? I asked Connie but she didn't know, either.

samoasoftball said...

Fred: Prissy or prudish.

skippy said...

These places are all good but the best burger is the one you make at home, exactly as you like. A fat patty, lettuce, pickle, sweet red onion, garlic salt, fresh ground pepper, Ortega chili pepper, light mayo and mustard and plenty of catsup for me.

That being given, the $6 burger (choice of fries and sauce included) at Dennys totally caught me by surprise. Not very sloppy, it's unfortunately only a two-napkin job, but a decent eat nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

A real sleeper is the Sequoia Park Zoo Cafe....remember the name Bass, like in OH's...well Jerri is the operator and their burgers are fab, with the same Onion Rings we used to get at OH's. Foo Foo, or not, this place is great AND the price is right!!!

Anonymous said...

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Christopher Holmquist said...

You're right Richard. Surfside is amazing. Are you going to post a review of the Tsunami burger? haha I just don't see why people freak out so much about In N Out. It's a holy pilgrimage to them. Personally I find them boring. Their food tastes like everyone else's. It's just sub par. It's too hyped because it's only available in the big city. The burgers at the Burger King in Frankfort, Germany make an embarrassment out of them. They actually make an effort to make their burgers like the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Chris and Richard but the Surfside is mediocre. Not terrible, but certainly not great. Also the owner often has a really bad attitude. I have seen him yelling at workmen and neighbors multiple times. Sorry, I don't like to patronize businesses whose owners are unkind to others.

What I'm really surprised about is that Toni's didn't make your cut. Really great burgers, fries and killer rings! Please reconsider.

Anonymous said...

9:47-Tony's is not in Eureka.