Monday, November 14, 2011

101 Safety Corridor meeting. Larry Glass to BOS, “Don’t become Stockholm Syndrome victims to Cal Trans threats!”

And in a quick synopsis, what he was saying was the truth. Cal Trans wants this improvement project to move forward or they are threatening to close all the medians on the corridor. And Cal Trans is not going to help pay for the improvements! But they can fund the closing of the medians? This is just ridiculous. Most other needed road improvement projects in the County will now be put on hold for this 10 million dollar boondoggle.

The Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 to go forward with the project with Mark Lovelace and Jimmy Smith dissenting. There were around 40 people who spoke in public on the issue in a packed Board Chamber. Residents and business owners along the corridor are scared to death for their businesses and who can blame them with this threat by Cal Trans hanging over them. This doesn’t leave good community dialogue for solutions.


Anonymous said...

If Virginia Bass and Matthew Owen support this project, then so do I

samoasoftball said...

Virginia and I disagree on this one. I don't know Matt's position.

Anonymous said...

CalTrans is correct on this one Richard. We can turn them into hitchhiking alcoves, or homeless migration shelters.