Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pondering Linda's Willit's death.

I am still shocked of Linda's sudden passing. One thing that I sure hope wasn't part of the equation was this; did Linda hold off on seeing a Doctor because of her lack of insurance? I can't help but wonder how many workers from the pulp mill are avoiding seeking medical treatment for this reason. I just seen Linda just a few weeks ago, so this is just shocking for us who worked with her.

I talked to two neighbors yesterday who have no insurance. One was a guy in his early 20's, he is applying for Medi Cal and worked full time for a few years at a place that had no medical benefits and he needs knee surgery. The other was a lady in her 60's whose husband passed a few years ago. She has no insurance and is trying to get Medi Care.

We need Single Payer Health or Universal Health Coverage!


Anonymous said...

Carson Park Ranger said...

We do need Single Payer. What we do not need is insurance-based "universal health coverage."

Insurance companies have had 30 years to prove to us that they are uniquely incapable of administering our health care.

Rose said...

Last time I was in the emergency room, 9 out of 10 people HAD insurance. What they didn't have was a DOCTOR. Doctors are closing up their practices.

Companies/employers are being driven out of business. Businesses like the one you worked for. Businesses that provided coverage as well as paycheck. Coverage that was worth as much as a $1,000 a month on top of your paychecks. Maybe more.

Those businesses paid taxes, as did all of you. That is what funds the government. They are out of money, and running up debts that will last for generations.

Those businesses won't be paying taxes any more, and while you are unemployed, you aren't either, which is compounding the problem.

You need a government that encourages business, promotes success, so that YOU can be successful, fully employed and able to afford the things your need and want.

Rambo said...

What the hell is that boycott post???

Anonymous said...

Rose, Evergreen was not "driven" out of business by anyone.

samoasoftball said...

Rose: You made my point. You said 9 out of 10 you were in the emergency room had insurance. That is why they were there most likely. Linda probably did not have insurance and I hope that wasn't the reason she waited too long before going in! Many of my fellow former workers do not have insurance. We are gaining a huge number of people who are going without insurance.

Carson Park Ranger said...

Rose seems to be arguing that the current system does not serve Humboldt County well, so let's not change it.

Fred said...

I think a big part of the future of medical care will be medical tourism, which I've been hearing more and more about lately. It's been said that even with transportation costs involved, you can save tons of money by going out of country for medical procedures.

As medical care becomes more costly and restricted, as government takes it over, this industry is likely to boom. Problem is, what if you don't even have the money for plane tickets to start with?

A CNN story was run on medical tourism this morning:

Carson Park Ranger said...

"As medical care becomes more costly and restricted, as government takes it over..."

Fred is flying upside down again. Must be Aces High.

Wooxen said...

What the hell does that last comment mean, CPR? Is Fred high? Did you disagree with his comment?
Yours didn't make much sense either.

Carson Park Ranger said...

Yes, I disagree with Fred's comment.
He sometimes writes about Aces High, a WWI flying ace game. I assumed that this explained his 180-degrees-from-reality comment.

If my previous comment "didn't make much sense," then I can't help you.