Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vacation cut short. Have to go pick up PT Cruiser. AIG leaders can bite me!

Unfortunately, I paid for our motel ahead of time on Travelocity through Sat. We had to check out today, and boy was it a hassle to do without penalties. I still don't know what the final cost is, as the Ramada Limited staff refused to give me a final bill printout because I was paid in full on their ledgers and they told me to call Travelosity, which I had for the last few days for too much time.

Robin and I drove 650 miles in fast traffic and bumper to bumper. Long day, but we are now in Santa Nella. We went to Pea Soup Andersen's. All right. Not as good as the Cookhouse.

I do not care which way Obama or Geithner paint it, they knew of the bonus payouts weeks ago to AIG executives. If Obama wants to lead, he needs to be full disclosure accountable. But he has not been in office 2 months yet and GW had 96 months to get us to this point, so I will try to be patient.


Anonymous said...

They've been waiting for Obama to stumble. It's funny watching how hard CNN tries to talk about anything other than the vast inroads Obama has made toward reversing Bush's legacy.

Anonymous said...

A decent anger management tool, courtesy of