Thursday, December 29, 2011

On to Humboldt for the 2nd Congressional seat!

In Iowa, candidates are "Running to the Right", but in Humboldt it is more like "Running to the Left!" I really feel that Humboldt is going to be the critical county for this race. I know Jared Huffman has garnered some high name endorsements, but having the HSU Democrats won't do him much good if those kids aren't here to vote! Huffman seems to be ignoring the county, or he has some plan I have not figured out yet. Susan Adams has Richard Salzman helping out, and that is big for her campaign. (Look for some huge endorsements in the near future that will shock many in Humboldt County politics.) Richard can find votes where some do not dare to tread. Norman Solomon has his "Boots to the Ground" campaign starting to make headway. It is just going to be really close. So after Del Norte, Trinity and Humboldt County predictions, Solomon is in 1st at 9,497, Huffman is in 2nd at 8,279, Adams in 3rd at 8,141, Lawson in 4th at 6,827 and Republican Dan Roberts in 5th at 6,319.

These numbers will change drastically as we move to the Southern County of Mendocino next.

County   Pop Voters Dems  Reps Other %
Humboldt   135,000 76,000 16416 10944 9120 48%
  Banafsheh Akhlaghi     328 164 137 1.7%
  Normon Solomon     3930 757 2098 18.6%
  Dan Roberts     328 3830 1001 14.1%
  Susan Adams     3951 1094 2006 19.3%
  Jared Huffman     3283 1860 1824 19.1%
  William Courtney     657 328 274 3.5%
  Andy Caffery     1149 547 182 5.1%
  Stacey Lawson     2298 1925 1324 15.2%
  Tiffany Renee     492 439 274 3.3%
        16416 10944 9120  

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Rose said...

Does Susan Adams realize what she has signed on with?

Doesn't speak well for her.