Monday, October 17, 2011

Top 5 Best Chicken Fried Steak Breakfast places.

Sometimes you just have a huge grub to get on. And when it comes to Chicken Fried Steaks (CFS), you don't want it screwed up! I so miss Betty Mae's and Bev's.

#5 TIE-Cutten Inn, Pantry, Bear River and Hometown Buffet. It is a quantity thing you know.

#4 Marie Calenders. The portions could be bigger. Their coffee sucks.

#3 Momma's Kitchen. Not bad and always friendly.

#2 Kristina's. Awfully good, but you just don't know if it will be over cooked.

#1 Toni's. Hands down. You will have to dig through the pile to find the eggs and potatoes. Huge portion and consistent. That is a biggie with CFS.


Hank Sims said...

It was a special at Gill's yesterday morning, but I did not order it and so have nothing to report.

Anonymous said...

You're on one terrible diet Richard

Anonymous said...

No love for the Alibi?

Anonymous said...

Cream gravy, put that sausage gravy on the biscuits.

Anonymous said...

Where's Momma's Kitchen??

Anonymous said...

Momma's Kitchen is right near 5th and J in Eureka. Old 305 Cafe.

Friz said...

Hey Richard,
could you visit my blog at Thanks man!!!