Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pulp Mill information "Queen" Linda Willits unexpectedly passes. This has been just a terrible week!

Linda Willits passed away yesterday. This is just shocking news. I don't have details yet. Linda was the best information source you could have had at the pulp mill. She bid on the Janitor's job years ago and she loved her job that allowed her access to all the different departments around the mill. She was a flower child off the 60's and had been to many concerts of every major band you could think of. She loved animals of all shapes and sizes and doted on horses. She had the same turtle since she was a child that was many decades old. I just saw her a few weeks ago and talked with her at length. I am so saddened once again. Disturbing. She leaves her husband Wes, whom she loved greatly.


Brenda B said...

I'm so in shock after hearing about Lindas passing. I'm saddened and I'm keeping Lindas family in my thoughts and prayers.

Jim said...

Truly shocking news... I really just don't know what to say. My prayers go out to Wes and the rest of Linda's family.

Carroll Jones said...

I can't believe Linda is gone. She and I started working at the mill around the same time. She was like a sister to me. My heart is breaking right now. Such a sad week.