Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tempe Diablo Stadium was hot! A's beat Angel's. Ticket by Camera Kosher?

Nomar Garciaparra was 2 for 3 and the A's pitching looked solid at the game we saw today. If you have never been to Diablo Stadium, be prepared for little shade. It was a hot one. I tried to "drive by feel" to Scottsdale afterward. Uh, we took the long way, but we made it. Tomorrow we will either go to Phoenix Muni to see the A's or Scottsdale if Lincecum pitches for the Giants.

We cruised from Blythe into Phoenix pretty non eventful. When we were near Tempe, I noticed they had a camera speed monitoring warning. Sure enough, some dude passed us going way to fast and a camera flashed as he went by. Should that be legal?


Anonymous said...

If the camera doesn't get a pic of his face driving the car it is a non-starter. No need to establish who was driving, they must establish it was you.

lodgepole said...

I'm not sure how a still photo of someone driving proves they were speeding.

Eel River Ernie said...

Cursed A's, the Angels will prevail! - ERE